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Petr JelinekQuasi-periodic processes in the flare loop generated by sudden temperature enhancements at loop footpoints M. Karlický and P. Jelínek 2016-04-28
Francesco ZuccarelloThe apparent critical decay index at the onset of solar prominence eruptions Zuccarello F.P., Aulanier G., Gilchrist S.A. 2016-04-28
Ali KilcikTemporal Offsets between Maximum CME Speed Index and Solar, Geomagnetic, and Interplanetary Indicators during Solar Cycle 23 and the Ascending Phase of Cycle 24 A. Özgüç, A. Kilcik, K. Georgieva, B. Kirov 2016-04-20
Alexander WarmuthConstraints on energy release in solar flares from RHESSI and GOES X-ray observations. II. Energetics and energy partition Warmuth, A., Mann, G. 2016-04-20
Alexander WarmuthConstraints on energy release in solar flares from RHESSI and GOES X-ray observations I. Physical parameters and scalings Warmuth, A., Mann, G. 2016-04-20
Ivan SharykinModelling of Nonthermal Microwave Emission From Twisted Magnetic Loops I. N. Sharykin, A. A. Kuznetsov 2016-04-20
Ju JingUnprecedented Fine Structure of a Solar Flare Revealed by the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope Ju Jing, Yan Xu, Wenda Cao, Chang Liu, Dale Gary & Haimin Wang 2016-04-20
Jianxia ChengThe Nature of CME-Flare Associated Coronal Dimming J. X. Cheng, J. Qiu 2016-04-19
Jiong QiuLong Duration Flare Emission: Impulsive Heating or Gradual Heating? Qiu, Jiong, Longcope, Dana, W. 2016-04-18
Chlo GuenouLifecycle of a large-scale polar coronal pseudostreamer/cavity system Chloe Guennou , Laurel A. Rachmeler, Daniel B. Seaton and Frederic Auchere 2016-04-18
Jeffrey ReepAmended results for hard X-ray emission by non-thermal thick target recombination in solar flares Reep, J.W. & Brown, J.C. 2016-04-18
Norbert MagyarThe instability and non-existence of multi-stranded loops, when driven by transverse waves N. Magyar, T. Van Doorsselaere 2016-04-15
Galina MotorinaOn the origin of 140 GHz emission from the 4 July 2012 solar flare Yuriy T. Tsap, Victoria V. Smirnova, Alexander S. Morgachev, Galina G. Motorina, Eduard P. Kontar, Valery G. Nagnibeda, Polina V. Strekalova 2016-04-08
Yijun HouLight walls around sunspots observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph Y. J. Hou, T. Li, S. H. Yang and J. Zhang 2016-04-07
Rui LiuStereoscopic Observation of Slipping Reconnection in A Double Candle-Flame-Shaped Solar Flare Tingyu Gou, Rui Liu, Yuming Wang, Kai Liu, Bin Zhuang, Jun Chen,Quanhao Zhang, and Jiajia Liu 2016-04-05
Victor GrechnevA Tiny Eruptive Filament as a Flux-Rope Progenitor and Driver of a Large-Scale CME and Wave V.V. Grechnev, A.M. Uralov, A.A. Kochanov, I.V. Kuzmenko, D.V. Prosovetsky, Ya.I. Egorov, V.G. Fainshtein, L.K. Kashapova 2016-04-04
Ali KilcikActive Latitude Oscillations Observed on the Sun A. Kilcik, V. Yurchyshyn, F. Clette, A. Özgüç, J.-P. Rozelot 2016-04-04
Ding YuanStochastic transients as a source of quasi-periodic processes in the solar atmosphere Ding Yuan, Jiangtao Su, Fangran Jiao, Robert W. Walsh 2016-03-31
Eduard KontarSuppression of parallel transport in turbulent magnetized plasmas and its impact on non-thermal and thermal aspects of solar flares Bian, Nicolas H., Kontar, Eduard P., and Emslie, A. Gordon 2016-03-30
Amir CaspiThe First X-ray Imaging Spectroscopy of Quiescent Solar Active Regions with NuSTAR Iain G. Hannah, Brian W. Grefenstette, David M. Smith, Lindsay Glesener, Säm Krucker, Hugh S. Hudson, Kristin K. Madsen, Andrew Marsh, Stephen M. White, Amir Caspi, Albert Y. Shih, Fiona A. Harrison, Daniel Stern, Steven E. Boggs, Finn E. Christensen, William W. Craig, Charles J. Hailey, William W. Zhang 2016-03-28

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Subarcsecond Bright Points and Quasi-periodic Upflows Below a Quiescent Filament Observed by the IRIS
Observation of a Quasi-periodic Pulsation in Hard X-ray, Radio and Extreme-ultraviolet Wavelengths
Magnetic helicity and energy spectra of a solar active region
A New Twist in Simulating Solar Flares
Homologous solar events on 2011 January 27: Build-up and propagation in a complex coronal environment
Analytical solutions of continuity equation for joint collisional and Ohmic energy losses and their effects on hard X-ray emission.II. Mixed energy losses
Forward Modelling of Standing Kink Modes in Coronal Loops II. Applications
Forward Modelling of Standing Kink Modes in Coronal Loops I. Synthetic Views
Kinematical properties of coronal mass ejections
Bidirectional outflows as evidence of magnetic reconnection leading to a solar microflare

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