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David Martinez-GomezMulti-fluid Approach to High-frequency Waves in Plasmas: I. Small-amplitude Regime in Fully Ionized Medium David Mart?nez-Gómez, Roberto Soler and Jaume Terradas 2016-09-26
Radoslav BučíkObservations of solar X-ray and EUV jets and their related phenomena Davina Innes, Radoslav Bučík, Li-Jia Guo, Nariaki Nitta 2016-09-25
Radoslav BučíkAssociation of 3He-Rich Solar Energetic Particles with Large-Scale Coronal Waves Radoslav Bučík, Davina E. Innes, Glenn M. Mason, Mark E. Wiedenbeck 2016-09-25
Radoslav BučíkCase studies of multi-day 3He-rich solar energetic particle periods Nai-hwa Chen, Radoslav Bučík, Davina E. Innes, Glenn M. Mason 2016-09-25
Norbert Magyar Damping of nonlinear standing kink oscillations: a numerical study N. Magyar, T. Van Doorsselaere 2016-09-23
Jianqing SUNObservation of Magnetic reconnection at a 3D null point associated with a solar eruption J. Q. Sun, J. Zhang, K. Yang, X. Cheng, M. D. Ding 2016-09-22
Neus AguedaRelease History and Transport Parameters of Relativistic Solar Electrons Inferred From Near-the-Sun In-situ Observations Agueda N. & Lario D. 2016-09-22
Xiaoli YanThe formation of an inverse S-shaped active-region filament driven by sunspot motion and magnetic reconnection X.L. Yan, E.R. Priest, Q.L. Guo, Z.K. Xue, J.C. Wang, L.H. Yang 2016-09-21
Rositsa MitevaComparison of 30 THz impulsive burst time development to microwaves, Hα, EUV, and GOES soft X-rays Miteva, R.; Kaufmann, P.; Cabezas, D. P.; Cassiano, M. M.; Fernandes, L. O. T.; Freeland, S. L.; Karlický, M.; Kerdraon, A.; Kudaka, A. S.; Luoni, M. L.; Marcon, R.; Raulin, J.-P.; Trottet, G.; White, S. M. 2016-09-19
Jean-Claude VialNeutral Hydrogen and its Emission Lines in the Solar Corona Jean-Claude Vial, Martine Chane-Yook 2016-09-16
Oliver AllansonNeutral and non-neutral collisionless plasma equilibria for twisted flux tubes: The Gold-Hoyle model in a background field O. Allanson, F. Wilson & T. Neukirch 2016-09-15
Kris Murawski Randomly driven acoustic-gravity waves in the solar atmosphere: cutoff period and its observational verification K. Murawski, Z. Musielak 2016-09-15
Alexey KochanovThe 26 December 2001 Solar Event Responsible for GLE63. I. Observations of a Major Long-Duration Flare with the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope V.V. Grechnev, A.A. Kochanov 2016-09-15
Hana MeszarosovaBroadband microwave sub-second pulsations in an expanding coronal loop of the 2011 August 10 flare Meszarosova, H., Rybak, J., Kashapova, L., Gömöry, P., Tokhchukova, S., Myshyakov, I. 2016-09-15
Joseph LemaireImproved Determination of the Location of Temperature Maximum in the Corona J.F. Lemaire, K. Stegen 2016-09-14
Sally DacieEvolution of the Magnetic Field Distribution of Active Regions Sally Dacie, Pascal Démoulin, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, David Long, Deb Baker, Miho Janvier, Stephanie Yardley, David Pérez-Suárez 2016-09-14
Qingmin ZhangChromospheric Condensation and Quasi-periodic Pulsations in a Circular-ribbon Flare Q. M. Zhang, D. Li, and Z. J. Ning 2016-09-13
Alshaimaa HassaninHelical Kink Instability in a Confined Solar Eruption Alshaimaa Hassanin and Bernhard Kliem 2016-09-09
Tom Van DoorsselaereQuasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares: an overview of recent results Tom Van Doorsselaere, Elena G. Kupriyanova, Ding Yuan 2016-09-09
Oliver AllansonFrom 1D fields to Vlasov equilibria: Theory and application of Hermite Polynomials O. Allanson, T. Neukirch, S. Troscheit and F. Wilson 2016-09-08

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An exact collisionless equilibrium for the Force-Free Harris Sheet with low plasma beta
Magneto-Frictional Modeling of Coronal Nonlinear Force-Free Fields: II. Application to Observations
Magneto-Frictional Modeling of Coronal Nonlinear Force-Free Fields: I. Testing with Analytic Solutions
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Radio Diagnostics of Electron Acceleration Sites During the Eruption of a Flux Rope in the Solar Corona
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Quantitative model for the generic 3D shape of ICMEs at 1 AU
Abnormal oscillation modes in a waning light bridge
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Measurements of non-thermal line widths in solar active regions
Spectral and Imaging Observations of a White-light Flare in the Mid-Infrared
Electron trapping and acceleration by kinetic Alfvén waves in solar flares
Spatio-temporal dynamics of sources of hard X-ray pulsations in solar flares
The Energetics of White-light Flares Observed by SDO/HMI and RHESSI
The Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSats: spectrometer characterization techniques, spectrometer capabilities, and solar science objectives
Hinode and IRIS observations of the magnetohydrodynamic waves propagating from the photosphere to the chromosphere in a sunspot
Narrow-line-width UV bursts in the transition region above Sunspots observed by IRIS
Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) ? A Science-Oriented, University 3U CubeSat
Evolution of Magnetic Helicity During Eruptive Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections
Comparison of damped oscillations in solar and stellar X-ray flares

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