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Krzysztof BarczynskiFlare reconnection-driven magnetic field and Lorentz force variations at the Sun's surface Krzysztof Barczynski, Guillaume Aulanier, Sophie Masson, Michael S. Wheatland 2019-04-23
KJ LIWhy Does the Solar Corona Abnormally Rotate Faster Than the Photosphere? KJ Li, JC Xu, ZQ Yin, W Feng 2019-04-16
Binod AdhikariImpacts On Proton Fluxes Observed During Different Interplanetary Conditions Binod Adhikari,Niraj Adhikari, Binil Aryal, Narayan P. Chapagain, and Ildiko Horvath 2019-04-16
David James PascoeCoronal Loop Seismology Using Standing Kink Oscillations With a Lookup Table David J. Pascoe, Alan W. Hood and Tom Van Doorsselaere 2019-04-15
Kevin DalmasseData-Optimized Coronal Field Model: I. Proof of Concept K. Dalmasse, A. Savcheva, S. E. Gibson, Y. Fan, D. W. Nychka, N. Flyer, N. Mathews, E. E. DeLuca 2019-04-15
Maria MadjarskaCoronal Bright Points Maria S. Madjarska 2019-04-12
Boris FilippovDifference of source regions between fast and slow coronal mass ejections B. Filippov 2019-04-09
Haimin WangInvited Review: Signatures of Magnetic Flux Ropes in the Low Solar Atmosphere Observed in High Resolution Haimin Wang and Chang Liu 2019-04-04
Yuta NotsuDo Kepler superflare stars really include slowly-rotating Sun-like stars ? - Results using APO 3.5m telescope spectroscopic observations and Gaia-DR2 data - Yuta Notsu, Hiroyuki Maehara, Satoshi Honda, Suzanne L. Hawley, James R. A. Davenport, Kosuke Namekata, Shota Notsu, Kai Ikuta, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2019-04-02
Pakorn WongwaitayakornkulMagnetically Induced Current Piston for Generating Extreme-ultraviolet Fronts in the Solar Corona Pakorn Wongwaitayakornkul, Magnus A. Haw, Hui Li, and Paul M. Bellan 2019-04-01
Vasyl YurchyshynMagnetic Field Dynamics and Varying Plasma Emission in Large-scale Coronal Loops S. Şahin, V. Yurchyshyn , P. Kumar, A. Kilcik, K. Ahn, and X. Yang 2019-03-28
Leon OfmanNonlinear Evolution of Ion Kinetic Instabilities in the Solar Wind Leon Ofman 2019-03-28
Jeffrey ReepWhat determines the X-ray intensity and duration of a solar flare? Jeffrey W. Reep & Kalman J. Knizhnik 2019-03-27
Christopher GoddardFast Magnetoacoustic Wave Trains with Time-dependent Drivers Goddard, C. R., Nakariakov, V. M., Pascoe, D. J. 2019-03-25
Salvatore MancusoThree-dimensional reconstruction of CME-driven shock-streamer interaction from radio observations: a different take on the diagnostics of coronal magnetic fields S. Mancuso, F. Frassati, A. Bemporad, D. Barghini 2019-03-19
Żaneta SzaforzThe soft X-ray spectrometer polarimeter SolpeX J. Sylwester; M. Stȩślicki; J. Bąkała; S. Płocieniak; Ż. Szaforz; M. Kowaliński; D. Ścisłowski; P. Podgórski; T. Mrozek; J. Barylak; A. Makowski; M. Siarkowski; Z. Kordylewski; B. Sylwester; S. Kuzin; A. Kirichenko; A. Pertsov; S. Bogachev 2019-03-18
Diana MorosanVariable emission mechanism of a Type IV radio burst D. E. Morosan, E. K. J. Kilpua, E. P. Carley, and C. Monstein 2019-03-15
Inigo ArreguiInference of magnetic field strength and density from damped transverse coronal waves I. Arregui, M. Montes-Solis, A. Asensio Ramos 2019-03-14
Mykola GordovskyyFrequency-Distance Structure of Solar Radio Sources Observed by LOFAR Mykola Gordovskyy, Eduard Kontar, Philippa Browning, and Alexey Kuznetsov 2019-03-12
Rui LiuThe birth of a coronal mass ejection Tingyu Gou, Rui Liu, Bernhard Kliem, Yuming Wang, and Astrid M. Veronig 2019-03-08

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Properties of slow magnetoacoustic oscillations of solar coronal loops by multi-instrumental observations
Persistent Quasi-Periodic Pulsations During a Large X-Class Solar Flare
Magnetic helicity and fluxes in an inhomogeneous α squared dynamo
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Comparative Study of Microwave Polar Brightening, Coronal Holes, and Solar Wind Over the Solar Poles
3He-rich Solar Energetic Particles from Sunspot Jets
Relative magnetic field line helicity
Forbush decreases and Geomagnetic Storms during a Highly Disturbed Solar and Interplanetary Period, 4‐10 September 2017
Helical Twisting Number and Braiding Linkage Number of Solar Coronal Loops
Helical Twisting Number and Braiding Linkage Number of Solar Coronal Loops
Small-scale motions in solar filaments as the precursors of eruptions
Modeling of Heliospheric Modulation of Cosmic-Ray Positrons in a Very Quiet Heliosphere
Interpreting magnetic helicity flux in solar flux emergence
Transient Inverse-FIP Plasma Composition Evolution within a Confined Solar Flare
The Role of a Tiny Brightening in a Huge Geo-effective Solar Eruption Leading to the St Patrick's Day Storm
A basal contribution from p-modes to the Alfvénic wave flux in the corona
Multiwavelength Study of Equatorial Coronal-Hole Jets
Non-thermal hydrogen Lyman line and continuum emission in solar flares generated by electron beams
Determining normal mode features from numerical simulations using CEOF analysis: I. Test case using transverse oscillations of a magnetic slab
Modelling the Effect of Mass-Draining on Prominence Eruptions

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