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List of Abstracts, No: 1 to 20
Submitter Title Authors Date
Axel BrandenburgThe effect of a dynamo-generated field on the Parker wind Jakab, P., Brandenburg, A. 2021-03-03
Sung-Hong ParkMagnetic Helicity Flux across Solar Active Region Photospheres: II. Association of Hemispheric Sign Preference with Flaring Activity during Solar Cycle 24 Sung-Hong Park, K. D. Leka, Kanya Kusano 2021-02-28
Jessie DuncanNuSTAR Observation of Energy Release in 11 Solar Microflares Jessie Duncan, Lindsay Glesener, Brian W. Grefenstette, Juliana Vievering, Iain G. Hannah, David M. Smith, Säm Krucker, Stephen M. White, and Hugh Hudson 2021-02-25
Ying LiThe Lyα Emission in Solar Flares. I. A Statistical Study on Its Relationship with the 1-8 Ĺ Soft X-Ray Emission Jing, Zhichen; Pan, Wuqi; Yang, Yukun; Song, Dechao; Tian, Jun; Li, Y.; Cheng, X.; Hong, Jie; Ding, M. D. 2021-02-24
Ying LiRadiative hydrodynamic simulations of the spectral characteristics of solar white-light flares Yang, Yu-Tong; Hong, Jie; Li, Ying; Ding, Ming-De; Li, Hui 2021-02-24
Tongjiang WangSlow-Mode Magnetoacoustic Waves in Coronal Loops (Review) Tongjiang Wang, Leon Ofman, Ding Yuan, Fabio Reale, Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov, Abhishek K. Srivastava 2021-02-24
Yuhu MiaoDiagnosing a Solar Flaring Core with Bidirectional Quasi-periodic Fast Propagating Magnetoacoustic Waves Yuhu Miao , Dong Li , Ding Yuan , Chaowei Jiang , Abouazza Elmhamdi , Mingyu Zhao , and Sergey Anfinogentov 2021-02-24
Sanjiv TiwariAre the brightest coronal loops always rooted in mixed-polarity magnetic flux? Sanjiv K. Tiwari, Caroline L. Evans, Navdeep K. Panesar, Avijeet Prasad, Ronald L. Moore 2021-02-19
Spiros PatsourakosDecoding the Pre-Eruptive Magnetic Field Configurations of Coronal Mass Ejections Patsourakos, S., Vourlidas, A., Török, T., Kliem, B., Antiochos, S. K., Archontis, V., Aulanier, G., Cheng, X., Chintzoglou, G., Georgoulis, M. K., Green, L. M., Leake, J. E., Moore, R., Nindos, A., Syntelis, P., Yardley, S. L., Yurchyshyn, V., Zhang, J. 2021-02-19
Manuela TemmerProperties of stream interaction regions at Earth and Mars during the declining phase of SC 24 Paul Geyer, Manuela Temmer, Jingnan Guo, Stephan G. Heinemann 2021-02-19
James McAteerSpatial and temporal analysis of 3-minute oscillations in the chromosphere associated with the X2.2 Solar Flare on 2011 February 15 Farris, L., McAteer, R.T.J. 2021-02-17
Valentina ZharkovaPitch-angle distribution of accelerated electrons in 3D current sheets with magnetic islands V. Zharkova and Q. Xia 2021-02-17
Sergio Díaz-Suárez Transition to turbulence in nonuniform coronal loops driven by torsional Alfvén waves S. Díaz-Suárez; Roberto Soler 2021-02-15
Brendan ClarkeQuasi-Periodic Particle Acceleration in a Solar Flare Brendan P. Clarke, Laura A. Hayes, Peter T. Gallagher, Shane A. Maloney, Eoin P. Carley 2021-02-10
Daikichi SEKIRelationship between three-dimensional velocity of filament eruptions and CME association Daikichi Seki, Kenichi Otsuji, Takako T. Ishii, Ayumi Asai, Kiyoshi Ichimoto 2021-02-09
Reetika JoshiMulti-thermal atmosphere of a mini-solar flare during magnetic reconnection observed with IRIS Reetika Joshi,Brigitte Schmieder, Akiko Tei, Guillaume Aulanier, Juraj Lörincík, Ramesh Chandra, and Petr Heinzel 2021-02-05
Ryan MilliganSolar Irradiance Variability Due To Solar Flares Observed in Lyman α Emission Ryan O. Milligan 2021-02-02
Navin Chandra JoshiEvolutionary stages and triggering process of a complex eruptive flare with circular and parallel ribbons Navin Chandra Joshi, Bhuwan Joshi, Prabir K. Mitra 2021-01-30
Navin Chandra JoshiSequential Lid Removal in a Triple-decker Chain of CME-producing Solar Eruptions Navin Chandra Joshi, Alphonse C. Sterling, Ronald L. Moore, Bhuwan Joshi 2021-01-30
Jiong QiuThe Neupert Effect of Flare UltraViolet and Soft X-ray Emissions Jiong Qiu 2021-01-27

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Thermal-nonthermal energy partition in solar flares derived from X-ray, EUV, and bolometric observations
From Pseudostreamer Jets to Coronal Mass Ejections: Observations of the Breakout Continuum
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The non-Fourier image reconstruction method for the STIX instrument
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Challenges and Advances in Modeling of the Solar Atmosphere: A White Paper of Findings and Recommendations
Non-equilibrium Flux Rope Formation by Confined Flares Preceding a Solar Coronal Mass Ejection
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A Fast, Simple, Robust Algorithm for Coronal Temperature Reconstruction
Nonlinear Alfvén Wave Model of Stellar Coronae and Winds from the Sun to M dwarfs
Possibility of Diagnostics of the Beginning of Solar Cycle 25 Based on Its Precursors at Mid-Heliolatitudes
The chromospheric component of coronal bright points. Coronal and chromospheric responses to magnetic-flux emergence
Structure of the Solar Atmosphere: A Radio Perspective
Signatures of Cross-sectional Width Modulation in Solar Spicules due to Field-aligned Flows
ALMA and IRIS Observations of the Solar Chromosphere II: Structure and Dynamics of Chromospheric Plage
ALMA and IRIS Observations of the Solar Chromosphere I: an On-Disk Type II Spicule
Evolution of a Steamer-Blowout CME as Observed by Imagers on Parker Solar Probe and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory

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