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Ting LiTwo Episodes of Magnetic Reconnections During a Confined Circular-ribbon Flare Ting Li, Shuhong Yang, Qingmin Zhang, Yijun Hou & Jun Zhang 2018-04-18
Axel BrandenburgEnhanced stellar activity for slow antisolar differential rotation? Axel Brandenburg, Mark S. Giampapa 2018-04-14
Dmitrii KolotkovQuasi-periodic pulsations in the most powerful solar flare of Cycle 24 Dmitrii Kolotkov, Chloe Pugh, Anne-Marie Broomhall, and Valery Nakariakov 2018-04-13
Manuel LunaGONG Catalog of Solar Filament Oscillations Near Solar Maximum Manuel Luna, Judith Karpen, Jos? Lu?s Ballester, Karin Muglach, Jaume Terradas, Therese Kucera, Holly Gilbert 2018-04-12
Arun Kumar AwasthiChromospheric response during the precursor and the main phase of a B6.4 flare on August 20, 2005 Awasthi, Arun Kumar; Rudawy, Pawel; Falewicz, Robert; Berlicki, Arkadiusz; Liu, Rui 2018-04-10
Juntao WangUnambiguous Evidence of Coronal Implosions During Solar Eruptions and Flares Juntao Wang, P. J. A. Simões, and L. Fletcher 2018-04-09
Xin ChengTwo Types of Long-duration Quasi-static Evolution of Solar Filaments C. Xing, H. C. Li, B. Jiang, X. Cheng & M. D. Ding 2018-04-04
Giuseppe Nistico'Oscillations of cometary tails: a vortex shedding phenomenon? G. Nisticò, V. Vladimirov, V. M. Nakariakov, K. Battams, V. Bothmer 2018-04-04
Priya T GObservations of Running Penumbral Waves Emerging in a Sunspot T. G. Priya, Cao Wenda, Su Jiangtao, Chen Jie, Mao Xinjie, Deng Yuanyong and Erdélyi Robert 2018-04-03
Dan SeatonReconnection in the Post-Impulsive Phase of Solar Flares Terry G. Forbes, Daniel B. Seaton, Katharine K. Reeves 2018-04-02
Radoslav BučíkTemperature of source regions of 3He-rich impulsive solar energetic particles events Chen, N.-H., R. Bučík, R.-S. Kim 2018-03-29
Radoslav Bučík3He-rich Solar Energetic Particles in Helical Jets on the Sun R. Bučík, D. E. Innes, G. M. Mason, M. E. Wiedenbeck, R. Gomez-Herrero, N. V. Nitta 2018-03-29
Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio On the importance of the nonequilibrium ionization of Si IV and O IV and the line-of-sight in solar surges Nóbrega-Siverio, D.; Moreno-Insertis, F.; Martínez-Sykora, J. 2018-03-29
Prasad SubramanianWas the cosmic ray burst detected by the GRAPES-3 on 22 June 2015 caused by transient weakening of geomagnetic field or by an interplanetary anisotropy? P.K. Mohanty, K.P. Arunbabu, T. Aziz, S.R. Dugad, S.K. Gupta, B. Hariharan, P. Jagadeesan, A. Jain, S.D. Morris, P.K. Nayak, P.S. Rakshe, K. Ramesh, B.S. Rao, M. Zuberi, Y. Hayashi, S. Kawakami, P. Subramanian, S. Raha, S. Ahmad, A. Oshima, S. Shibata, H. Kojima 2018-03-29
Sophie A. MurrayConnecting Coronal Mass Ejections to Their Solar Active Region Sources: Combining Results from the HELCATS and FLARECAST Projects Sophie A. Murray, Jordan A. Guerra, Pietro Zucca, Sung-Hong Park, Eoin P. Carley, Peter T. Gallagher, Nicole Vilmer, Volker Bothmer 2018-03-27
Yanxiao LiuStudies of Isolated and Non-isolated Photospheric Bright Points in an Active Region Observed by the New Vacuum Solar Telescope Yanxiao Liu, Yongyuan Xiang, Robertus Erdélyi, Zhong Liu, Dong Li, Zongjun Ning, Yi Bi,Ning Wu, and Jun Lin 2018-03-25
Melissa Pesce RollinsFermi-LAT observations of the 2017 September 10th solar flare Nicola Omodei, Melissa Pesce-Rollins, Francesco Longo, Alice Allafort and Säm Krucker 2018-03-22
Andrey AfanasyevPropagation of a global coronal wave and its interaction with large-scale coronal magnetic structures A.N. Afanasyev and A.N. Zhukov 2018-03-15
Jiajia Liu A New Tool for CME Arrival Time Prediction Using Machine Learning Algorithms: CAT-PUMA Jiajia Liu, Yudong Ye, Chenlong Shen, Yuming Wang, Robert Erdélyi 2018-03-15
Matthew AllcockSolar Magnetoseismology with Magnetoacoustic Surface Waves in Asymmetric Magnetic Slab Waveguides Allcock, M., and Erdélyi, R. 2018-03-15

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Blue wing enhancement of the chromospheric Mg II h and k lines in a solar flare
Finite amplitude transverse oscillations of a magnetic rope
Bridging the Gap: Capturing the Lyα Counterpart of a Type-II Spicule and its Heating Evolution with VAULT2.0 and IRIS Observations
Turbulent transport coefficients in spherical wedge dynamo simulations of solar-like stars
Implosive collapse about magnetic null points: A quantitative comparison between 2D and 3D nulls
Forward Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejection Flux Ropes in the Inner Heliosphere with 3DCORE
Strong non-radial propagation of energetic electrons in solar corona
Developments of Multi-wavelength Spectro-Polarimeter on the Domeless Solar Telescope at Hida Observatory
LOFAR observations of the quiet solar corona
Statistics of "Cold" Early Impulsive Solar Flares in X-ray and Microwave domains
Successive X-class flares and coronal mass ejections driven by shearing motion and sunspot rotation in active region NOAA 12673
An Observationally-Constrained Model of a Flux Rope that Formed in the Solar Corona
The Duration of Energy Deposition on Unresolved Flaring Loops in the Solar Corona
On the detection of coronal dimmings and the extraction of their characteristic properties
Plasma diagnostics of coronal dimming events
Multi-fluid approach to high-frequency waves in plasmas. III. Nonlinear regime and plasma heating
Observationally quantified reconnection providing a viable mechanism for active region coronal heating
Statistical Properties of Ribbon Evolution and Reconnection Electric Fields in Eruptive and Confined Flares
Unambiguous Evidence of Filament Splitting-Induced Partial Eruptions
On the Origin of the Double-cell Meridional Circulation in the Solar Convection Zone

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