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Roberto SolerThe role of Alfvén wave heating in solar prominences Roberto Soler, Jaume Terradas, Ramon Oliver, Jose Luis Ballester 2016-05-23
Linghua WangSimulation of Quiet-Sun Hard X-rays Related to Solar Wind Superhalo Electrons Wen Wang, Linghua Wang, Säm Krucker, and Iain Hannah 2016-05-20
David PontinWhy are flare ribbons associated with the spines of magnetic null points generically elongated? D. I. Pontin, K. Galsgaard, P. Demoulin 2016-05-20
Axel BrandenburgHydraulic effects in a radiative atmosphere with ionization Pallavi Bhat, Axel Brandenburg 2016-05-19
Valery NakariakovUndamped transverse oscillations of coronal loops as a self-oscillatory process Nakariakov, V. M., Anfinogentov, S., Nistico, G., Lee, D.-H. 2016-05-18
Vahe PetrosianParticle Acceleration in Solar Flares and Associated CME Shocks Vahé Petrosian 2016-05-17
Frederic EffenbergerHard X-ray morphology of the X1.3 April 25, 2014 partially occulted limb solar flare Frederic Effenberger, Fatima Rubio da Costa, Vahé Petrosian 2016-05-17
Chaowei JiangData-driven magnetohydrodynamic modelling of a flux-emerging active region leading to solar eruption Chaowei Jiang, S. T. Wu, Xuesheng Feng, Qiang Hu 2016-05-16
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares: IV. Coronal Mass Ejection Energetics Aschwanden, M.J. 2016-05-16
Xin ChengOn the Characteristics of Footpoints of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes during the Eruption X. Cheng and M. D. Ding 2016-05-15
Valery NakariakovDependence of kink oscillation damping on the amplitude Goddard, C.R., Nakariakov, V.M. 2016-05-15
Valery NakariakovMagnetohydrodynamic oscillations in the solar corona and Earth's magnetosphere: Towards consolidated understanding V.M. Nakariakov, V. Pilipenko, B. Heilig, P. Jelínek, M. Karlický, D.Y. Klimushkin, D.Y. Kolotkov, D.-H. Lee, G. Nisticò, T. Van Doorsselaere, G. Verth, I.V. Zimovets 2016-05-13
Dmitrii KolotkovNonlinear oscillations of coalescing magnetic flux ropes Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Valery M. Nakariakov, and George Rowlands 2016-05-12
Leping LiMagnetic reconnection between a solar filament and nearby coronal loops Leping Li, Jun Zhang, Hardi Peter, Eric Priest, Huadong Chen, Lijia Guo, Feng Chen, Duncan Mackay 2016-05-12
Eric BuchlinEnergetic characterisation and statistics of solar coronal brightenings V. Joulin, E. Buchlin, J. Solomon, C. Guennou 2016-05-12
Manuel LunaDamping of prominence longitudinal oscillations due to mass accretion Michael S. Ruderman and Manuel Luna 2016-05-11
Navin Chandra JoshiInteraction of Two Filament Channels of Different Chiralities Navin Chandra Joshi, Boris Filippov, Brigitte Schmieder, Tetsuya Magara, Young-Jae, Moon, Wahab Uddin 2016-05-11
Qingmin ZhangExplosive Chromospheric Evaporation in a Circular-ribbon Flare Q. M. Zhang, D. Li, Z. J. Ning, Y. N. Su, H. S. Ji and Y. Guo 2016-05-10
Linfeng WanThe Formation and Early Evolution of a Coronal Mass Ejection and its Associated Shock Wave on 2014 January 8 Linfeng Wan, Xin Cheng, Tong Shi, Wei Su, M. D. Ding 2016-05-10
Ying LiObservations of an X-shaped Ribbon Flare in the Sun and Its Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection Y. Li, J. Qiu, D. W. Longcope, M. D. Ding, K. Yang 2016-05-08

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Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes Using Iron Forbidden Line
Transverse oscillations and stability of prominences in a magnetic field dip
Comparing SSN Index to X-ray Flare and Coronal Mass Ejection Rates from Solar Cycles 22-24
Quasi-periodic processes in the flare loop generated by sudden temperature enhancements at loop footpoints
The apparent critical decay index at the onset of solar prominence eruptions
Temporal Offsets between Maximum CME Speed Index and Solar, Geomagnetic, and Interplanetary Indicators during Solar Cycle 23 and the Ascending Phase of Cycle 24
Constraints on energy release in solar flares from RHESSI and GOES X-ray observations. II. Energetics and energy partition
Constraints on energy release in solar flares from RHESSI and GOES X-ray observations I. Physical parameters and scalings
Modelling of Nonthermal Microwave Emission From Twisted Magnetic Loops
Unprecedented Fine Structure of a Solar Flare Revealed by the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope
The Nature of CME-Flare Associated Coronal Dimming
Long Duration Flare Emission: Impulsive Heating or Gradual Heating?
Lifecycle of a large-scale polar coronal pseudostreamer/cavity system
Amended results for hard X-ray emission by non-thermal thick target recombination in solar flares
The instability and non-existence of multi-stranded loops, when driven by transverse waves
On the origin of 140 GHz emission from the 4 July 2012 solar flare
Light walls around sunspots observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph
Stereoscopic Observation of Slipping Reconnection in A Double Candle-Flame-Shaped Solar Flare
A Tiny Eruptive Filament as a Flux-Rope Progenitor and Driver of a Large-Scale CME and Wave
Active Latitude Oscillations Observed on the Sun

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