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Xin ChengOrigin and Structures of Solar Eruptions I: Magnetic Flux Rope (Invited Review) X. Cheng, Y. Guo, M. D. Ding 2017-05-23
Daniel MuellerJHelioviewer - Time-dependent 3D visualisation of solar and heliospheric data D. Mueller, B. Nicula, S. Felix, F. Verstringe, B. Bourgoignie, A. Csillaghy, D. Berghmans, P. Jiggens, J. P. Garcia-Ortiz, J. Ireland, S. Zahniy, B. Fleck 2017-05-23
Karl-Ludwig KleinAcceleration and Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles Karl-Ludwig Klein and Silvia Dalla 2017-05-23
Masumi ShimojoThe First ALMA Observation of a Solar Plasmoid Ejection from an X-ray Bright Point M. Shimojo, H. S. Hudson, S. M. White, T. S. Bastian, K. Iwai 2017-05-22
Masumi ShimojoObserving the Sun with Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA): High Resolution Interferometric Imaging M. Shimojo, T.S. Bastian, A.S. Hales, S.M. White, K. Iwai, R.E. Hills, A. Hirota, N.M. Phillips, T. Sawada, P. Yagoubov, G. Siringo, S. Asayama, M. Sugimoto, R. Brajsa, I. Skokic, M. Barta, S. Kim, I. de Gregorio, S.A. Corder, H.S. Hudson, S. Wedemeyer, D.E. Gary, B. De Pontieu, M. Loukitcheva, G.D. Fleishman, B. Chen, A. Kobelski, Y. Yan 2017-05-22
Markus AschwandenExoplanet Predictions Based on Harmonic Orbit Resonances Markus J. Aschwanden and Felix Scholkmann 2017-05-19
Valentina ZharkovaOn a role of quadruple component of magnetic field in defining solar activity in grand cycles Popova, E., Zharkova V.V., Shepherd S.J. and Zharkov S.I. 2017-05-16
P SubramanianCME dynamics using STEREO & LASCO observations: the relative importance of Lorentz forces and solar wind drag Nishtha Sachdeva, Prasad Subramanian, Angelos Vourlidas, Volker Bothmer 2017-05-15
Gerry DoyleImpulsive plasma outflows due to wave driven magnetic reconnection Yamini K. Rao, A.K. Srivastava, J.G. Doyle and Bhola N. Dwivedi 2017-05-15
Roberto SolerPropagation of Torsional Alfvén Waves from the Photosphere to the Corona: Reflection, Transmission, and Heating in Expanding Flux Tubes R. Soler, J. Terradas, R. Oliver, J. L. Ballester 2017-05-11
Maria MadjarskaPlasma parameters and geometry of cool and warm active region loops Haixia Xie, Maria S. Madjarska, Bo Li, Zhenghua Huang, Lidong Xia, Thomas Wiegelmann, Hui Fu, Chaozhou Mou 2017-05-09
Dong LiExplosive chromospheric evaporation driven by nonthermal electrons around one footpoint of a solar flare loop Li, Dong; Ning, Zongjun; Huang, Yu; Zhang, Qingmin 2017-05-09
Sergei ShestovNonlinear evolution of short-wavelength torsional Alfvén waves ? S.V. Shestov and V. M. Nakariakov and A. S. Ulyanov and A. A. Reva and S. V. Kuzin 2017-05-08
Sergey LesovoiSiberian Radioheliograph: First Results S.V. Lesovoi, A.T. Altyntsev, A.A. Kochanov, V.V. Grechnev, A.V. Gubin, D.A. Zhdanov, E.F. Ivanov, A.M. Uralov, L.K. Kashapova, A.A. Kuznetsov, N.S. Meshalkina, R.A. Sych 2017-05-02
Ramesh ChandraTwo Step Filament Eruption During 14-15 March 2015 R. Chandra, B. Filippov, R. Joshi, B. Schmieder 2017-04-30
Sarah GibsonMagnetic nulls and super-radial expansion in the solar corona Sarah E. Gibson, Kevin Dalmasse, Laurel A. Rachmeler, Marc L. De Rosa, Steven Tomczyk, Giuliana de Toma, Joan Burkepile, Michael Galloy 2017-04-29
Spiros PatsourakosEvidence for two-loop interaction from IRIS and SDO observations of penumbral brightenings C. E. Alissandrakis, A. Koukras, S. Patsourakos, A. Nindos 2017-04-26
Sarah GibsonCoronal cavities: observations and implications for the magnetic environment of prominences Sarah E. Gibson 2017-04-24
Fatima Rubio da CostaA parameter study for modeling MgII h and k emission during solar flares F. Rubio da Costa; L. Kleint 2017-04-20
Viacheslav SadykovRelationships Between Characteristics of the Line-of-Sight Magnetic Field and Solar Flare Forecasts Viacheslav M Sadykov, Alexander G Kosovichev 2017-04-12

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