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David TsiklauriSelf-consistent particle-in-cell simulations of fundamental and harmonic plasma radio emission mechanisms J.O. Thurgood, D. Tsiklauri 2015-11-24
Chaozhou MouMagnetic flux supplement to coronal bright points Chaozhou Mou, Zhenghua Huang, Lidong Xia, Maria S. Madjarska, Bo Li, Hui Fu, Fangran Jiao, Zhenyong Hou 2015-11-23
Valentina ZharkovaOn the Generation of Hydrodynamic Shocks by Mixed Beams and Occurrence of Sunquakes in Flares Zharkova V.V. and Zharkov S.I. 2015-11-19
Thomas WiegelmannMagneto-static modelling of the mixed plasma Beta solar atmosphere based on SUNRISE/IMaX data T. Wiegelmann, T. Neukirch, D.H. Nickeler, S.K. Solanki, V. Martinez Pillet, J.M. Borrero 2015-11-19
Victor GrechnevRelations between Microwave Bursts and near-Earth High-Energy Proton Enhancements and their Origin Grechnev, V. V., Kiselev, V. I., Meshalkina, N. S., Chertok, I. M. 2015-11-19
Shinsuke TakasaoNumerical Study on Emergence of Kinked Flux Tube for Understanding of Possible Origin of Delta-spot Regions Shinsuke Takasao, Yuhong Fan, Mark C. M. Cheung, and Kazunari Shibata 2015-11-10
Chaowei JiangA Comparison Study of a Solar Active-Region Eruptive Filament and a Neighboring Non-Eruptive Filament Chaowei Jiang, S. T. Wu, Xueshang Feng, Qiang Hu 2015-11-09
Chaowei JiangTesting a Solar Coronal Magnetic Field Extrapolation Code with the Titov-Demoulin Magnetic Flux Rope Model Chaowei Jiang, Xueshang Feng 2015-11-09
Takayuki MuranushiUFCORIN: A Fully Automated Predictor of Solar Flares in GOES X-Ray Flux Takayuki Muranushi, Takuya Shibayama, Yuko Hada Muranushi, Hiroaki Isobe, Shigeru Nemoto, Kenji Komazaki, Kazunari Shibata 2015-11-06
Shuhong YangTrigger of a blowout jet in a solar coronal mass ejection associated with a flare Xiaohong Li, Shuhong Yang, Huadong Chen, Ting Li, Jun Zhang 2015-11-05
R.T.James McAteerPrediction of Solar Flare Size and Time-to-Flare Using Support Vector Machine Regression Boucheron, L.E., Al-Ghraibah, A., McAteer, R.T.J. 2015-11-05
Marina BattagliaMulti-thermal representation of the kappa-distribution of solar flare electrons and application to simultaneous X-ray and EUV observations Marina Battaglia, Galina Motorina, Eduard P. Kontar 2015-11-05
J. VranjesCharge exchange in fluid description of partially ionized plasmas J. Vranjes, M. Kono, M. Luna 2015-11-04
Wenjuan LiuMg II Lines Observed during the X-class Flare on 29 March 2014 by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph W. Liu, P. Heinzel, L. Kleint, J. Kasparova 2015-11-03
Galina MotorinaDifferential Emission Measure and Electron Distribution Function Reconstructed from RHESSI and SDO Observations G.G. Motorina and E. P. Kontar 2015-11-02
Valentina ZharkovaHeartbeat of the Sun from Principal Component Analysis and prediction of solar activity on a millennium timescale Zharkova V.V., Shepherd S.J., Popova E., Zharkov S.I. 2015-11-01
Valentina ZharkovaDynamical small-scale magnetic islands as a source of local acceleration of particles in the solar wind O. V. Khabarova, G. P. Zank, G. Li, J. A. le Roux, G. M.Webb, A. Dosch, O. E. Malandraki, Zharkova V.V. 2015-11-01
Valentina ZharkovaParticle acceleration in 3D single current sheets formed in the solar corona and heliosphere: PIC approach Zharkova V.V. and Siversky T. 2015-11-01
J. VranjesEnergy in density gradient J. Vranjes, M. Kono 2015-10-30
J. VranjesAlfvén wave coupled with flow-driven fluid instability in interpenetrating plasmas J. Vranjes 2015-10-30

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High-temperature differential emission measure and altitude variations in the temperature and density of solar flare coronal X-ray sources
Flare Footpoint Regions and a Surge Observed by the Hinode/EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS), RHESSI, and SDO/AIA
Kinetic model of force-free current sheets with non-uniform temperature
Dynamics of coronal rain and descending plasma blobs in solar
Modeling of Reflective Propagating Slow-mode Wave in a Flaring Loop
Fast magnetoacoustic wave trains of sausage symmetry in cylindrical waveguides of the solar corona
Dynamo in the outer heliosheath: Necessary conditions
The Relation between Solar Eruption Topologies and Observed Flare Features II: Dynamical Evolution
How important are electron beams in driving chromospheric evaporation in the 2014 March 29 flare?
Evolution of solar active regions: Detecting the emergence of new magnetic field through multifractal segmentation
Filament Shape and Coronal Magnetic Field Structure
Thermosphere and geomagnetic response to interplanetary coronal mass ejections observed by ACE and GRACE: Statistical results
Electric current filamentation at a non-potential magnetic null-point due to pressure perturbation
Evidence of thermal conduction suppression in hot coronal loops: Supplementary results
IRIS Si IV line profiles: An indication for the plasmoid instability during small-scale magnetic reconnection on the Sun
Thresholded Power Law Size Distributions of Instabilities in Astrophysics
2D MHD and 1D HD models of a solar flare - a comprehensive comparison of the results
Large-scale Globally Propagating Coronal Waves

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