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Judit MuraközyVariations of the Internal Asymmetries of Sunspot Groups During their Decay Judit Muraközy 2021-11-30
Jialin ChenPartial Eruption, Confinement, and Twist Buildup and Release of a Double-decker Filament Jialin Chen, Yingna Su, Rui Liu, Bernhard Kliem, Qingmin Zhang, Haisheng Ji, Tie Liu 2021-11-28
Sergio Díaz-SuárezOverdense Threads in the Solar Corona Induced by Torsional Alfvén Waves Díaz-Suárez, S. & Soler, R. 2021-11-26
Nived Vilangot NhalilImplications of spicule activity on coronal loop heating and catastrophic cooling V N Nived, E Scullion, J G Doyle, R Susino, P Antolin, D Spadaro, C Sasso, S Sahin, M Mathioudakis 2021-11-25
Navdeep PanesarThe Magnetic Origin of Solar Campfires Panesar, Navdeep K.,Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; Berghmans, David; Cheung, Mark C. M; Mueller, Daniel; Auchere, Frederic; and Zhukov, Andrei 2021-11-18
Paolo RomanoOn the evolution of a sub-C class flare: a showcase for the capabilities of the revamped Catania Solar Telescope Paolo Romano, Salvo L. Guglielmino, Pierfrancesco Costa, Mariachiara Falco, Salvatore Buttaccio, Alessandro Costa, Eugenio Martinetti, Giovanni Occhipinti, Daniele Spadaro, Rita Ventura, Giuseppe E. Capuano, Francesca Zuccarello 2021-11-18
David MacTaggartDirect evidence that twisted flux tube emergence creates solar active regions MacTaggart, D, Prior, C, Raphaldini, B, Romano, P, Guglielmino, SL 2021-11-16
Chaowei JiangNumerical Simulation of a Fundamental Mechanism of Solar Eruption with Different Magnetic Flux Distributions Xinkai Bian, Chaowei Jiang, Xueshang Feng, Pingbing Zuo, Yi Wang, Xinyi Wang 2021-11-16
Maria KazachenkoToward Improved Understanding of Magnetic Fields Participating in Solar Flares: Statistical Analysis of Magnetic Field within Flare Ribbons Maria D. Kazachenko, Benjamin J. Lynch, Antonia Savcheva, Xudong Sun, Brian T. Welsch 2021-11-12
Xudong SunTorus-Stable Zone Above Starspots Xudong Sun, Tibor Török, Marc L. DeRosa 2021-11-08
Maurice WilsonConstraining the CME Core Heating and Energy Budget with SOHO/UVCS Maurice L. Wilson, John C. Raymond, Susan T. Lepri, Roberto Lionello, Nicholas A. Murphy, Katherine K. Reeves, Chengcai Shen 2021-11-08
Dmitrii KolotkovThe solar corona as an active medium for magnetoacoustic waves D. Y. Kolotkov, D. I. Zavershinskii, V. M. Nakariakov 2021-11-05
Xudong SunRapid Evolution of Bald Patches in a Major Solar Eruption Jonathan H. Lee, Xudong Sun, Maria D. Kazachenko 2021-11-01
Andrew InglisEvaluating Pointing Strategies for Future Solar Flare Missions A. R. Inglis, J. Ireland, A. Y. Shih, S. D. Christe 2021-10-27
Larisa KashapovaCommon origin of quasi-periodic pulsations in microwave and decimetric solar radio bursts Larisa Kashapova, Dmitrii Kolotkov, Elena Kupriyanova, Anastasiia Kudriavtseva, Chengming Tan, Hamish Reid 2021-10-18
Pascal Saint-HilaireThomson scattering in the lower corona in the presence of sunspots Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Juan-Carlos Martinez Oliveros, Hugh S. Hudson 2021-10-12
Morgan StoresThe Spatial and Temporal Variations of Turbulence in a Solar Flare Morgan Stores, Natasha L. S. Jeffrey, Eduard P. Kontar 2021-10-12
Chaowei JiangInvestigations of Sizes and Dynamical Motions of Solar Photospheric Granules by a Novel Granular Segmenting Algorithm Liu Yanxiao, Jiang Chaowei, Yuan Ding, Zuo Pingbing, Wang Yi, Cao Wenda 2021-10-12
Valentina ZharkovaMillennial oscillations of solar irradiance and magnetic field at Earth in 600-2600 Valentina Zharkova 2021-10-02
Valentina ZharkovaPlasma turbulence generated in 3D current sheet with magnetic islands Zharkova V. and Xia, Q, 2021-10-02

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Simultaneous ALMA-Hinode-IRIS observations on footpoint signatures of a soft X-ray loop-like microflare
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CME-Driven and Flare-Ignited Fast Magnetosonic Waves Successively Detected in a Solar Eruption
Sympathetic Filament Eruptions within a Fan-spine Magnetic System
Formation of Magnetic Flux Rope during Solar Eruption. I. Evolution of Toroidal Flux and Reconnection Flux
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Measurements of Photospheric and Chromospheric Magnetic Field Structures Associated with Chromospheric Heating over a Solar Plage Region
Probing Current Sheet Instabilities from Flare Ribbon Dynamics
Global Nature of Solar Coronal Shock Waves shown by Inconsistency between EUV Waves and Type II Radio Bursts
Solar surges related to UV bursts: Characterization through k-means, inversions and density diagnostics
A revised cone model and its application to non-radial prominence eruptions
Zonal harmonics of solar magnetic field for solar cycle forecast
TESS observations of flares and quasi-periodic pulsations from low mass stars and potential impact on exoplanets
Kink oscillations of coronal loops
First Frequency-Time-Resolved Imaging Spectroscopy Observations of Solar Radio Spikes
Magnetic Flux and Magnetic Non-potentiality of Active Regions in Eruptive and Confined Solar Flares
Observations of shock propagation through turbulent plasma in the solar corona
The Formation and Lifetime of Outflows in a Solar Active Region
Localised acceleration of energetic particles by a weak shock in the solar corona

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