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Huadong ChenConfined Flares in Solar Active Region 12192 from 2014 October 18 to 29 Huadong Chen, Jun Zhang, Suli Ma, Shuhong Yang, Leping Li, Xin Huang, Junmin Xiao 2015-07-03
Manuel LunaAre tornado-like magnetic structures able to support solar prominence plasma? M. Luna, F. Moreno-Insertis & E. Priest 2015-07-02
Fabio RealeUsing the transit of Venus to probe the upper planetary atmosphere Fabio Reale, Angelo F. Gambino, Giuseppina Micela, Antonio Maggio, Thomas Widemann, Giuseppe Piccioni 2015-07-01
Etienne PariatTesting magnetic helicity conservation in a solar-like active event E. Pariat; G. Valori; P. D?moulin & K. Dalmasse 2015-06-30
R.T.James McAteerAn automated classification approach to ranking photospheric proxies of magnetic energy build-up A. Al-Ghraibah, L.E. Boucheron, R.T.J. McAteer 2015-06-29
James KlimchukIntensity Conserving Spline Interpolation (ICSI): A New Tool for Spectroscopic Analysis J. A. Klimchuk, S. Patsourakos, D. Tripathi 2015-06-29
Rohan Eugene LouisTriggering an eruptive flare by emerging flux in a solar active-region complex Louis, Rohan E.; Kliem, Bernhard; Ravindra, B.; Chintzoglou, Georgios 2015-06-29
Andreas KlassenFirst simultaneous observations of a near-relativistic electron spike event by both STEREO spacecraft A. Klassen, N. Dresing, R. G?mez-Herrero, B. Heber 2015-06-29
Xin ChengExtreme Ultraviolet Imaging of Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection in a Solar Eruption J. Q. Sun, X. Cheng, M. D. Ding, Y. Guo, E. R. Priest, C. E. Parnell, S. J. Edwards, J. Zhang, P. F. Chen, C. Fang 2015-06-26
R.T.James McAteerPerformance Testing of an Off-Limb Solar Adaptive Optics System G.E. Taylor, D. Schmidt, J. Marino, T.R. Rimmele, R.T.James McAteer 2015-06-25
R.T.James McAteer25 Years of Self-Organized Criticality: Numerical Detection Methods R.T. James McAteer, Markus J. Aschwanden, Michaila Dimitropoulou, Manolis K. Georgoulis, Gunnar Pruessner, Laura Morales, Jack Ireland, Valentyna Abramenko 2015-06-25
Takeshi ImamuraRadial Distribution of Compressive Waves in the Solar Corona Revealed by Akatsuki Radio Occultation Observations Mayu Miyamoto, Takeshi Imamura, Munetoshi Tokumaru, Hiroki Ando, Hiroaki Isobe, Ayumi Asai, Daikou Shiota, Tomoaki Toda, Bernd H?usler, Martin P?tzold, Alexander Nabatov, and Masato Nakamura 2015-06-24
Takeshi ImamuraOutflow structure of the quiet Sun corona probed by spacecraft radio scintillations in strong scattering Takeshi Imamura, Munetoshi Tokumaru, Hiroaki Isobe, Daikou Shiota, Hiroki Ando, Mayu Miyamoto, Tomoaki Toda, Bernd H?usler, Martin P?tzold, Alexander Nabatov, Ayumi Asai, Kentaro Yaji, Manabu Yamada, Masato Nakamura 2015-06-24
Markus J. AschwandenBlind Stereoscopy of the Coronal Magnetic Field Aschwanden,J.M., Schrijver, C.J., and Malanushenko, A. 2015-06-15
Jason P. ByrneInvestigating the Kinematics of Coronal Mass Ejections with the Automated CORIMP Catalog Jason P. Byrne 2015-06-15
Susanta Kumar BisoiA Twenty Year Decline in Solar Photospheric Magnetic Fields: Inner-Heliospheric Signatures and Possible Implications? P. Janardhan, Susanta Kumar Bisoi, S. Ananthakrishnan, M. Tokumaru, K. Fujiki, L. Jose, R. Sridharan 2015-06-11
Christian MoestlStrong coronal channelling and interplanetary evolution of a solar storm up to Earth and Mars C. M?stl, T. Rollett, R. A. Frahm, Y. D. Liu, D. M. Long, R. C. Colaninno, M. A. Reiss, M. Temmer, C. J. Farrugia, A. Posner, M. Dumbovic, M. Janvier, P. Demoulin, P. Boakes, A. Devos, E. Kraaikamp, M. L. Mays, B. Vrsnak 2015-06-11
Guillaume AulanierFlare-CME models: an observational perspective Schmieder B., Aulanier G., Vrsnak B. 2015-06-10
Ryan MilliganThe Temporal Behaviour of Lyman α Emission During Flares From SDO/EVE Ryan O. Milligan, Phillip C. Chamberlin 2015-06-05
Natsuha KurodaObservation of 2011-02-15 X2.2 flare in Hard X-ray and Microwave Natsuha Kuroda, Haimin Wang, Dale E. Gary 2015-06-04

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