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Daniel L. ClarksonSolar Radio Spikes and Type IIIb Striae Manifestations of Sub-second Electron Acceleration Triggered by a Coronal Mass Ejection Clarkson, D. L., Kontar, E. P., Vilmer, N., Gordovskyy, M., Chen, X., Chrysaphi, N. 2023-03-28
Nicole VilmerStatistical study of Type III bursts and associated HXR emissions Tomin James & Nicole Vilmer 2023-03-28
David BrooksOn orbit performance of the solar flare trigger for the Hinode EUV Imaging Spectrometer David H. Brooks, Jeffrey W. Reep, Ignacio Ugarte-Urra, Harry P. Warren 2023-03-24
David BrooksPlasma Composition Measurements in an Active Region from Solar Orbiter/SPICE and Hinode/EIS Brooks et al. 2023-03-24
OPM AslamModulation of cosmic ray anti-protons in the heliosphere: simulations for a solar cycle O.P.M. Aslam, M.S. Potgieter, Xi Luo, and M.D. Ngobeni 2023-03-23
Nataliia MeshalkinaTemporal and spatial association between microwaves and type III bursts in the upper corona A.T. Altyntsev, H. Reid, N.S. Meshalkina, I.I. Myshyakov, D.A. Zhdanov 2023-03-05
Sanjiv TiwariProspective Implications of EUV Coronal Plumes for Magnetic-network Genesis of Coronal Heating, Coronal-hole Solar Wind, and Solar-wind Magnetic-field Switchbacks Ronald L. Moore, Sanjiv K. Tiwari, Navdeep K. Panesar, & Alphonse C. Sterling 2023-03-01
Kosuke KiharaSolar Energetic Particle Events with Short and Long Onset Times Kosuke Kihara, Ayumi Asai, Seiji Yashiro, Nariaki V. Nitta 2023-02-27
zhenjun zhouThe mechanism of magnetic flux rope rotation during solar eruption Zhenjun Zhou,Chaowei Jiang,Xiaoyu Yu,Yuming Wang,Yongqiang Hao,Jun Cui 2023-02-25
zhenjun zhouQuantification of the Writhe Number Evolution of Solar Filament Axes Zhenjun Zhou, Chaowei Jiang, Hongqiang Song, Yuming Wang, Yongqiang Hao, Jun Cui 2023-02-22
Kai IkutaStarspot mapping with adaptive parallel tempering. II. Application to TESS data for M-dwarf flare stars, AU Microscopii, YZ Canis Minoris, and EV Lacertae Kai Ikuta, Kosuke Namekata, Yuta Notsu, Hiroyuki Maehara, Soshi Okamoto, Satoshi Honda, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2023-02-20
Keiichi NamizakiA Superflare on YZ Canis Minoris Observed by Seimei Telescope and TESS: Red Asymmetry of Hα Emission Associated with White-Light Emission Keiichi Namizaki, Kosuke Namekata, Hiroyuki Maehara, Yuta Notsu, Satoshi Honda, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2023-02-13
Xingyao ChenThe frequency ratio and time delay of solar radio emissions with fundamental and harmonic components Xingyao Chen, Eduard P. Kontar, Daniel L. Clarkson, Nicolina Chrysaphi 2023-02-08
Graham KerrProspects of Detecting Non-thermal Protons in Solar Flares via Lyman Line Spectroscopy: Revisiting the Orrall-Zirker Effect Graham S. Kerr, Joel C. Allred, Adam F. Kowalski, Ryan O. Milligan, Hugh S. Hudson, Natalia Zambrana Prado, Therese A. Kucera and Jeffrey W. Brosius 2023-02-06
Qingmin ZhangRapid Rotation of an Erupting Prominence and the Associated Coronal Mass Ejection on 13 May 2013 Yuhao Zhou, Haisheng Ji, Qingmin Zhang 2023-02-01
Morgan StoresSpectral and Imaging Diagnostics of Spatially-Extended Turbulent Electron Acceleration and Transport in Solar Flares Morgan Stores, Natasha L. S. Jeffrey, James A. McLaughlin 2023-02-01
Shun InoueDetection of a high-velocity prominence eruption leading to a CME associated with a superflare on the RS CVn-type star V1355 Orionis Shun Inoue, Hiroyuki Maehara, Yuta Notsu, Kosuke Namekata, Satoshi Honda, Keiichi Namizaki, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2023-01-31
Bernadett BeluczMagnetohydrodynamics Instabilities of Double Magnetic Bands in a Shallow-water Tachocline Model: I Cross-equatorial Interactions of Bands Bernadett Belucz, Mausumi Dikpati, Scott W. McIntosh, Robert J. Leamon, Robertus Erdelyi 2023-01-25
Dmitrii KolotkovStability of slow magnetoacoustic and entropy waves in the solar coronal plasma with thermal misbalance Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Valery M. Nakariakov, Joseph B. Fihosy 2023-01-24
Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio The chromosphere underneath a Coronal Bright Point Souvik Bose, Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio, Bart De Pontieu, Luc Rouppe van der Voort 2023-01-23

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Characterising fast-time variations in the hard X-ray time profiles of solar flares using Solar Orbiter's STIX
The quiet sun at mm wavelengths as seen by ALMA
Explosive Events in the Quiet Sun Near and Beyond the Solar Limb Observed with the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS)
Multi-stage reconnection powering a solar coronal jet
A Statistical Analysis of Magnetic Field Changes in the Photosphere during Solar Flares Using High-cadence Vector Magnetograms and Their Association with Flare Ribbons
Numerical Study on Excitation of Turbulence and Oscillation in Above-the-loop-top Region of a Solar Flare
Oscillatory reconnection as a plasma diagnostic in the solar corona
The independence of oscillatory reconnection periodicity from the initial pulse
Oscillatory Reconnection of a 2D X-point in a hot coronal plasma
Formation Of The Lyman Continuum During Solar Flares
MHD simulation of Solar Eruption from Active Region 11429 Driven by Photospheric Velocity Field
Unfolding Drift Effects for Cosmic Rays over the Period of the Sun's Magnetic Field Reversal
Problems in Observation and Identification of Torsional Waves in the Lower Solar Atmosphere
Solar Orbiter and SDO Observations, and Bifrost MHD Simulations of Small-scale Coronal Jets
Dominance of Bursty over Steady Heating of the 4–8 MK Coronal Plasma in a Solar Active Region: Quantification Using Maps of Minimum, Maximum, and Average Brightness
Solar flare hard X-rays from the anchor points of an eruptive filament
Plasmoids, Flows, and Jets During Magnetic Reconnection in a Failed Solar Eruption
Connecting Chromospheric Condensation Signatures to Reconnection-driven Heating Rates in an Observed Flare
Correlated Spatio-temporal Evolution of Extreme-Ultraviolet Ribbons and Hard X-Rays in a Solar Flare
Variability of the Reconnection Guide Field in Solar Flares

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