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Galina MotorinaFrequency rising sub-THz emission from solar flare ribbons Kontar, E. P.; Motorina, G. G.; Jeffrey, N. L. S.; Tsap, Y. T.; Fleishman, G. D.; Stepanov, A. V. 2018-10-11
Valentina ZharkovaParticle acceleration in coalescent and squashed magnetic islands I. Test particle approach Q.Xia and V. Zharkova 2018-10-09
Ju JingStatistical Analysis of Torus and Kink Instabilities in Solar Eruptions Ju Jing, Chang Liu, Jeongwoo Lee, Hantao Ji, Nian Liu, Yan Xu, and Haimin Wang 2018-10-02
Ilya ChertokSolar Eruptions, Forbush Decreases and Geomagnetic Disturbances from Outstanding Active Region 12673 I.M. Chertok, A.V. Belov, A.A. Abunin 2018-09-24
Andrew InglisCoronal hard X-ray sources revisited B. R. Dennis, M. A. Duval-Poo, M. Piana, A. R. Inglis, A. G. Emslie, J. Guo, Y. Xu 2018-09-21
Yanxiao LiuManifestations of bright points observed in G-band and Ca II H by Hinode/SOT Yanxiao Liu, Ning Wu, Jun Lin 2018-09-21
Eleanor VickersPropagation of Leaky MHD Waves at Discontinuities with Tilted Magnetic Field E.Vickers, I. Ballai, R. Erdélyi 2018-09-17
Luis LinanTime variations of the non-potential and volume-threading magnetic helicities Luis Linan, Étienne Pariat, Kostas Moraitis, Gherardo Valori, James E. Leake 2018-09-12
Axel BrandenburgAdvances in mean-field dynamo theory and applications to astrophysical turbulence Axel Brandenburg 2018-09-05
Magnus Albert HawReverse Current Model for Coronal Mass Ejection Cavity Formation Magnus A. Haw, Pakorn Wongwaitayakornkul, Hui Li, and Paul M. Bellan 2018-09-04
James McLaughlinPredictions of DKIST/DL-NIRSP Observations for an Off-limb Kink-unstable Coronal Loop Snow, B., Botha, G.J. J., Scullion, E., McLaughlin, J.A., Young, P.R. and Jaeggli, S.A. 2018-09-04
Pascal DemoulinExploring the biases of a new method based on minimum variance for interplanetary magnetic clouds Pascal Démoulin, Sergio Dasso, Miho Janvier 2018-09-03
David MacTaggartThe non-modal onset of the tearing instability David MacTaggart 2018-09-03
Salvatore MancusoSpatioTemporal Evolution and North-South Asymmetry of Quasi-Biennial Oscillations in the Coronal Fe XIV Emission S. Mancuso, T. S. Lee, C. Taricco, S. Rubinetti 2018-08-31
Donald ReamesCorotating Shock Waves and the Solar-Wind Source of Energetic Ion Abundances: Power Laws in A/Q Donald V. Reames 2018-08-30
Leping LiCoronal condensations caused by magnetic reconnection between solar coronal loops Leping Li, Jun Zhang, Hardi Peter, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Jiangtao Su, Chun Xia, Hongqiang Song, Yijun Hou 2018-08-28
Tetsu AnanMeasurement of Vector Magnetic Field in a Flare kernel with a Spectropolarimetric Observation in He I 10830 A Tetsu Anan, Takurou Yoneya, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Satoru Ueno, Daikou Shiota, Satoshi Nozawa, Shinsuke Takasao, Tomoko Kawate 2018-08-27
Vahe PatrosianThe Relation Between Escape and Scattering Times of Energetic Particles in a Turbulent Magnetized Plasma: Application to Solar Flares Frederic Effenberger and Vahé Petrosian 2018-08-24
Vahe PatrosianImplications of loop-top origin for microwave, hard X-ray, and low-energy gamma-ray emissions from behind the limb flares Vahé Petrosian 2018-08-23
Karl-Ludwig KleinSolar radio emission as a disturbance of aeronautical radionavigation Christophe Marqué, Karl-Ludwig Klein, Christian Monstein, Hermann Opgenoorth, Antti Pulkkinen, Stephan Buchert, Säm Krucker, Rudiger Van Hoof, Peter Thulesen 2018-08-22

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A Truly Global EUV Wave From the SOL2017-09-10 X8.2 Solar Flare-CME Eruption
A Truly Global EUV Wave From the SOL2017-09-10 X8.2 Solar Flare-CME Eruption
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Linear Polarization Features in the Quiet-Sun Photosphere: Structure and Dynamics
Solar Microflares Observed by SphinX and RHESSI

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