First Steps Towards a VSO

Alisdair R. Davey1, Richard S. Bogart2, George Dimitoglou3, Joseph B. Gurman3, Frank Hill4, Petrus C. Martens1, Karen Qing Tian2, Steve Wampler4

  1. Montana State University
  2. Stanford University
  3. NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
  4. National Solar Observatory


Work has started on constructing the Virtual Solar Observatory. This poster describes some of the components of the VSO and the first steps that have been taken to implement these components. A description of the overall VSO structure is given, along with descriptions of data and meta-data models, methods by which these data model are used by the VSO, details of how VSO nodes are interconnected* and ideas on the likely format of the VSO API. As an example, the inclusion of Yohkoh-SXT data at MSU and the future inclusion of the Yohkoh-Galileo project data will be discussed. The work is supported under NASA Grant NAG5-12081.

* See also "Data Integration Using SOAP in the VSO" by Tian et al.