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Shuhong YangOscillating light wall above a sunspot light bridge Shuhong Yang, Jun Zhang, Fayu Jiang, Yongyuan Xiang 2015-04-14
Markus J. AschwandenMagnetic Energy Dissipation during the 2014 March 29 Solar Flare Markus J. Aschwanden 2015-04-13
Gordon HolmanDirect Spatial Association of an X-Ray Flare with the Eruption of a Solar Quiescent Filament Gordon D. Holman & Adi Foord 2015-04-13
Y TaroyanAlfvén instability of steady state flux tubes II. Upflows in stratified atmospheres Y. Taroyan 2015-04-12
Hamish ReidStopping frequency of type III solar radio bursts in expanding magnetic flux tubes Hamish A. S. Reid & Eduard P. Kontar 2015-04-09
ChuanBing WangA Scenario for the Fine Structures of Solar Type IIIb Radio Bursts Based on the Electron Cyclotron Maser Emission C. B. Wang 2015-04-08
Pedro Corona-RomeroKinematics of ICMEs/Shocks: Blast Wave Reconstruction Using Type-II Emissions P. Corona-Romero, J.A. Gonzalez-Esparza, E. Aguilar-Rodriguez, V. De-la-Luz, J.C. Mejia-Ambriz 2015-04-07
Ting LiQuasi-periodic Slipping Magnetic Reconnection During an X-class Solar Flare Observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory and Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph Ting Li, Jun Zhang 2015-04-06
Ting LiFilament Activation in Response to Magnetic Flux Emergence and Cancellation in Filament Channels Ting Li, Jun Zhang, Haisheng Ji 2015-04-06
Karl-Ludwig KleinOn the Statistical Relationship between CME Speed and Soft X-ray Flux and Fluence of the Associated Flare C. Salas Matamoros, K.-L. Klein 2015-03-31
Kyung-Suk ChoIntensity and Doppler Velocity Oscillations in Pore Atmospheres Cho, K.-S., Bong, S.-C., Nakariakov, V. M., Lim, E.-K., Park, Y.-D., Chae, J. C., Yang, H.-S., Park, H.-M., Yurchyshyn, V. 2015-03-27
Istvan BallaiDissipative instability in partially ionised prominence plasmas I. Ballai, R. OIiver, M. Alexandrou 2015-03-26
Ivan ZimovetsSpatially resolved observations of a coronal type II radio burst with multiple lanes Zimovets I.V., Sadykov V.M. 2015-03-22
Jaume TerradasOn the support of neutrals against gravity in solar prominences J. Terradas, R. Soler, R. Oliver, \& J. L., Ballester 2015-03-20
David TsiklauriThe effects of ion mass variation and domain size on octupolar out-of-plane magnetic field generation in collisionless magnetic reconnection Jan Graf von der Pahlen, David Tsiklauri 2015-03-19
Amir CaspiNew Observations of the Solar 0.5-5 keV Soft X-ray Spectrum Amir Caspi, Thomas N. Woods, Harry P. Warren 2015-03-18
Vanessa PolitoJOINT HIGH TEMPERATURE OBSERVATION OF A SMALL C6.5 SOLAR FLARE WITH IRIS/EIS/AIA Polito V.,Reeves, K.K., Del Zanna, G., Golub, L., Mason, H.E. 2015-03-18
Qingmin ZhangMultiwavelength observations of a partially eruptive filament on 2011 September 8 Q. M. Zhang, Z. J. Ning, Y. Guo, T. H. Zhou, X. Cheng, H. S. Ji, L. Feng, T. Wiegelmann 2015-03-10
Michele PianaDESAT: an SSW tool for SDO/AIA image de-saturation Richard A Schwartz, Gabriele Torre, Anna Maria Massone, Michele Piana 2015-03-10
Kenneth PhillipsSolar Flare Element Abundances from the Solar Assembly for X-rays (SAX) on MESSENGER B. R. Dennis, K. J. H. Phillips, R. A. Schwartz, A. K. Tolbert, R. D. Starr, and L. R. Nittler 2015-03-06

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A Type II Radio Burst without a Coronal Mass Ejection
Imaging and Spectroscopic Diagnostics on the Formation of Two Magnetic Flux Ropes Revealed by SDO/AIA and IRIS
The Relationship Between Solar Coronal X-Ray Brightness and Active Region Magnetic Fields: A Study Using High-Resolution Hinode Observations
Sign Singularity and Flares in Solar Active Region NOAA 11158
X-ray and EUV Observations of Simultaneous Short and Long Period Oscillations in Hot Coronal Arcade Loops
Global Energetics of Solar Flares: II. Thermal Energies
The Confined X-class Flares of Solar Active Region 2192
Magnetic field-line lengths inside interplanetary magnetic flux ropes
First High-resolution Spectroscopic Observations of an Erupting Prominence Within a Coronal Mass Ejection by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS)
Onset of Electron Acceleration in a Flare Loop
Plasma Heating to Super-Hot Temperatures (>30 MK) in the August 9, 2011 Solar Flare
Interplay of Boltzmann equation and continuity equation for accelerated electrons in solar flares
Magnetohydrodynamic kink waves in nonuniform solar flux tubes: phase mixing and energy cascade to small scales
Relationship between EUV microflares and small-scale magnetic fields in the quiet Sun
Temperature and Electron Density Diagnostics of a Candle-flame-shaped Flare
Magnetic axis safety factor of finite beta spheromaks and transition from spheromaks to toroidal magnetic bubbles
KAPPA: A Package for Synthesis of optically thin spectra for the non-Maxwellian kappa-distributions based on the CHIANTI database
The magnetic structure of surges in small-scale emerging flux regions
The magnetic structure of surges in small-scale emerging flux regions

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