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Hinode's X-Ray Telescope (XRT)
SAO/XRT Data Search and Retrieval Engine

Last Updated:   Aug. 14, 2010

XOB (XRT Observation Program) Search

       -- List of XOBs that have been scheduled to run in normal mode since Nov. 2006.

    Interactive XOB List    -- Fully interactive list of all XOBs that have been run since Oct. 2007.

Search for XOB scheduled run times by XOB number.


Search for XOB scheduled run times by XOB name. Partial names are acceptable. Regular expressions can also be used. See http://www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/Perl/matching.html for a description of acceptable forms of REs. (e.g. al-poly, al/poly, al.p.*128)

    XOB Name:  

Time Search

Search for the scheduled output from XRT during a specified time range.

Start Time: : Date:

Stop Time: : Date:

    Ignore flare mode:


Image Parameter Search

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