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Submitter Title Authors Date
Viacheslav SadykovRelationships Between Characteristics of the Line-of-Sight Magnetic Field and Solar Flare Forecasts Viacheslav M Sadykov, Alexander G Kosovichev 2017-04-12
Alexander JamesOn-disc Observations of Flux Rope Formation Prior to its Eruption A. W. James, L. M. Green, E. Palmerio, G. Valori, H. A. S. Reid, D. Baker, D. H. Brooks, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, E. K. J. Kilpua 2017-04-11
Gennady ChernovComparison of alternative zebra-structure models in solar radio emission Chernov G.P., Fomichev V.V., Sych R.A. 2017-04-11
Jianxia ChengGradual Solar Coronal Dimming and Evolution of Coronal Mass Ejection in the Early Phase Qiu, Jiong; Cheng, Jianxia 2017-04-10
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares: VI. Refined Energetics of Coronal Mass Ejections Markus J. Aschwanden 2017-04-06
Dmitry VolobuevLong-term Pulses of Dynamic Coupling between Solar Hemispheres D.M. Volobuev, N.G. Makarenko 2017-04-05
David LongMeasuring the magnetic field of a trans-equatorial loop system using coronal seismology David M. Long, Gherardo Valori, David Pérez-Suárez, Richard J. Morton, Alberto Marcos Vásquez 2017-04-04
Yumi BambaTriggering Process of the X1.0 Three-ribbon Flare in the Great Active Region NOAA 12192 Y. Bamba, S. Inoue, K. Kusano, and D. Shiota 2017-04-03
Eduard KontarTurbulent kinetic energy in the energy balance of a solar flare Kontar, E. P.; Perez, J. E.; Harra, L. K.; Kuznetsov, A. A.; Emslie, A. G.; Jeffrey, N. L. S.; Bian, N. H.; Dennis, B. R. 2017-04-01
Gherardo ValoriMagnetic Helicity Estimations in Models and Observations of the Solar Magnetic Field. Part III: Twist Number Method Y. Guo, E. Pariat , G. Valori , S. Anfinogentov , F. Chen , M. Georgoulis , Y. Liu , K. Moraitis , J. K. Thalmann , S. Yang 2017-03-31
Etienne PariatRelative magnetic helicity as a diagnostic of solar eruptivity E. Pariat, J. E. Leake, G. Valori, M. G. Linton, F. P. Zuccarello, K. Dalmasse 2017-03-31
Pankaj KumarMultiwavelength Observations of a Flux Rope Formation by Series of Magnetic Reconnection in the Chromosphere Pankaj Kumar, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Kyung-Suk Cho, Haimin Wang 2017-03-29
Haimin WangHigh-resolution observations of flare precursors in the low solar atmosphere Haimin Wang, Chang Liu, Kwangsu Ahn, Yan Xu, Ju Jing, Na Deng, Nengyi Huang, Rui Liu, Kanya Kusano, Gregory D. Fleishman, Dale E. Gary and Wenda Cao 2017-03-28
Markus Battarbee Solar Energetic Particle transport near a Heliospheric Current Sheet Battarbee, M., Dalla, S., and Marsh, M.S. 2017-03-28
Xudong SunInvestigating the Magnetic Imprints of Major Solar Eruptions with SDO/HMI High-Cadence Vector Magnetograms Xudong Sun, J. Todd Hoeksema, Yang Liu, Maria Kazachenko, Ruizhu Chen 2017-03-27
David PascoeCoronal loop density profile estimated by forward modelling of EUV intensity D. J. Pascoe, C. R. Goddard, S. Anfinogentov, and V. M. Nakariakov 2017-03-23
Illya PlotnikovThe magnetic connectivity of coronal shocks to the visible solar surface during long-duration gamma-ray events Illya Plotnikov, Alexis P. Rouillard, Gerald H. Share 2017-03-23
Istvan BallaiDissipative instability in a partially ionised prominence slab I. Ballai, B. Pinter, R. Oliver and M. Alexandrou 2017-03-23
Chloe E. PughSignificance testing for quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares C. E. Pugh, A.-M. Broomhall, V. M. Nakariakov 2017-03-22
Vasyl YurchyshynHigh Resolution Observations of a White Light Flare with NST Yurchyshyn, V., Kumar, P., Abramenko, V., Xu, Y., Goode, P., Cho, K.S., Lim, E.K 2017-03-21

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