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Andrew InglisEnergy release in the solar atmosphere from a stream of infalling prominence debris A. R. Inglis, H. R. Gilbert and L. Ofman 2017-09-18
Eoin CarleyEstimation of a Coronal Mass Ejection Magnetic Field Strength using Radio Observations of Gyrosynchrotron Radiation Eoin P. Carley, Nicole Vilmer, Paulo J. A. Simões, Br?an ? Fearraigh 2017-09-18
Gherardo ValoriThe 17 February 2013 sunquake in the context of the active region's magnetic field configuration Lucie M. Green, Gherardo Valori, Francesco P. Zuccarello, Sergei Zharkov, Sarah Matthews, Salvo L. Guglielmino 2017-09-15
David MacTaggartOptimal Energy Growth in Current Sheets David MacTaggart, Peter Stewart 2017-09-14
Ilya ChertokLong- and Mid-Term Variations of the Soft X-ray Flare Type in Solar Cycles I.M. Chertok and A.V. Belov 2017-09-14
Donald ReamesThe Abundance of Helium in the Source Plasma of Solar Energetic Particles Donald V. Reames 2017-09-13
Ting LiFlare Ribbons Approach Observed by the IRIS and the SDO Ting Li, Jun Zhang & Yijun Hou 2017-09-12
Reetika JoshiSlippage of Jets Explained by the Magnetic Topology of NOAA Active Region 12035 R. Joshi, B. Schmieder, R. Chandra, G. Aulanier, F.P. Zuccarello, W. Uddin 2017-09-10
Irina KuzmenkoDevelopment and Parameters of a Non-Self-Similar CME Caused by Eruption of a Quiescent Prominence Kuzmenko, I.V.; Grechnev, V.V. 2017-09-05
Susanna ParentiSpectroscopy of Very Hot Plasma in Non-flaring Parts of a Solar Limb Active Region: Spatial and Temporal Properties Susanna Parenti, Giulio del Zanna, Antonino Petralia, Fabio Reale, Luca Teriaca, Paola Testa, and Helen E. Mason 2017-09-05
Robert FalewiczTime variations of observed Hα line profiles and precipitation depths of non-thermal electrons in a solar flare R. Falewicz, K. Radziszewski, P. Rudawy, A. Berlicki 2017-09-01
David BrooksA Solar cycle correlation of coronal element abundances in Sun-as-a-star observations David H. Brooks, Deborah Baker, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, Harry P. Warren 2017-08-30
Maria Kazachenko A Database of Flare Ribbon Properties from the Solar Dynamics Observatory. I. Reconnection Flux Kazachenko, Maria D.; Lynch, Benjamin J.; Welsch, Brian T.; Sun, Xudong 2017-08-30
Juntao WangObservations of Reconnection Flows in a Flare on the Solar Disk Juntao Wang, P. J. A. Simões, N. L. S. Jeffrey, L. Fletcher, P. J. Wright, and I. G. Hannah 2017-08-30
Ying LiSpectroscopic Observations of Magnetic Reconnection and Chromospheric Evaporation in an X-shaped Solar Flare Y. Li, M. Kelly, M. D. Ding, J. Qiu, X. S. Zhu, W. Q. Gan 2017-08-29
Nariaki NittaEarth-Affecting Coronal Mass Ejections Without Obvious Low Coronal Signatures Nariaki V. Nitta, Tamitha Mulligan 2017-08-28
Chia-Hsien LinSolar Open Flux Migration from Pole to Pole: Magnetic Field Reversal Huang, G.-H., Lin, C.-H., and Lee, L.C. 2017-08-27
Christopher GoddardA statistical study of the inferred transverse density profile of coronal loop threads observed with SDO/AIA C. R. Goddard , D. J. Pascoe , S. Anfinogentov, and V. M. Nakariakov 2017-08-24
David James PascoeSeismology of contracting and expanding coronal loops using damping of kink oscillations by mode coupling D.J. Pascoe, A.J.B. Russell, S.A. Anfinogentov, P.J.A. Simões, C.R. Goddard, V.M. Nakariakov, L. Fletcher 2017-08-22

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The Grad-Shafranov Reconstruction of Toroidal Magnetic Flux Ropes: First Applications
Electron acceleration and small‐scale coherent structure formation by an Alfvén wave propagating in coronal interplume region
2010 August 1-2 sympathetic eruptions: II. Magnetic topology of the MHD background field
Microflare Heating of a Solar Active Region Observed with NuSTAR, Hinode/XRT, and SDO/AIA
Successive Two-sided loop Jets Caused by Magnetic Reconnection between Two adjacent Filamentary Threads
Solar plasma radio emission in the presence of imbalanced turbulence of kinetic-scale Alfvén waves
Spatial Offsets in Flare-CME Current Sheets
Magnetic Flux Rope Shredding by a Hyperbolic Flux Tube: The Detrimental Effects of Magnetic Topology on Solar Eruptions
Observational Study on the Fine Structure and Dynamics of a Solar Jet. I. Energy Build-Up Process around a Satellite Spot.
Coronal Holes and Open Magnetic Flux over Cycles 23 and 24
Gradual Solar Coronal Dimming and Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejection in the Early Phase
Elongation of Flare Ribbons

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