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List of Abstracts, No: 1 to 20
Submitter Title Authors Date
Rohit SharmaPropagation Effects in Quiet Sun Observations at Meter Wavelengths Rohit Sharma and Divya Oberoi 2020-09-23
Nataliia MeshalkinaTwin Null-Point-Associated Major Eruptive Three-Ribbon Flares with Unusual Microwave Spectra V.V. Grechnev, N.S. Meshalkina, A.M. Uralov, A.A. Kochanov, S.V. Lesovoi, I.I. Myshyakov, V.I. Kiselev, D.A. Zhdanov, A.T. Altyntsev, M.V. Globa 2020-09-22
Jiong QiuTrajectory Determination for Coronal Ejecta Observed by WISPR/Parker Solar Probe P. C. Liewer, J. Qiu, P. Penteado, J. R. Hall, A. Vourlidas, R. A. Howard 2020-09-22
Suman DhakalRecurring Homologous Solar Eruptions in NOAA AR 11429 Dhakal, S. K., Zhang, J., Vemareddy, P., Karna, N. 2020-09-19
Inigo ArreguiResonant absorption: transformation of compressive motions into vortical motion M. Goossens, I. Arregui, R. Soler, T. Van Doorsselaere 2020-09-18
Krzysztof RadziszewskiThe depth and the vertical extent of the energy deposition layer in a medium-class solar flare Krzysztof Radziszewski, Robert Falewicz, Pawel Rudawy 2020-09-16
Axel BrandenburgHelicity proxies from linear polarisation of solar active regions A. Prabhu, A. Brandenburg, M. J. Käpylä, A. Lagg 2020-09-12
Guillermo Giménez de CastroThe Submillimeter Active Region Excess Brightness Temperature during Solar Cycles 23 and 24 C. G. Giménez de Castro, A. L. Garcia Pereira, J.F. Valle Silva, C. L. Selhorst, C.H. Mandrini, G. D. Cristiani, J.-P. Raulin, A. Valio 2020-09-08
Jeffrey ReepNanoflare Diagnostics from Magnetohydrodynamic Heating Profiles Kalman J. Knizhnik, Will T. Barnes, Jeffrey W. Reep, Vadim M. Uritsky 2020-09-03
Daniel MüllerThe Solar Orbiter mission - Science Overview D. Müller et al. 2020-09-03
Eo-Jin LeeTime Series Analysis of Photospheric Magnetic Parameters of Flare-quiet versus Flaring Active Regions: Scaling Properties of Fluctuations Eo-Jin Lee, Sung-Hong Park, Yong-Jae Moon 2020-09-01
Robert JarolimImage Quality Assessment for Full-Disk Solar Observations with Generative Adversarial Networks R. Jarolim, A. M. Veronig, W. Pötzi, T. Podladchikova 2020-08-28
Jason T. L. WangIdentifying and Tracking Solar Magnetic Flux Elements with Deep Learning Haodi Jiang, Jiasheng Wang, Chang Liu, Ju Jing, Hao Liu, Jason T. L. Wang, Haimin Wang 2020-08-27
Maria KazachenkoActive Region Irradiance During Quiescent Periods: New Insights from Sun-as-a-star Spectra Maria D. Kazachenko & Hugh Hudson 2020-08-24
Natasha JeffreyProbing solar flare accelerated electron distributions with prospective X-ray polarimetry missions Natasha L. S. Jeffrey, Pascal Saint-Hilaire, Eduard P. Kontar 2020-08-19
Il-Hyun ChoAccelerating and Supersonic Density Fluctuations in Coronal Hole Plumes: Signature of Nascent Solar Winds Il-Hyun Cho, Valery M. Nakariakov, Yong-Jae Moon, Jin-Yi Lee, Dae Jung Yu, Kyung-Suk Cho, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Harim Lee 2020-08-18
Navin Chandra JoshiSequential Lid Removal in a Triple-Decker Chain of CME-Producing Solar Eruptions Navin Chandra Joshi, Alphonse C. Sterling, Ronald L. Moore, Bhuwan Joshi 2020-08-15
Anna KepaRESIK and RHESSI observations of the 20 September 2002 flare A. Kepa, R. Falewicz, M. Siarkowski, and M. Pietras 2020-08-14
Kai IkutaStarspot mapping with adaptive parallel tempering I: Implementation of computational code Kai Ikuta, Hiroyuki Maehara, Yuta Notsu, Kosuke Namekata, Taichi Kato, Shota Notsu, Soshi Okamoto, Satoshi Honda, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2020-08-13
Jeongwoo LeeHeating and Eruption of a Solar Circular Ribbon Flare Lee, J., Karpen, J. T., Liu, C., & Wang, H. 2020-08-12

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Onset of Magnetic Explosion in Solar Coronal Jets in Quiet Regions on the Central Disk
Network Jets as the Driver of Counter-streaming Flows in a Solar Filament/Filament Channel
Investigation of coronal properties of X-ray bright G-dwarf stars based on the solar surface magnetic field - corona relation
Energy Transfer by Nonlinear Alfvén Waves in the Solar Chromosphere, and Its Effect on Spicule Dynamics, Coronal Heating, and Solar Wind Acceleration
Simultaneous transverse oscillations of a coronal loop and a filament excited by a circular-ribbon flare
The origin of quasi-periodicities during circular ribbon flares
Sensitivity to luminosity, centrifugal force, and boundary conditions in spherical shell convection
An Eruptive Circular-ribbon Flare with Extended Remote Brightenings
Additivity of relative magnetic helicity in finite volumes
3D propagation of relativistic solar protons through interplanetary space
Heating Rates for Protons and Electrons in Polar Coronal Holes: Empirical Constraints from the Ultraviolet Coronagraph Spectrometer
Comparison of Enhanced Absorption in He I 10830 Å in Observations and Modeling During the Early Phase of a Solar Flare
Radio Echo in the Turbulent Corona and Simulations of Solar Drift-Pair Radio Bursts
Solar Flare Arcade Modelling: Bridging the gap from 1D to 3D Simulations of Optically Thin Radiation
Dynamics of Late-Stage Reconnection in the 2017 September 10 Solar Flare
Polarisation and source structure of solar stationary type IV radio bursts
Statistical Analysis of the Relation between Coronal Mass Ejections and Solar Energetic Particles
Magnetic Flux of Active Regions Determining the Eruptive Character of Large Solar Flares
Case study of multi-temperature coronal jets for emerging flux MHD models
The STIX Aspect System (SAS): The Optical Aspect System of the Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-Rays (STIX) on Solar Orbiter

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