XRT Level0 data Mpeg Movie Archive

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List of movie files.
See Top Page for file name conventions.
[NOTE] Movies of the latest month are made from QL data.
Be_thin_Open (139M)
Be_thin_Open_BigFov (2M)
Be_thin_Open_BigFov_S (1M)
Be_thin_Open_S (41M)
Al_poly_Open (151M)
Al_poly_Open_BigFov (2M)
Al_poly_Open_BigFov_S (1M)
Al_poly_Open_S (28M)
Be_med_Open (61M)
Be_med_Open_S (7M)
Open_Al_mesh (32M)
Open_Al_mesh_BigFov (1M)
Open_Al_mesh_BigFov_S (242k)
Open_Al_thick (27M)
Open_Be_thick (1M)
Al_med_Open (1M)
Al_med_Al_thick (251k)
Al_poly_Al_thick (120k)

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