XRT Level0 data Mpeg Movie Archive

This web site provides movies of XRT level0 data (data category for uncalibrated data) organized by month. The aim of this service is to provide users of XRT data a quick method to check data availability and quality before accessing the actual data archive. To access the movies, select the year and month from the navigation bar on the left. Specifications of our movies are as follows.

Here are examples of movie file name (gray parts are not shown in monthly pages).

·XRTl0_201701_Open_Al_mesh.mp4 : Open/Al_mesh filter pair, smaller FOV images, for Jan-2017(the whole month). [see movie]
·XRTl0_201702_Al_poly_Open_BigFov.mp4 : Al_poly/Open filter pair, larger FOV images, for Feb-2017(the whole month). [see movie]
·XRTl0_201703_Be_thin_Open_days01_10.mp4 : Be_thin/Open filter pair, smaller FOV, from 1st to 10th, Mar-2017. [see movie]
·XRTl0_201701_Al_poly_Open_Short.mp4 : Al_poly/Open filter pair, smaller FOV, short exposures extracted from the file, XRTl0_201701_Al_poly_Open.mpg, for Jan-2017 (the whole month). [see movie]

Disclaimer/Acknowledgment: If an XRT image in this archive is used in a published article, report, popular article, on a website, etc., please give a proper acknowledgment (sample statements).

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