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Kyung-Suk ChoIntensity and Doppler Velocity Oscillations in Pore Atmospheres Cho, K.-S., Bong, S.-C., Nakariakov, V. M., Lim, E.-K., Park, Y.-D., Chae, J. C., Yang, H.-S., Park, H.-M., Yurchyshyn, V. 2015-03-27
Istvan BallaiDissipative instability in partially ionised prominence plasmas I. Ballai, R. OIiver, M. Alexandrou 2015-03-26
Ivan ZimovetsSpatially resolved observations of a coronal type II radio burst with multiple lanes Zimovets I.V., Sadykov V.M. 2015-03-22
Jaume TerradasOn the support of neutrals against gravity in solar prominences J. Terradas, R. Soler, R. Oliver, \& J. L., Ballester 2015-03-20
David TsiklauriThe effects of ion mass variation and domain size on octupolar out-of-plane magnetic field generation in collisionless magnetic reconnection Jan Graf von der Pahlen, David Tsiklauri 2015-03-19
Amir CaspiNew Observations of the Solar 0.5-5 keV Soft X-ray Spectrum Amir Caspi, Thomas N. Woods, Harry P. Warren 2015-03-18
Vanessa PolitoJOINT HIGH TEMPERATURE OBSERVATION OF A SMALL C6.5 SOLAR FLARE WITH IRIS/EIS/AIA Polito V.,Reeves, K.K., Del Zanna, G., Golub, L., Mason, H.E. 2015-03-18
Qingmin ZhangMultiwavelength observations of a partially eruptive filament on 2011 September 8 Q. M. Zhang, Z. J. Ning, Y. Guo, T. H. Zhou, X. Cheng, H. S. Ji, L. Feng, T. Wiegelmann 2015-03-10
Michele PianaDESAT: an SSW tool for SDO/AIA image de-saturation Richard A Schwartz, Gabriele Torre, Anna Maria Massone, Michele Piana 2015-03-10
Kenneth PhillipsSolar Flare Element Abundances from the Solar Assembly for X-rays (SAX) on MESSENGER B. R. Dennis, K. J. H. Phillips, R. A. Schwartz, A. K. Tolbert, R. D. Starr, and L. R. Nittler 2015-03-06
Kenneth PhillipsRESIK SOLAR X-RAY FLARE ELEMENT ABUNDANCES ON A NON-ISOTHERMAL ASSUMPTION B. Sylwester, K. J. H. Phillips, J. Sylwester, A.. Kepa 2015-03-04
Xin ChengA Type II Radio Burst without a Coronal Mass Ejection Su, W., Cheng, X., Ding, M. D., Chen, P. F., and Sun, J. Q. 2015-03-03
Xin ChengImaging and Spectroscopic Diagnostics on the Formation of Two Magnetic Flux Ropes Revealed by SDO/AIA and IRIS X. Cheng, M. D. Ding, C. Fang 2015-03-02
Soumitra HazraThe Relationship Between Solar Coronal X-Ray Brightness and Active Region Magnetic Fields: A Study Using High-Resolution Hinode Observations Soumitra Hazra, Dibyendu Nandy, B Ravindra 2015-03-02
Luca Sorriso-ValvoSign Singularity and Flares in Solar Active Region NOAA 11158 L. Sorriso-Valvo, G. De Vita, M. D. Kazachenko, S. Krucker, L. Primavera, S. Servidio, A. Vecchio, B. T. Welsch, G. H. Fisher, F. Lepreti, and V. Carbone 2015-03-01
Pankaj KumarX-ray and EUV Observations of Simultaneous Short and Long Period Oscillations in Hot Coronal Arcade Loops Pankaj Kumar, Valery M. Nakariakov, Kyung-Suk Cho 2015-02-25
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares: II. Thermal Energies Aschwanden,J.M., Boerner, P., Ryan, D., Caspi, A., McTiernan, J.M., and Warren, H.P. 2015-02-19
Julia K. ThalmannThe Confined X-class Flares of Solar Active Region 2192 J. K. Thalmann, Y. Su, M. Temmer, A. M. Veronig 2015-02-19
qiang hu Magnetic field-line lengths inside interplanetary magnetic flux ropes Qiang Hu, Jiong Qiu, and Sam Krucker 2015-02-18
Wei LiuFirst High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of an Erupting Prominence Within a Coronal Mass Ejection by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Wei Liu, Bart De Pontieu, Jean-Claude Vial, Alan M. Title, Mats Carlsson, Han Uitenbroek, Takenori J. Okamoto, Thomas E. Berger, Patrick Antolin 2015-02-18

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Onset of Electron Acceleration in a Flare Loop
Plasma Heating to Super-Hot Temperatures (>30 MK) in the August 9, 2011 Solar Flare
Interplay of Boltzmann equation and continuity equation for accelerated electrons in solar flares
Magnetohydrodynamic kink waves in nonuniform solar flux tubes: phase mixing and energy cascade to small scales
Relationship between EUV microflares and small-scale magnetic fields in the quiet Sun
Temperature and Electron Density Diagnostics of a Candle-flame-shaped Flare
Magnetic axis safety factor of finite beta spheromaks and transition from spheromaks to toroidal magnetic bubbles
KAPPA: A Package for Synthesis of optically thin spectra for the non-Maxwellian kappa-distributions based on the CHIANTI database
The magnetic structure of surges in small-scale emerging flux regions
The magnetic structure of surges in small-scale emerging flux regions
Propagation and dispersion of sausage wave trains in magnetic flux tubes
SWAP Observations of Post-flare Giant Arches in the Long-Duration 14 October 2014 Solar Eruption
Inverse diffraction for the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly in the Solar Dynamics Observatory
An explanation for the difference between physical conditions in two ribbons in the July 23, 2002 flare
Are Halo-like Solar Coronal Mass Ejections Merely a Matter of Geometric Projection Effects?
Forecasting F10.7 with solar magnetic flux transport modeling
FIP Bias Evolution in a Decaying Active Region
Wave heating of the solar atmosphere
Perturbations of gyrosynchrotron emission polarization from solar flares by sausage modes: forward modelling
Perturbations of gyrosynchrotron emission polarization from solar flares by sausage modes: forward modelling

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