X-ray picture of
the Sun

Solar Images from the Yohkoh Satellite

These images come from the Yohkoh satellite, a solar observatory orbiting the Earth from 1991 to 2001.

Yohkoh detected the X-rays produced by the Sun's hot outer atmosphere. During most of 1992, Yohkoh also made visible (or "white light") images of the Sun. The images listed below are in the GIF format. They are about 262 kilobytes each; image resolution is 512 pixels by 512 pixels. The white-light images are stamped with the date and time of the observation; the date stamps have been left off of the X-ray images. Use what you have learned about magnetic active regions to match the X-ray pictures with the respective simultaneous white-light images. (This activity may be more manageable if you print out all the images on individual pages, and then try to match them up. Alternatively, you can save some paper by printing out just the X-ray pictures and comparing them to the white-light images on screen.)

Here's an example -- try it out!

This puzzle activity is available in three different sizes:

Choose the one that's right for you: small, medium, or huge. The small version has four sets of images, each set having five white-light and five X-ray images. The medium version has two sets of images, each set having ten white-light and ten X-ray images. The huge version has all twenty white-light and all twenty X-ray images. (The example version has one white-light picture and three X-ray pictures.)

To choose more images, or more kinds of images, or make your own movie from Yohkoh images, why not try our Movie Maker page at URL: