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Manuela TemmerInterplanetary Propagation Behavior of the Fast Coronal Mass Ejection from 23 July 2012 Manuela Temmer and Nariaki Nitta 2014-11-25
Roberto SolerOverdamped Alfvén waves due to ion-neutral collisions in the solar chromosphere R. Soler, J. L. Ballester, T. V. Zaqarashvili 2014-11-24
Aslam OPMInfluence of cosmic-ray variability on the monsoon rainfall and temperature Badruddin & Aslam, O.P. M. 2014-11-23
Boris RyabovReduced Coronal Emission above Large Isolated Sunspots B. I. Ryabov, D. E. Gary, N. G. Peterova, K. Shibasaki, and N. A. Topchilo 2014-11-21
Aidan O'FlannagainSolar Hard X-ray Source Sizes in a Beam-Heated and Ionised Chromosphere Aidan M. O'Flannagain, John C. Brown, and Peter T. Gallagher 2014-11-20
Werner PoetziReal-time Flare Detection in Ground-based H α Imaging at Kanzelh?he Observatory Poetzi, Werner, Veronig, A.M., Riegler, G., Amerstorfer, U., Pock, Th., Temmer, M., Polanec, W., Baumgartner, D.J. 2014-11-20
Thomas NeukirchParticle acceleration at a reconnecting magnetic separator Threlfall, J., Neukirch, T., Parnell, C. E., Eradat Oskoui, S. 2014-11-20
Karl-Ludwig KleinThe relativistic solar particle event of 2005 January 20: origin of delayed particle acceleration K.-L. Klein, S. Masson, C. Bouratzis, V. Grechnev, A. Hillaris, P. Preka-Papadema 2014-11-18
Karl-Ludwig KleinStatistical Evidence for Contributions of Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections to Major Solar Energetic Particle Events G. Trottet, S. Samwel, K.-L. Klein, T. Dudok de Wit, R. Miteva 2014-11-18
Zhenghua HuangExplosive events on subarcsecond scale in IRIS observations: a case study Zhenghua Huang, Maria S. Madjarska, Lidong Xia, J. G. Doyle, Klaus Galsgaard, Hui Fu 2014-11-17
Monica BobraSolar Flare Prediction Using SDO/HMI Vector Magnetic Field Data with a Machine-Learning Algorithm Monica G. Bobra and Sebastien Couvidat 2014-11-11
Jin-Yi LeeMass and energy of erupting solar plasma observed with the X-Ray Telescope on Hinode Jin-Yi Lee, John C. Raymond, Katharine K. Reeves, Yong-Jae Moon, and Kap-Sung Kim 2014-11-11
Victor GrechnevResponsibility of a Filament Eruption for the Initiation of a Flare, CME, and Blast Wave, and its Possible Transformation into a Bow Shock V. V. Grechnev, A. M. Uralov, I. V. Kuzmenko, A. A. Kochanov, I. M. Chertok, S. S. Kalashnikov 2014-11-06
Ramesh ChandraSunspot Waves and Triggering of Homologous Active Region Jets R. Chandra, G. R. Gupta, Sargam Mulay and Durgesh Tripathi 2014-11-05
Vasyl YurchyshynDynamics in Sunspot Umbra as Seen in New Solar Telescope and Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph Data Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Valentyna Abramenko, Ali Kilcik 2014-11-05
Kenneth PhillipsX-ray Flare Spectra from the DIOGENESS Spectrometer and its concept applied to ChemiX on the Interhelioprobe spacecraft J. Sylwester, Z. Kordylewski, S. Plocieniak, M. Siarkowski, M. Kowalinski, S. Nowak, W. Trzebinski, M. Steslicki, B. Sylwester, E. Stanczyk, R. Zawerbny, Z. Szaforz, K. J. H. Phillips, F. Farnik, A. Stepanov 2014-11-05
Xudong SunOn Polar Magnetic Field Reversal and Surface Flux Transport During Solar Cycle 24 Xudong Sun, J. Todd Hoeksema, Yang Liu, Junwei Zhao 2014-11-03
Valery NakariakovA Combined Analysis of the Observational Aspects of the Quasi-biennial Oscillation in Solar Magnetic Activity G. Bazilevskaya, A.-M. Broomhall, Y. Elsworth, V. M. Nakariakov 2014-11-02
Valery NakariakovNonlinear slow magnetoacoustic waves in coronal plasma structures A. N. Afanasyev, V.M. Nakariakov 2014-11-02
Andrew InglisQuasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares: re-evaluating their nature in the context of power-law flare Fourier spectra A. R. Inglis, J. Ireland, M. Dominique 2014-10-31

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