Make your Own Yohkoh Satellite!

This activity is a little technically advanced. To print the instrument blueprints you will need a graphics software program that can view and print JPEG images without rescaling them. If you do not have one please visit one of the web sites below before you begin this lesson.



Begin Construction...

In this activity you will construct your own Yohkoh satellite, seen above, using actual satellite blueprints. Be sure to visit our Yohkoh Satellite web pages to learn more about this solar satellite.

Materials Needed:

This satellite contains 28 instruments. Some of these are science instruments, others are support instruments. You will construct all 28 instruments and place them into the satellite shell in the appropriate places. After the first three pages of this activity there will be an opportunity for you to obtain all the blueprints and print the entire lesson, if you prefer. Let's get started!

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