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List of Abstracts, No: 1 to 20
Submitter Title Authors Date
Xudong SunNon-Neutralized Electric Current of Active Regions Explained as a Projection Effect Xudong Sun, Mark C. M. Cheung 2020-11-24
Timothy James DuckenfieldThe effect of magnetic field on the damping of slow waves in the solar corona T. J. Duckenfield, D. Y. Kolotkov, and V. M. Nakariakov 2020-11-23
Amir CaspiSoft X-Ray Observations of Quiescent Solar Active Regions using Novel Dual-zone Aperture X-ray Solar Spectrometer (DAXSS) Bennet D. Schwab, Robert H. A. Sewell, Thomas N. Woods, Amir Caspi, James Paul Mason, and Christopher Moore 2020-11-21
ABDULRAHMAN ALBIDAHProper Orthogonal and Dynamic Mode Decomposition of Sunspot Data. A. B. Albidah, W. Brevis, V. Fedun, I. Ballai, D. B. Jess, M. Stangalini, J. Higham and G. Verth 2020-11-12
Soshi OkamotoStatistical Properties of Superflares on Solar-type Stars: Results Using All of the Kepler Primary Mission Data Soshi Okamoto, Yuta Notsu, Hiroyuki Maehara, Kosuke Namekata, Satoshi Honda, Kai Ikuta, Daisaku Nogami, Kazunari Shibata 2020-11-09
Axel BrandenburgTurbulent viscosity and effective magnetic Prandtl number from simulations of isotropically forced turbulence Petri J. Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Axel Brandenburg, Maarit J. Käpylä 2020-11-06
OPM AslamTime and Charge-Sign Dependence of the Heliospheric Modulation of Cosmic Rays O.P.M. Aslam, D. Bisschoff, M. D. Ngobeni, M. S. Potgieter, R. Munini, M. Boezio, & V. V. Mikhailov 2020-11-05
David James PascoeBayesian Analysis of Quasi-periodic Pulsations in Stellar Flares D. J. Pascoe, A. Smyrli, T. Van Doorsselaere, and A.-M. Broomhall 2020-11-02
Reetika JoshiCause and Kinematics of a Jetlike CME Reetika Joshi, Yuming Wang, Ramesh Chandra, Quanhao Zhang, Lijuan Liu , and Xiaolei Li 2020-10-30
Reetika JoshiThe role of small-scale surface motions in the transfer of twist to a solar jet from a remote stable flux rope Reetika Joshi, Brigitte Schmieder, Guillaume Aulanier, véronique Bommier, Ramesh Chandra 2020-10-30
Eduard KontarSub-second time evolution of Type III solar radio burst sources at fundamental and harmonic frequencies X. Chen, E. P. Kontar, N. Chrysaphi, N. L.S. Jeffrey, M. Gordovskyy, Y. Yan, B. Tan 2020-10-21
Hana MeszarosovaMagnetically coupled atmosphere, fast sausage MHD waves, and forced magnetic field reconnection during the SOL2014-09-10T17:45 flare Hana Meszarosova and Peter Gömöry 2020-10-15
Salvatore MancusoDifferential rotation of the solar corona: A new data-adaptive multiwavelength approach S. Mancuso, S. Giordano, D. Barghini, D. Telloni 2020-10-14
Sung-Hong ParkMagnetic Helicity Flux across Solar Active Region Photospheres: I. Hemispheric Sign Preference in Solar Cycle 24 Sung-Hong Park, K. D. Leka, Kanya Kusano 2020-10-13
Dmitrii KolotkovSeismological constraints on the solar coronal heating function D. Y. Kolotkov, T. J. Duckenfield, V. M. Nakariakov 2020-10-07
Maria D. KazachenkoThe Coronal Global Evolutionary Model: Using HMI Vector Magnetogram and Doppler Data to Determine Coronal Magnetic Field Evolution Todd J. Hoeksema, William P. Abbett, David J. Bercik, Mark C. M. Cheung, Marc L. DeRosa, George H. Fisher, Keiji Hayashi, Maria D. Kazachenko, Yang Liu, Erkka Lumme, Benjamin J. Lynch, Xudong Sun (孙旭东), and Brian T. Welsch 2020-10-06
Rohit SharmaRadio and X-ray Observations of Short-lived Episodes of Electron Acceleration in a Solar Microflare Rohit Sharma, Marina Battaglia, Yingjie Luo, Bin Chen, Sijie Yu 2020-10-01
Xiaoli YanResearch progress based on observations of the New Vacuum Solar Telescope Yan,X.L.,Liu,Z.,Zhang,J.,Xu,Z. 2020-09-29
Xiaoli YanDynamics evolution of a solar active-region filament from quasi-static state to eruption: rolling motion, untwisting motion, material transfer, and chirality Yan, X.L.; Li, Q.L.; Chen, G.R.; Xue, Z.K.; Feng, L.; Wang, J.C.; Yang, L.H.; Zhang,Y. 2020-09-29
Jeongwoo LeeMicrowave Study of a Solar Circular Ribbon Flare Jeongwoo Lee, Stephen M. White, Xingyao Chen, Yao Chen, Hao Ning, Bo Li, Satoshi Masuda 2020-09-27

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Precise Formation-Flying Telescope in Target-Centric Orbit: the Solar Case
Propagation Effects in Quiet Sun Observations at Meter Wavelengths
Twin Null-Point-Associated Major Eruptive Three-Ribbon Flares with Unusual Microwave Spectra
Trajectory Determination for Coronal Ejecta Observed by WISPR/Parker Solar Probe
Recurring Homologous Solar Eruptions in NOAA AR 11429
Resonant absorption: transformation of compressive motions into vortical motion
The depth and the vertical extent of the energy deposition layer in a medium-class solar flare
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Image Quality Assessment for Full-Disk Solar Observations with Generative Adversarial Networks
Identifying and Tracking Solar Magnetic Flux Elements with Deep Learning
Active Region Irradiance During Quiescent Periods: New Insights from Sun-as-a-star Spectra
Probing solar flare accelerated electron distributions with prospective X-ray polarimetry missions
Accelerating and Supersonic Density Fluctuations in Coronal Hole Plumes: Signature of Nascent Solar Winds
Sequential Lid Removal in a Triple-Decker Chain of CME-Producing Solar Eruptions
RESIK and RHESSI observations of the 20 September 2002 flare
Starspot mapping with adaptive parallel tempering I: Implementation of computational code

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