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Submitter Title Authors Date
Noriyuki NarukageEvidence of Electron Acceleration around the Reconnection X-point in a Solar Flare Noriyuki Narukage, Masumi Shimojo and Taro Sakao 2014-04-16
Anthony YeatesOn the helicity of open magnetic fields Prior, C., Yeates, A. R. 2014-04-16
Anthony YeatesThe coronal energy input from magnetic braiding Yeates, A.R., Bianchi, F., Welsch, B. T., Bushby, P. J. 2014-04-16
Christian MoestlConnecting speeds, directions and arrival times of 22 coronal mass ejections from the Sun to 1 AU C. M?stl, K. Amla, J. R. Hall, P. C. Liewer, E. M. De Jong, R. C. Colaninno, A. M. Veronig, T. Rollett, M. Temmer, V. Peinhart, J. A. Davies, N. Lugaz, Y. D. Liu, C.J. Farrugia, J. G. Luhmann, B. Vr?nak, R. A. Harrison, A. B. Galvin 2014-04-15
Victor GrechnevA Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and the Causes of the 20 November Geomagnetic Superstorm. III. Catastrophe of the Eruptive Filament in a Magnetic Null Point and Formation of an Opposite-Handedness CME Uralov, A.M., Grechnev, V.V., Rudenko, G.V., Myshyakov, I.I., Chertok, I.M., Filippov, B.P., Slemzin, V.A. 2014-04-14
Natasha JeffreyOn the variation of solar flare coronal X-ray source sizes with energy Jeffrey, Natasha L. S., Kontar, Eduard P., Bian, Nicolas H., Emslie, A. Gordon 2014-04-14
Francesco P. ZuccarelloObservational Evidence of Torus Instability as Trigger Mechanism for Coronal Mass Ejections: The 2011 August 4 Filament Eruption Zuccarello, F. P.; Seaton, D. B.; Mierla, M.; Poedts, S.; Rachmeler, L. A.; Romano, P.; Zuccarello, F. 2014-04-12
Teimuraz ZaqarashviliFast magnetohydrodynamic oscillation of longitudinally inhomogeneous prominence threads: an analogue with quantum harmonic oscillator Lomineishvili, S.N., Zaqarashvili, T.V., Zhelyazkov, I. and Tevzadze, A.G. 2014-04-11
Hamish ReidThe Low-High-Low Trend of Type III Radio Burst Starting Frequencies and Solar Flare Hard X-rays Reid, H. A. S., Vilmer, N., Kontar, E. P. 2014-04-07
Laurel RachmelerObservations of a Hybrid Double-Streamer/Pseudostreamer in the Solar Corona Rachmeler, L. A., Platten, S. J., Bethge, C. W., Seaton, D. B., Yeates, A. R. 2014-04-04
Yuandeng ShenA Chain of Winking (Oscillating) Filaments Triggered by an Invisible Extreme-Ultraviolet Wave Yuandeng Shen, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Takako T. Ishii, Zhanjun Tian, Ruijuan Zhao, Kazunari Shibata 2014-04-04
Wei LiuCoronal Condensation in Funnel Prominences as Return Flows of the Chromosphere-Corona Mass Cycle Wei Liu, Thomas E. Berger, B. C. Low 2014-04-03
Chaowei JiangNonlinear Force-Free Field Extrapolation of a Coronal Magnetic Flux Rope Supporting a Large-Scale Filament from Photospheric Vector Magnetogram Chaowei Jiang, S. T. Wu, Xueshang Feng, Qiang Hu 2014-04-03
Inigo ArreguiDetermination of the cross-field density structuring in coronal waveguides using the damping of transverse waves I. Arregui and A. Asensio Ramos 2014-04-03
Costas AlissandrakisRATAN-600 Observations of Small Scale Structures with High Spectral Resolution V. M. Bogod, C. E. Alissandrakis, T. I. Kaltman, S. Kh. Tokhchukova 2014-04-02
Wei LiuAdvances in Observing Various Coronal EUV Waves in the SDO Era and Their Seismological Applications (Invited Review) Wei Liu, Leon Ofman 2014-04-02
Nat GopalswamyAnomalous Expansion of Coronal Mass Ejections during Solar Cycle 24 and its Space Weather Implications Nat Gopalswamy, Sachiko Akiyama, Seiji Yashiro, Hong Xie, and Pertti M?kel?, Grzegorz Michalek 2014-04-01
J Todd HoeksemaThe Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) Vector Magnetic Field Pipeline: SHARPs - Space-weather HMI Active Region Patches Monica Bobra, X. Sun, J.T. Hoeksema, M. Turmon, Y Liu, K. Hayashi, G. Barnes, K.D. Leka 2014-03-31
ChuanBing WangCompound Effect of Alfvén Waves and Ion-cyclotron Waves on Heating/Acceleration of Minor Ions via the Pickup Process Wang, C.B.; Bin Wang; L. C. Lee 2014-03-27
David LongCorPITA: An Automated Algorithm for the Identification and Analysis of Coronal "EIT Waves" David M. Long, D. Shaun Bloomfield, Peter T. Gallagher, David P?rez-Su?rez 2014-03-27

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