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Dmitrii KolotkovCoronal seismology by slow waves in non-adiabatic conditions Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov 2022-11-23
Roberto SolerExploring the Ideal MHD Quasi-Modes of a Plasma Interface with a Thick Nonuniform Transition Roberto Soler 2022-11-21
Yang LiuChanges of Magnetic Energy and Helicity in Solar Active Regions from Major Flares Yang Liu, Brian T. Welsch, Gherardo Valori, Manolis K.Georgoulis, Yang Guo, Etienne Pariat, Sung-Hong Park, and Julia K. Thalmann 2022-11-18
Huidong Hu HuSpectroscopic and Imaging Observations of Spatially Extended Magnetic Reconnection in the Splitting of a Solar Filament Structure Huidong Hu, Ying D. Liu, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Hardi Peter, and Mingde Ding 2022-11-18
Markus Aschwanden J.The Universality of Power Law Slopes in the Solar Photosphere and Transition Region Observed with HMI and IRIS Markus J. Aschwanden and Nived Vilangot Nhalil 2022-11-15
Prasad SubramanianTurbulence and Anomalous Resistivity inside Near-Earth Magnetic Clouds Debesh Bhattacharjee, Prasad Subramanian, Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla, Angelos Vourlidas 2022-11-01
Prasad SubramanianOn the specific energy and pressure in near-Earth magnetic clouds Debesh Bhattacharjee, Prasad Subramanian, Angelos Vourlidas, Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla, Niranjana Thejaswi, Nishtha Sachdeva 2022-11-01
Bei ZhuSolar Energetic Particle Event Associated with the 2012 July 23 Extreme Solar Storm Bei Zhu; Ying D. Liu; Janet G. Luhmann; Huidong Hu; Rui Wang; Zhongwei Yang 2022-10-23
Bei ZhuInvestigation of Energetic Particle Release Using Multi-point Imaging and In Situ Observations Bei Zhu; Ying D. Liu; Ryun-Young Kwon; Rui Wang 2022-10-23
Bei ZhuShock Properties and Associated Characteristics of Solar Energetic Particles in the 2017 September 10 GLE event Bei Zhu; Ying D. Liu; Ryun-Young Kwon; Meng Jin; L. C. Lee; Xiaojun Xu 2022-10-23
Jeongwoo LeeDimensionality of Solar Magnetic Reconnection Jeongwoo Lee 2022-10-21
Jeongwoo LeeMicrowave Perspective on Magnetic Breakout Eruption Jeongwoo Lee 2022-10-21
Huidong HuEffects of Coronal Density and Magnetic Field Distributions on a Global Solar EUV Wave Hu, Huidong; Liu, Ying D.; Zhu, Bei ; Peter, Hardi ; He, Wen; Wang, Rui ; Yang, Zhongwei 2022-10-19
Huidong HuMulti-spacecraft Observations of the Coronal and Interplanetary Evolution of a Solar Eruption Associated with Two Active Regions Hu, Huidong; Liu, Ying D.; Wang, Rui ; Zhao, Xiaowei ; Zhu, Bei; Yang, Zhongwei 2022-10-19
Huidong HuSun-to-Earth Characteristics of the 2012 July 12 Coronal Mass Ejection and Associated Geo-effectiveness Hu, Huidong; Liu, Ying D.; Wang, Rui; Möstl, Christian; Yang, Zhongwei 2022-10-19
Marcelo Lopez FuentesThe effect of nanoflare flows on EUV spectral lines Marcelo López Fuentes (IAFE-CONICET), James A. Klimchuk (NASA-GSFC) 2022-10-13
Ilya ChertokOn some features of the solar proton event on 2021 October 28 – GLE73 I.M. Chertok 2022-10-12
K.J. LiThe role and contribution of magnetic fields, characterized via their magnetic flux, to the statistical structuring of the solar atmosphere K.J. Li, J.C. Xu, W. Feng 2022-09-27
Valery NakariakovDo periods of decayless kink oscillations of solar coronal loops depend on noise? Nakariakov, V.M., Kolotkov, D.Y., Zhong, S. 2022-09-13
Manuel LunaAutomatic detection technique for solar filament oscillations in GONG data Manuel Luna, Joan-René Merou Mestre, Frédéric Auchčre 2022-09-13

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Probing the Density Fine Structuring of the Solar Corona with Comet Lovejoy
Confined plasma transition from the solar atmosphere to the interplanetary medium
Extracting the Heliographic Coordinates of Coronal Rays using Images from WISPR/Parker Solar Probe
Two-spacecraft detection of short-period decayless kink oscillations of solar coronal loops
Genesis and Coronal-jet-generating Eruption of a Solar Minifilament Captured by IRIS Slit-raster Spectra
First detection of transverse vertical oscillation during the expansion of coronal loops
A New Position Calibration Method for MUSER Images
Sigmoid Formation Through Slippage of A Single J-shaped Coronal Loop
MHD Simulation of Homologous Eruptions from Solar Active Region 10930 Caused by Sunspot Rotation
Dropouts of Fully Stripped Ions in the Solar Wind: A Diagnostic for Wave Heating versus Reconnection
Plasma heating and nanoflare caused by slow-mode wave in a coronal loop
The Lyman-α Emission in a C1.4 Solar Flare Observed by the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager aboard Solar Orbiter
Imaging and Spectroscopic Observations of the Dynamic Processes in Limb Solar Flares
Evolution of the critical torus instability height and CME likelihood in solar active regions
A Magnetogram-matching Method for Energizing Magnetic Flux Ropes Toward Eruption
A 2D Model for Coronal Bright Points: Association with Spicules, UV bursts, Surges and EUV Coronal Jets
The relativistic solar particle event on 28 October 2021: Evidence of particle acceleration within and escape from the solar corona
Statistical Analysis of Stellar Flares from the First Three Years of TESS Observations
Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Observations of the Fractal Dimension in the Solar Atmosphere
Clusters of Solar Radio Spikes Modulated by Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in a Confined Flare

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