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David PascoeCoronal loop density profile estimated by forward modelling of EUV intensity D. J. Pascoe, C. R. Goddard, S. Anfinogentov, and V. M. Nakariakov 2017-03-23
Illya PlotnikovThe magnetic connectivity of coronal shocks to the visible solar surface during long-duration gamma-ray events Illya Plotnikov, Alexis P. Rouillard, Gerald H. Share 2017-03-23
Istvan BallaiDissipative instability in a partially ionised prominence slab I. Ballai, B. Pinter, R. Oliver and M. Alexandrou 2017-03-23
Chloe E. PughSignificance testing for quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares C. E. Pugh, A.-M. Broomhall, V. M. Nakariakov 2017-03-22
Vasyl YurchyshynHigh Resolution Observations of a White Light Flare with NST Yurchyshyn, V., Kumar, P., Abramenko, V., Xu, Y., Goode, P., Cho, K.S., Lim, E.K 2017-03-21
Sophie A. Murray Flare forecasting at the Met Office Space Weather Operations Centre Sophie A. Murray, Suzy Bingham, Michael Sharpe, David Jackson 2017-03-21
Ryan MilliganOn the Effectiveness of Multi-Instrument Solar Flare Observations During Solar Cycle 24 Ryan Milligan, Jack Ireland 2017-03-14
qiang huThe Grad-Shafranov Reconstruction of Toroidal Magnetic Flux Ropes: Method Development and Benchmark Studies Qiang Hu 2017-03-10
Clara FromentLong-Period Intensity Pulsations in Coronal Loops Explained by Thermal Non-Equilibrium Cycles Clara Froment, Frédéric Auchère, Guillaume Aulanier, Zoran Mikić, Karine Bocchialini, Eric Buchlin, Jacques Solomon 2017-03-10
Tetsu AnanDifferences between Doppler velocities of ions and neutral atoms in a solar prominence Tetsu Anan, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Andrew Hillier 2017-03-08
Liheng YangInteraction of Two Active Region Filaments Observed by NVST and SDO Liheng Yang, Xiaoli Yan, Ting Li, Zhike Xue, Yongyuan Xiang 2017-03-07
Manuela TemmerOn flare-CME characteristics from Sun to Earth combining remote-sensing image data with in-situ measurements supported by modeling M. Temmer, J.K. Thalmann, K. Dissauer, A.M. Veronig, J. Tschernitz, J. Hinterreiter, L. Rodriguez 2017-03-05
Juie ShetyeHigh-frequency transverse oscillations and intensity perturbations in spicular-type events J. Shetye, D. Kuridze, M. Stangalini, J. G. Doyle, E. Scullion, V. Henriques, T. Ray 2017-03-04
Takuya Takahashi Sheath-Accumulating Propagation of Interplanetary Coronal Mass Ejection Takuya Takahashi, Kazunari Shibata 2017-02-27
Ryun Young KwonInvestigating the Wave Nature of the Outer Envelope of Halo Coronal Mass Ejections Ryun-Young Kwon and Angelos Vourlidas 2017-02-23
Deb BakerApparent and Intrinsic Evolution of Active Region Upflows Deb Baker, Miho Janvier, Pascal Demoulin, Cristina Mandrini 2017-02-21
Ilya ChertokAn Early Diagnostics of the Geoeffectiveness of Solar Eruptions from Photospheric Magnetic Flux Observations: The Transition from SOHO to SDO I.M. Chertok, V.V. Grechnev, A.A. Abunin 2017-02-20
Ying LiPlasma Brightenings in a Failed Solar Filament Eruption Y. Li, M. D. Ding 2017-02-19
Viacheslav SadykovInteractive Multi-Instrument Database of Solar Flares Viacheslav M Sadykov, Rishabh Gupta, Alexander G Kosovichev, Vincent Oria, Gelu M Nita 2017-02-15
Cristina H. MandriniMoreton and EUV Waves Associated with an X1.0 Flare and CME Ejection Carlos Francile, Fernando M. López, Hebe Cremades, Cristina H. Mandrini, María Luisa Luoni, David M. Long 2017-02-13

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Coronal loop seismology using damping of standing kink oscillations by mode coupling II. additional physical effects and Bayesian analysis
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Time Evolution of Elemental Ratios in Solar Energetic Particle events
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Microwave radio emissions as a proxy for coronal mass ejection speed in arrival predictions of interplanetary coronal mass ejections at 1 AU
Magneto-static modelling from SUNRISE/IMaX: Application to an active region observed with SUNRISE II
Improved Determination of the Location of the Temperature Maximum in the Corona

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