Solar Eclipse of 26 February 1998 as seen by Yohkoh

The planning is over! The eclipse is past! Full-Sun images with a cadence of approximately 32 seconds were acquired during all three eclipse episodes. Partial-Sun images were acquired of a small active region just on the edge of the moon's apparent path. Due to a planning oversight, the resulting cadence of those images was 10 seconds, rather than the hoped-for 8 seconds. Analysis of those images will occupy us for some time.

Movies of the eclipse episodes as viewed by Yohkoh SXT are on the web! To view an event, click on one of the images below. Note: These movies are fairly large and will take some time to download. They are also available from our Japanese mirror site.

Event 1

Event 2

Event 3

Added 09-Mar-98: Partial-Sun movie of the active region target

Eclipse Observing Team: D. McKenzie, H. Hudson, R. Kano, T. Shimizu, S. Yashiro

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