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Yumi BambaThe Role of a Tiny Brightening in a Huge Geo-effective Solar Eruption Leading to the St Patrick's Day Storm Yumi Bamba, Satoshi Inoue, and Keiji Hayashi 2019-02-13
Richard Morton A basal contribution from p-modes to the Alfvénic wave flux in the corona R. J. Morton, M. Weberg, J. A. McLaughlin 2019-02-12
Pankaj KumarMultiwavelength Study of Equatorial Coronal-Hole Jets Pankaj Kumar, Judith T. Karpen, Spiro K. Antiochos, Peter F. Wyper, C. Richard DeVore, Craig E. DeForest 2019-02-07
Valentina ZharkovaNon-thermal hydrogen Lyman line and continuum emission in solar flares generated by electron beams Druett, M.K. and Zharkova V.V.. 2019-02-07
Ramon OliverDetermining normal mode features from numerical simulations using CEOF analysis: I. Test case using transverse oscillations of a magnetic slab S. Rial, I. Arregui, R. Oliver, and J. Terradas 2019-02-04
Jack M. JenkinsModelling the Effect of Mass-Draining on Prominence Eruptions Jack M. Jenkins, Matthew Hopwood, Pascal Démoulin, Gherardo Valori, Guillaume Aulanier, David M. Long, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi 2019-01-31
Roberto SolerTransverse waves in coronal flux tubes with thick boundaries: The effect of longitudinal flows R. Soler 2019-01-31
Marina BattagliaElectron distribution and energy release in magnetic reconnection outflow regions during the pre-impulsive phase of a solar flare Marina Battaglia, Eduard P. Kontar, Galina Motorina 2019-01-30
Leila MaysBenchmarking CME arrival time and impact: Progress on metadata, metrics, and events C. Verbeke M. L. Mays M. Temmer S. Bingham R. Steenburgh M. Dumbović M. Núñez L. K. Jian P. Hess C. Wiegand A. Taktakishvili J. Andries 2019-01-28
Yuandeng ShenFirst Unambiguous Imaging of Large-Scale Quasi-Periodic Extreme-Ultraviolet Wave or Shock Shen, Yuandeng; Chen, P. F.; Liu, Ying D.; Shibata, Kazunari; Tang, Zehao; Liu, Yu 2019-01-26
Dan SeatonCoronal Imaging with the Solar UltraViolet Imager Sivakumara K. Tadikonda, Douglas C. Freesland, Robin R. Minor, Daniel B. Seaton, Gustave J. Comeyne, Alexander Krimchansky 2019-01-25
Marianna KorsosInvestigation of pre-flare dynamics using the weighted horizontal magnetic gradient method: From small to major flare classes Marianna B. Korsos, Shuhong Yang, Robert Erdelyi 2019-01-21
Il-Hyun ChoSeismological determination of the Alfvén speed and plasma-beta in solar photospheric bright points Il-Hyun Cho, Yong-Jae Moon, Valery M. Nakariakov, Dae Jung Yu, Jin-Yi Lee, Su-Chan Bong, Rok-Soon Kim, Kyung-Suk Cho, Yeon-Han Kim, Jae-Ok Lee 2019-01-18
Alexander KosovichevDynamo Wave Patterns Inside the Sun Revealed by Torsional Oscillations Alexander G. Kosovichev and Valery V. Pipin 2019-01-14
Sanjiv TiwariEvidence of Twisting and Mixed-polarity Solar Photospheric Magnetic Field in Large Penumbral Jets: IRIS and Hinode Observations Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; Moore, Ronald L.; De Pontieu, Bart; Tarbell, Theodore D.; Panesar, Navdeep K.; Winebarger, Amy R.; Sterling, Alphonse C. 2019-01-09
Prasad SubramanianDissipation scale lengths of density turbulence in the inner solar wind K. Sasikumar Raja, Prasad Subramanian, Madhusudan Ingale, R. Ramesh 2019-01-08
Gennady ChernovOn the Possibility of Generating Harmonics of the Electron Plasma Frequency in the Solar Atmosphere due to Explosive Instability in a System of Interpenetrating Electron and Ion Flows V. V. Fomichev, S. M. Fainshtein, and G. P. Chernov 2019-01-01
Eduard KontarDetermination of the total accelerated electron rate and power using solar flare hard X-ray spectra Eduard P. Kontar, Natasha L. S. Jeffrey, and A. Gordon Emslie 2018-12-27
Axel BrandenburgTransition from axi- to nonaxisymmetric dynamo modes in spherical convection models of solar-like stars Viviani, M., Warnecke, J., Käpylä, M. J., Käpylä, P. J., Olspert, N., Cole-Kodikara, E. M., Lehtinen, J. J., & Brandenburg, A. 2018-12-26
Ivan ZhelyazkovCan high-mode magnetohydrodynamic waves propagating in a spinning macrospicule be unstable due to the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability? Ivan Zhelyazkov and Ramesh Chandra 2018-12-25

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The development of lower-atmosphere turbulence early in a solar flare
Determining the parameter for the linear force-free magnetic field model with multi-dipolar configurations using deep neural networks
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Modeling of the sunspot-associated microwave emission using a new method of DEM inversion
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A Two-Step Magnetic Reconnection in a Confined X-class Flare in Solar Active Region 12673
Lifetimes and Emergence/Decay Rates of Star Spots on Solar-type Stars Estimated by Kepler Data in Comparison with Those of Sunspots
IRIS and SDO Observations of Solar Jetlets Resulting from Network-edge Flux Cancelation
Si IV Resonance Line Emission During Solar Flares: Non-LTE, Non-equilibrium, Radiation Transfer Simulations
Study of current sheets in the wake of two crossing filaments eruption
Quasi-periodic fast propagating magnetoacoustic waves during the magnetic reconnection between solar coronal loops
Spectroscopic EUV observations of impulsive solar energetic particle event sources
CME-driven shock and Type II solar radio burst band-splitting
Signatures of magnetic reconnection at the footpoints of fan shape jets on a light bridge driven by photospheric convective motions
Drifting of the line-tied footpoints of CME flux-ropes
Three-dimensional Magnetic Reconnection Triggering an X-class Confined Flare in Active Region 12192
Oscillations accompanying a He I 10830 Å negative flare in a solar facula
The Origin of Major Solar Activity - Collisional Shearing Between Nonconjugated Polarities of Multiple Bipoles Emerging Within Active Regions
Probing the Puzzle of Behind-the-limb γ-Ray Flares: Data-driven Simulations of Magnetic Connectivity and CME-driven Shock Evolution

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