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Samuel SkirvinSmall-scale solar jet formation and their associated waves and instabilities Samuel Skirvin, Gary Verth, José Juan González-Avilés, Sergiy Shelyag, Rahul Sharma, Francisco S. Guzmán, Istvan Ballai, Eamon Scullion, Suzana Silva, Viktor Fedun 2022-05-20
Maria KazachenkoInvited Review: Short-term Variability with the Observations from the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) Onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO): Insights into Flare Magnetism Maria D. Kazachenko, Marcel F. Corchado-Albelo, Cole A. Tamburri, Brian T. Welsch 2022-05-19
Costas AlissandrakisA first look at the submillimeter Sun with ALMA C. E. Alissandrakis, T. S. Bastian, and A. Nindos 2022-05-17
Chaowei JiangData-driven modeling of solar coronal magnetic field evolution and eruptions Chaowei Jiang, Xueshang Feng, Yang Guo, Qiang Hu 2022-05-16
Jiong QiuProperties and Energetics of Magnetic Reconnection: I. Evolution of Flare Ribbons J. Qiu & J. Cheng 2022-05-13
Dmitrii KolotkovA new look at the frequency-dependent damping of slow-mode waves in the solar corona Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Valery M. Nakariakov 2022-05-12
Teodora MihailescuWhat determines active region coronal plasma composition? Teodora Mihailescu, Deborah Baker, Lucie M. Green, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, David M. Long, David H. Brooks, Andy S. H. To 2022-05-12
Manuela TemmerCharacteristics and evolution of sheath and leading edge structures of interplanetary coronal mass ejections in the inner heliosphere based on Helios and Parker Solar Probe observations Manuela Temmer and Volker Bothmer 2022-05-12
Valery NakariakovSlow magnetoacoustic oscillations in stellar coronal loops Lim, D., Nakariakov, V.M., Moon, Y.-J. 2022-05-11
Pankaj KumarKink Oscillation of a Flux Rope During a Failed Solar Eruption Pankaj Kumar, Valery M. Nakariakov, Judith T. Karpen, C. Richard DeVore, Kyung-Suk Cho 2022-05-10
Adam KobelskiA publicly available multi-observatory data set of an enhanced network patch from the Photosphere Adam R. Kobelski, Lucas A. Tarr, Sarah A. Jaeggli, Nicholas Luber, Harry P. Warren and Sabrina Savage 2022-05-09
Anshu KumariType IV Radio Bursts and Associated Active Regions in the Sunspot Cycle 24 Anshu Kumari 2022-05-06
Roberto SolerTheory of Fluid Instabilities in Partially Ionized Plasmas: An Overview R. Soler, J. L. Ballester 2022-05-05
Pankaj KumarQuasiperiodic Energy Release and Jets at the Base of Solar Coronal Plumes Pankaj Kumar, Judith T. Karpen, Vadim M. Uritsky, Craig E. Deforest, Nour E. Raouafi, C. Richard DeVore 2022-05-03
Melissa Pesce RollinsThe Coupling of an EUV Coronal Wave and Ion Acceleration in a Fermi-LAT Behind-the-Limb Solar Flare Melissa Pesce-Rollins, Nicola Omodei, Säm Krucker, Niccolo' Di Lalla, Wen Wang, Andrea F. Battaglia, Alexander Warmuth, Astrid M. Veronig and Luca Baldini 2022-04-27
Markus J. AschwandenReconciling Power Law Slopes in Solar Flare and Nanoflare Size Distributions Markus J. Aschwanden 2022-04-25
Alshaimaa HassaninA Model of Homologous Confined and Ejective Eruptions Involving Kink Instability and Flux Cancellation Alshaimaa Hassanin; Bernhard Kliem; Norbert Seehafer; Tibor Török 2022-04-24
David BrooksDetection of stellar-like abundance anomalies in the slow solar wind David H. Brooks, Deborah Baker, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, Harry P. Warren, Stephanie L. Yardley 2022-04-20
Florian KollerMagnetosheath jet occurrence rate in relation to CMEs and SIRs Florian Koller, Manuela Temmer, Luis Preisser, Ferdinand Plaschke, Paul Geyer, Lan K Jian, Owen Wyn Roberts, Heli Hietala, Adrian T. LaMoury 2022-04-20
Jeongwoo LeeMicrowave Perspective on Magnetic Breakout Eruption Jeongwoo Lee 2022-04-18

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A New Magnetic Parameter of Active Regions Distinguishing Large Eruptive and Confined Solar Flares
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Magnetic field re-configuration associated with a slow rise eruptive X1.2 flare in NOAA active region 11944

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