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Haimin WangWitnessing magnetic twist with high-resolution observation from the 1.6-m New Solar Telescope Haimin Wang, Wenda Cao, Chang Liu, Yan Xu, Rui Liu, Zhicheng Zeng, Jongchul Chae and Haisheng Ji 2015-05-27
Nariaki NittaSolar Sources of 3He-rich Solar Energetic Particle Events in Solar Cycle 24 Nariaki V. Nitta, Glenn M. Mason, Linghua Wang, Christina M. S. Cohen, Mark E. Wiedenbeck 2015-05-26
Yingna SuMagnetic Structure and Dynamics of the Erupting Solar Polar Crown Prominence on 2012 March 12 Yingna Su, Adriaan van Ballegooijen, Patrick I. McCauley, Haisheng Ji, Katharine K. Reeves, Edward E. DeLuca 2015-05-26
Leon OfmanThree dimensional MHD Modeling of Vertical Kink Oscillations in an Active Region Plasma Curtain L. Ofman, M. Parisi, A.K. Srivastava 2015-05-21
Chun XiaSolar prominences: 'double, double . . . boil and bubble' Rony Keppens and Chun Xia 2015-05-21
Fatima Rubio da CostaCOMBINED MODELING OF ACCELERATION, TRANSPORT, AND HYDRODYNAMIC RESPONSE IN SOLAR FLARES. II. Inclusion of Radiative Transfer with RADYN Fatima Rubio da Costa, Wei Liu, Vah? Petrosian, Mats Carlsson 2015-05-20
Donald ReamesTemperature of the Source Plasma for Impulsive Solar Energetic Particles D. V. Reames, E.W. Cliver, and S. W. Kahler 2015-05-19
Andrew InglisSunPy - Python for Solar Physics The SunPy Community, S. J. Mumford; S. Christe; D. P?rez-Su?rez; J. Ireland; A. Y. Shih; A. R. Inglis; S. Liedtke; R. J. Hewett; F. Mayer; K. Hughitt; N. Freij; T. Meszaros; S. M. Bennett; M. Malocha; J. Evans; A. Agrawal; A. J. Leonard; T. P. Robitaille; B. Mampaey; J. Iv?n Campos-Rozo; M. S. Kirk 2015-05-18
Ting LiDark Ribbons Propagating and Sweeping Across EUV Structures After Filament Eruptions Junmin Xiao, Jun Zhang, Ting Li, and Shuhong Yang 2015-05-17
Ding YuanForward Modelling of standing slow modes of flaring coronal loops Yuan, D., Van Doorsselaere, T., Banerjee, D., Antolin, P. 2015-05-17
Inigo ArreguiModel comparison for the density structure along solar prominence threads I. Arregui & R. Soler 2015-05-14
Ian RichardsonThe Properties of Solar Energetic Particle Event-Associated Coronal Mass Ejections Reported in Different CME Catalogs Ian G. Richardson, Tycho T. von Rosenvinge, Hilary V. Cane 2015-05-13
Fayu JiangInteraction between an emerging flux region and a pre-existing fan-spine dome observed by IRIS and SDO Fayu Jiang, Jun Zhang, Shuhong Yang 2015-05-12
Patrick McCauleyProminence and Filament Eruptions Observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory: Statistical Properties, Kinematics, and Online Catalog Patrick I. McCauley, Yingna Su, Nicole Schanche, Kaitlin E. Evans, Chuan Su, Sean McKillop, and Katharine K. Reeves 2015-05-11
Clara FromentEvidence for evaporation-incomplete condensation cycles in warm solar coronal loops Clara Froment, Frederic Auchere, Karine Bocchialini, Eric Buchlin, Chloe Guennou, Jacques Solomon 2015-05-11
Boris FilippovFormation of a rotating jet during the filament eruption on 10-11 April 2013 B. Filippov, A. K. Srivastava, B. N. Dwivedi, S. Masson, G. Aulanier, N. C. Joshi, and W. Uddin 2015-05-08
Ilya ChertokA Simple Way to Estimate the Soft X-ray Class of Far-Side Solar Flares Observed with STEREO/EUVI Chertok, I. M., Belov, A. V., Grechnev, V. V. 2015-05-08
Xin ChengPredicting the Arrival Time of Coronal Mass Ejections with the Graduated Cylindrical Shell and Drag Force Model Tong Shi, Yikang Wang, Linfeng Wan, Xin Cheng, Mingde Ding, Jie Zhang 2015-05-05
Kwan AhnActive Region Coronal Rain Event Observed by the Fast Imaging Solar Spectrograph on the NST Ahn, Kwangsu; Chae, Jongchul; Cho, Kyung-Suk; Song, Donguk; Yang, Heesu; Goode, Philip R.; Cao, Wenda; Park, Hyungmin; Nah, Jakyung; Jang, Bi-Ho; Park, Young-Deuk 2015-05-04
Marianna KorsosOn flare predictability based on sunspot group evolution Marianna Korsos, Andras Ludmany, Robert Erdelyi, Tunde Baranyi 2015-04-27

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