Yohkoh Public Outreach Project

YPOP Plans and Milestones

The YPOP team began their work in November 1995. We plan to accomplish our goals during a three-year program. We have a number of milestones which are given below:
Mar 1996 WWW page construction on line
Jul 1996 One-a-day SXT movie on line
Dec 1996 Two year movie of preliminary data on line
Mar 1997 "Solar Tour" on line
Jul 1997 Flare movie segments on line
Dec 1997 Long-term movie on line
Mar 1998 Interactive Classroom lesson on line
Jul 1998 "Greatest hits" segments on line

YPOP Objectives

To make science appealing to the general public, particularly the younger generation

Improved Yohkoh movie quality for public access

High quality K-12 educational products

- CD-ROM :- interactive learning

- detailed lesson plans including Internet projects

Production of explanatory materials

Accessibility to a broad audience

- all platforms (Mac, PC, Unix; Internet; video CD-ROM)

Forge strong connnections with well-established educational projects

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