The Yellow Filtered Landscape

Yellow Filter
Blue Filter
Red Filter
No Filter

A yellow filter is a filter that only allows yellow light to pass through it. When we place a yellow filter over a multicolored image only the yellow light with the same wavelength as our filter reaches our eye. All other wavelengths of light are absorbed by the filter.

Some of the features in the image may be a color that does not contain ANY wavelength the same as our filter. All of the light from these features will be absorbed. They will become invisible to us when we view the image through our filter.

Other portions of the image may be a color that contains SOME of the same wavelength as our filter. In this case we will still be able to see the object. It will be faint because ALL of the light is not transmitted throught the filter.

When you have viewed all the filtered images let's discuss what we have seen.

Unfiltered Landscape Filters Lesson Blue Filtered Landscape