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Markus AschwandenNon-Stationary Fast-Driven Self-Organized Criticality in Solar Flares Markus J. Aschwanden 2019-09-18
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares. IX. Refined Magnetic Modeling Markus J. Aschwanden 2019-09-18
Daniel MuellerThe Solar Orbiter SPICE instrument - An extreme UV imaging spectrometer The SPICE Consortium 2019-09-12
Eduard KontarAnisotropic Radio-Wave Scattering and the Interpretation of Solar Radio Emission Observations Eduard P. Kontar, Xingyao Chen, Nicolina Chrysaphi, Natasha L.S. Jeffrey, A. Gordon Emslie, Vratislav Krupar, Milan Maksimovic, Mykola Gordovskyy, Philippa K. Browning 2019-09-11
Fabio RealeLarge-amplitude quasi-periodic pulsations as evidence of impulsive heating in hot transient loop systems detected in the EUV with SDO/AIA Fabio Reale, Paola Testa, Antonino Petralia, Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov 2019-09-09
K.Alkendra.P. SinghDynamic Evolution of Current Sheets, Ideal Tearing, Plasmoid Formation and Generalized Fractal Reconnection Scaling Relations Singh, K. A. P.; Pucci, Fulvia; Tenerani, Anna; Shibata, Kazunari; Hillier, Andrew; Velli, Marco 2019-09-01
KJ LICharacteristics of solar wind rotation KJ Li, W Feng 2019-08-29
Chaowei JiangA Study of Pre-Flare Solar Coronal Magnetic Fields: Magnetic Flux Ropes Aiying Duan, Chaowei Jiang, Wen He, Xueshang Feng, Peng Zou, Jun Cui 2019-08-27
Amir CaspiNew Solar Irradiance Measurements from the Miniature X-Ray Solar Spectrometer Cubesat Thomas N. Woods, Amir Caspi, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Andrew Jones, Richard Kohnert, James P. Mason, Christopher S. Moore, Scott Palo, Colden Rouleau, Stanley C. Solomon, Janet Machol, Rodney Viereck 2019-08-26
Amir CaspiMinXSS-1 CubeSat On-Orbit Pointing and Power Performance: The First Flight of the Blue Canyon Technologies XACT 3-axis Attitude Determination and Control System James P. Mason, Matt Baumgart, Bryan Rogler, Chloe Downs, Margaret Williams, Thomas N. Woods, Scott Palo, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Stanley Solomon, Andrew Jones, Xinlin Li, Rick Kohnert, Amir Caspi 2019-08-26
Amir CaspiThe Multi-instrument (EVE-RHESSI) DEM for Solar Flares, and Implications for Nonthermal Emission James M. McTiernan, Amir Caspi, Harry P. Warren 2019-08-26
Chaowei JiangA Statistical Study of Solar Filament Eruptions That Forms High-Speed Coronal Mass Ejections Peng Zou, Chaowei Jiang, Fengsi Wei, Pingbing Zuo, Yi Wang 2019-08-26
Axel BrandenburgReversed dynamo at small scales and large magnetic Prandtl number Axel Brandenburg, Matthias Rempel 2019-08-24
Bieke DecraemerThree-dimensional Density Structure of a Solar Coronal Streamer Observed by SOHO/LASCO and STEREO/COR2 in Quadrature Bieke Decraemer, Andrei N. Zhukov, and Tom Van Doorsselaere 2019-08-20
Graham KerrModelling Mg II During Solar Flares, I: Partial Frequency Redistribution, Opacity, and Coronal Irradiation Graham S. Kerr, Joel C. Allred & Mats Carlsson 2019-08-19
Yadan DuanThe Birth of a Jet-driven Twin CME and Its Deflection from Remote Magnetic Fields Yadan Duan; Yuandeng Shen; Hechao Chen; Hongfei Liang 2019-08-16
Alexander KosovichevOn the Origin of Solar Torsional Oscillations and Extended Solar Cycle Pipin, V. V.; Kosovichev, A. G. 2019-08-14
Alexander KosovichevWhat Sets the Magnetic Field Strength and Cycle Period in Solar-type Stars? Guerrero, G.; Zaire, B.; Smolarkiewicz, P. K.; de Gouveia Dal Pino, E. M.; Kosovichev, A. G.; Mansour, N. N. 2019-08-14
Yuandeng ShenStereoscopic Observations of an Erupting Mini-filament Driven Two-Sided-Loop Jet and the Applications for Diagnosing Filament Magnetic field Yuandeng Shen; Zhining Qu; Ding Yuan; Huadong Chen; Yadan Duan; Chengrui Zhou; Zehao Tang; Jin Huang; Yu Liu 2019-08-14
Denis Pavel CabezasDynamic Processes of the Moreton Wave on 2014 March 29 Denis P. Cabezas, Ayumi Asai, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Takahito Sakaue, Satoru UeNo, Jos? K. Ishitsuka, and Kazunari Shibata 2019-08-12

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Shock Heating Energy of Umbral Flashes Measured with Integral Field Unit Spectroscopy
Stealth Coronal Mass Ejections from Active Regions
Coronal Loop Scaling Laws for Various Forms of Parallel Heat Conduction
Structure of the transition region and the low corona from TRACE and SDO observations near the limb
Quantifying the relationship between Moreton-Ramsey waves and "EIT waves" using observations of 4 homologous wave events
Formation of quasi-periodic slow magnetoacoustic wave trains by the heating/cooling misbalance
Fundamental Transverse Vibrations of the Active Region Solar Corona
Damping of slow magnetoacoustic oscillations by the misbalance between heating and cooling processes in the solar corona
Magnetic helicity and eruptivity in active region 12673
Impulsive coronal heating from large-scale magnetic rearrangements: from IRIS to SDO/AIA
Probing the effect of cadence on the estimates of photospheric energy and helicity injections in eruptive active region NOAA AR 11158
The birth of a coronal mass ejection
Oscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale
Chromospheric cannonballs on the Sun
Magnetic Helicity from Multipolar Regions on the Solar Surface
Exoplanet predictions based on harmonic orbit resonances
The width distribution of solar coronal loops and strands - Are we hitting rock bottom ?
Order out of randomness: Self-organization processes in astrophysics
Convection-driven generation of ubiquitous coronal waves
The minimum energy principle applied to Parker's coronal braiding and nanoflaring scenario

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