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Submitter Title Authors Date
Astrid VeronigGround-based Observations of the Solar Sources of Space Weather (Invited Review) Astrid M. Veronig, W. Poetzi 2016-02-09
Haimin WangIrreversible Rapid Changes of Magnetic Field Associated wi th the 2012 October 23 Circular Near-limb X1.8 Flare Dandan Ye, Chang Liu and Haimin Wang 2016-02-08
Markus J. AschwandenTracing the Chromospheric and Coronal Magnetic Field with AIA, IRIS, IBIS, and ROSA Data Aschwanden, M.J., Reardon, K., and Jess, D. 2016-02-05
Markus J. AschwandenThe Vertical Current Approximation Nonlinear Force-Free Field Code - Description, Performance Tests, and Measurements of Magnetic Energies Dissipated in Solar Flares Markus J. Aschwanden 2016-02-01
Juie ShetyeHigh--cadence observations of spicular-type events on the Sun J. Shetye, J.G. Doyle, E. Scullion, C. J. Nelson, D. Kuridze, V. Henriques, F. Woeger, T. Ray 2016-02-01
Sanjiv TiwariTransition-region/Coronal Signatures and Magnetic Setting of Sunspot Penumbral Jets: Hinode (SOT/FG), Hi-C, and SDO/AIA Observations Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; Moore, Ronald L.; Winebarger, Amy R.; Alpert, Shane E. 2016-01-28
Shun Miyawaki Coronal Magnetic Fields Derived from Simultaneous Microwave and EUV Observations and Comparison with the Potential Field Model S. Miyawaki, K. Iwai, K. Shibasaki, D. Shiota, and S. Nozawa 2016-01-22
Yan XuUltra-narrow Negative Flare Front Observed in Helium-10830~Å using the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope Yan Xu, Wenda Cao, Mingde Ding, Lucia Kleint, Jiangtao Su, Chang Liu, Haisheng Ji, Jongchul Chae, Ju Jing, Kyuhyoun Cho, Kyungsuk Cho, Dale Gary, and Haimin Wang 2016-01-21
Greg KoppThe Impact of the Revised Sunspot Record on Solar Irradiance Reconstructions G. Kopp, N. Krivova, J. Lean, and C.J. Wu 2016-01-21
Qingmin ZhangObservations of multiple blobs in homologous solar coronal jets in closed loops Q. M. Zhang, H. S. Ji, and Y. N. Su 2016-01-18
Axel BrandenburgIntense bipolar structures from stratified helical dynamos Dhrubaditya Mitra, A. Brandenburg, N. Kleeorin, I. Rogachevskii 2016-01-16
Nicolas LabrosseRadiative transfer in cylindrical threads with incident radiation VII. Multi-thread models N. Labrosse and A.S. Rodger 2016-01-12
Nataliia MeshalkinaSources of Quasi-Periodic Pulses in the 18 August 2012 Flare A. Altyntsev, N. Meshalkina, H. Meszarosova, M. Karlicky, V. Palshin, S. Lesovoi 2016-01-11
Jeffrey ReepAlfvénic Wave Heating of the Upper Chromosphere in Flares Reep, J.W., & Russell, A.J.B. 2016-01-11
Rui PintoThermal and non-thermal emission from reconnecting twisted coronal loops R. F. Pinto, M. Gordovskyy, P.K. Browning and N. Vilmer 2016-01-07
Nina DresingInjection of solar energetic particles into both loop legs of a magnetic cloud Nina Dresing, Ra?l Gómez-Herrero, Bernd Heber, Miguel Angel Hidalgo, Andreas Klassen, Manuela Temmer, Astrid Veronig 2016-01-06
Jeffrey ReepX-ray Source Heights in a Solar Flare: Thick-target versus Thermal Conduction Front Heating Reep, J.W., Bradshaw, S.J., Holman, G.D. 2016-01-04
Aki TakedaThe Hinode /XRT Full-Sun Image Corrections and the Improved Synoptic Composite Image Archive Takeda, A., Yoshimura, K., Saar, S. 2015-12-27
Loren ActonOn-Orbit Performance and Calibration of the Soft X-ray Telescope on Yohkoh Loren Acton 2015-12-27
Gennady ChernovLast news on zebra pattern Gennady Chernov 2015-12-27

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Quasi-periodic Fast-mode Magnetosonic Wave Trains Within Coronal Waveguides Associated with Flares and CMEs
On the robustness of the pendulum model for large-amplitude longitudinal oscillations in prominences
Structure of prominence legs: Plasma and magnetic field
Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles during Multiple Coronal Mass Ejection Events
Performance of Major Flare Watches from the Max Millennium Program (2001-2010)
Observations of a Series of Flares and Associated Jet-like Eruptions Driven by the Emergence of Twisted Magnetic Fields
Particle Acceleration by a Solar Flare Termination Shock
Thermal fronts in solar flares
The Solar Probe Plus Mission: Humanity?s First Visit to Our Star
The Standardisation and Sequencing of Solar Eclipse Images for the Eclipse Megamovie Project
Modeling Jets in the Corona and Solar Wind
Self-consistent particle-in-cell simulations of fundamental and harmonic plasma radio emission mechanisms
Magnetic flux supplement to coronal bright points
On the Generation of Hydrodynamic Shocks by Mixed Beams and Occurrence of Sunquakes in Flares
Magneto-static modelling of the mixed plasma Beta solar atmosphere based on SUNRISE/IMaX data
Relations between Microwave Bursts and near-Earth High-Energy Proton Enhancements and their Origin
Numerical Study on Emergence of Kinked Flux Tube for Understanding of Possible Origin of Delta-spot Regions
A Comparison Study of a Solar Active-Region Eruptive Filament and a Neighboring Non-Eruptive Filament
Testing a Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Extrapolation Code with the Titov-Demoulin Magnetic Flux Rope Model
UFCORIN: A Fully Automated Predictor of Solar Flares in GOES X-Ray Flux

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