Miniworkshop on Deconvolution of SXT Images

A summary report is now online.


Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii
2680 Woodlawn Drive, Honolulu HI 96822 USA
(Near but off the main Manoa campus)

Please check out IfA's collection of maps

For those taking a cab, the IfA address is

        2680 Woodlawn Drive.
We are across the street from Noelani Elementary School and just behind Manoa Marketplace shopping center.

There is also a map of lunch places (PDF format).


Local contacts:

Local information:

The plenary sessions will be in the auditorium, on the second floor of C building, just across the hall from the Director's office.

For working, we will have the Visitors office, C216, which is close to the auditorium, as well as a group of offices in the solar area, on the first floor of B building.


If you bring a car, you will need a visitor's tag to avoid tickets in the IfA lot. See Jill or the receptionist.


We have a reservation for dinner at 7:30 pm on Thursday. A description is at the Web site linked here. People may be jet lagged or tired, but we are ready for those who are interested. Downtown is a few miles from the hotel, so we can carpool.


A list of participants, both confirmed and possible is being assembled.


We have a preferred rate at a Waikiki hotel.
DEADLINE: December 4, 2000.

Science Program


Introductory letter, courtesy of Loren Acton.

Selected Datasets

This page includes links to some example datasets, with brief explanations of the images. If you plan to present a de-scattering program, please apply it to one of these datasets so that we can compare the results of the different procedures. Please notify us if your program cannot be applied to any of the datasets provided here.

Participant Abstracts

A page of 1-2 paragraph summaries of the different approaches to PSF solution, submitted by workshop attendees. Please submit your abstract to David McKenzie so that it can be linked here. Also, please indicate if you will require any projection equipment. An LCD projector will be available.


A list of references to previous work, both published and informal, is being assembled. This list includes pertinent SHOW_PIX entries. Contributions always welcome.

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