Tracking Satellites Using the Internet

Concept Debriefing

  1. How many minutes does it take for Yohkoh to orbit Earth once?
  2. How many times does Yohkoh go around Earth every day?
  3. What is the height of Yohkoh above Earth's surface?
  4. How much higher is that than a jet airplane traveling at 52,000 feet?
  5. What is the orbital velocity of Yohkoh?
  6. How many miles per hour is Yohkoh moving?
  7. Is Yohkoh faster or slower than a 550 mph jet airplane?

Concept Application

Create a report on one of the NASA satellites listed below.  The report should have three distinct parts.

Current Position of Space Shuttle - now loadingUse the Internet to determine all of the background information you need to describe the: (1) history, (2) purpose, and (3) orbital characteristics of the satellite.  Use the same procedure as above to calculate the orbital characteristics; determine the orbital period, velocity, and altitude.  Be sure that your report shows the details of how you made all of your calculations.

Select One of these NASA Satellites (or choose a different one approved by your instructor)

a   Space Shuttle (if in orbit)  current location (map1 or map 2 or map 3) and more information.
b   Mir Space Station ... current location (map1 or map 2)
c   Hubble Space Telescope... current location (map1 or map 2)
d   Cosmic Background Explorer... current location (map1 or map 2)
e   NOAA Weather Satellites... current location map1

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