Summer 2021 REU Projects

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ribbon oscillation
Outreach project with  
Angela Des Jardins
  Solar Physics Education: Research and Project Development
Students will work with NASA education researchers and solar astrophysicists to create presentations of solar and space science and NASA missions, such as the Daniel K. Inouye Solar Telescope, Solar Orbiter, and Parker Solar Probe for schools, youth programs, and the community.  
Data analysis with  
Aki Takeda
and Suman Panda
  Solar X-ray Irradiance with Hinode/XRT
Our Sun is a variable star, and the amount of its radiation rises and falls every 11 years or so. The radiation from the Sun received at the earth (irradiance) varies over the activity cycle, and also varies with the observing wavelength. In this project, we will derive the long-term variation of the Sun's irradiance in soft X-rays, using a series of full-Sun images observed with the X-Ray Telescope (XRT) aboard the Hinode satellite, which is an international space mission among Japan/US/UK.
Data analysis with 
Chunming Zhu
  Energy Partition in a Flare-CME Event
A solar Flare is often accompanied by a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). In this project, student will analyze and model a flare observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft to derive the flare energy, and compare this energy with the kinetic energy of the associated CME.
Optical instrumentation with
Joe Shaw
  Experimental Studies of Moonlight
In this project, we will measure scattered moonlight with polarization imaging, and use these measurements to study the atmosphere. Student will participating in making observational measurements and data analysis.
Data Analysis with
Suman Panda
and Aki Takeda
  Solar Spectral Study with SOHO/SUMER
The solar spectrum contains various kinds of information about Sun's atmosphere, such as motion, temperature, density and even existence of the magnetic or electric field. Using a series of Sun's UV spectral data, we will learn how to derive such information, and how to construct a monochromatic image of the whole Sun.

Modeling with 
Dana Longcope 
  Simulating A Solar Flare
Solar flares occur when a large amount of energy is converted into X-rays, heat, and supersonic fluid motion. Prior to the flare this energy is stored as magnetic field filling the atmosphere above sunspots and related features called active regions. The energy is released suddenly when an electric field changes the connectivity of several coronal magnetic field lines, which then retract rapidly. The fluid in these field line moves faster than the speed of sound and therefore creates shocks, which are believed to heat the plasma to tens of millions of Kelvins. In this project we will run numerical simulations to model this process.
Data analysis with 
Jiong Qiu
  Acceleration of Coronal Mass Ejections in the Low Solar Corona
Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) are spectacular energy release events from the Sun's corona. The most interesting and critical physics that is relevant to the trigger and release of CMEs occurs in the low corona. In this project, we will probe these physical processes with observations of the low corona by multiple spacecraft viewing the Sun from different angles.
SSEL Activities
Hardware development with 
John Sample
  Space Hardware Development: Space Flight Systems for Space Science
Join our Small Satellite Team for Summer 2020! MSU's Space Science and Engineering Laboratory (SSEL) involves science and engineering students in highly responsible roles associated with the development of space flight systems for scientific applications. The student(s) will develop spaceflight hardware through design, development, and testing as a member of an interdisciplinary project student team.