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Nai-Hwa ChenUndercover EUV Solar Jets Observed by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph N.-H. Chen, D. E. Innes 2016-10-26
Andrew InglisA large-scale search for evidence of quasi-periodic pulsations in solar flares A. R. Inglis, J. Ireland, B. R. Dennis, L. A. Hayes, P. T. Gallagher 2016-10-24
Daniel SeatonObservations of the Formation, Development, and Structure of a Current Sheet in an Eruptive Solar Flare Daniel B. Seaton, Allison E. Bartz, & Jonathan M. Darnel 2016-10-24
Juntao WangArcade Implosion Caused by a Filament Eruption in a Flare Juntao Wang, P. J. A. Simões, L. Fletcher, J. K. Thalmann, H. S. Hudson, and I. G. Hannah 2016-10-20
David MacTaggartThe pre-penumbral magnetic canopy in the solar atmosphere MacTaggart, D., Guglielmino, S.L., Zuccarello, F. 2016-10-19
Andrew InglisQuasi-Periodic Fluctuations and Chromospheric Evaporation in a Solar Flare Ribbon Observed by Hinode/EIS, IRIS, and RHESSI J. W. Brosius, A. N. Daw and A. R. Inglis 2016-10-17
Christian VocksSuprathermal electron distributions in the solar transition region Vocks, C., Dzifcakova, E., , Mann, G. 2016-10-13
Alexander WarmuthMicrowave observations of a large-scale coronal wave with the Nobeyama radioheliograph Warmuth, A., Shibasaki, K., Iwai, K., & Mann, G. 2016-10-13
Roberto LionelloThe Contribution of Coronal Jets To The Solar Wind R. Lionello, T. Török, V. S. Titov, J. E. Leake, Z. Mikić, J. A. Linker, M. G. Linton 2016-10-11
Chang LiuFlare differentially rotates sunspot on Sun's surface Chang Liu, Yan Xu, Wenda Cao, Na Deng, Jeongwoo Lee, Hugh S. Hudson, Dale E. Gary, Jiasheng Wang, Ju Jing & Haimin Wang 2016-10-10
Gherardo ValoriMagnetic helicity estimations in models and observations of the solar magnetic field. Part I: Finite volume methods Gherardo Valori, Etienne Pariat, Sergey Anfinogentov, Feng Chen, Manolis K. Georgoulis, Yang Guo, Yang Liu, Kostas Moraitis, Julia K. Thalmann, Shangbin Yang 2016-10-10
Gerry DoyleDiagnosing transient plasma status: from solar atmosphere to tokamak divertor A. S. Giuntaa, S. Henderson , M. O'Mullane, J. Harrison, J. G. Doyle and H. P. Summers 2016-10-07
Elena GolubevaDecay of Activity Complexes, Formation of Unipolar Magnetic Regions and Coronal Holes in their Causal Relation Elena Golubeva and Alexander Mordvinov 2016-10-06
Ramesh ChandraBlowout Jets and Impulsive Eruptive Flare in a Bald-Patch Topology R. Chandra, C.H. Mandrini, B. Schmieder, B. Joshi, G.D. Cristiani, H. Cremades, E. Pariat, F.A. Nuevo, A.K. Srivastava, and W. Uddin 2016-10-06
Amir CaspiFirst flight of the Gamma-Ray Imager/Polarimeter for Solar flares (GRIPS) instrument Nicole Duncan, P. Saint-Hilaire, A. Y. Shih, G. J. Hurford, H. M. Bain, M. Amman, B. A. Mochizuki, J. Hoberman, J. Olson, B. A. Maruca, N. M. Godbole, D. M. Smith, J. Sample, N. A. Kelley, A. Zoglauer, A. Caspi, P. Kaufmann, S. Boggs, R. P. Lin 2016-10-05
Yijun HouA Solar Flare Disturbing a Light Wall above a Sunspot Light Bridge Yijun Hou, Jun Zhang, Ting Li, Shuhong Yang, Leping Li, and Xiaohong Li 2016-10-04
Błażej KuźmaNumerical simulations of solar spicules: Adiabatic and non-adiabatic studies B. Kuźma , K. Murawski, T.V. Zaqarashvili, P. Konkol, and A. Mignone 2016-10-03
Alessio compagninoA statistical study of CME properties and of the correlation between flares and CMEs over the solar cycles 23 and 24 A. Compagnino, P. Romano, F. Zuccarello 2016-10-01
R.T.James McAteerSegmentation of Coronal Holes Using Active Contours Without Edges L.E. Boucheron, M. Valluri, R.T.J. McAteer 2016-09-30
Leping LiOscillation of current sheets in the wake of a flux rope eruption observed by the Solar Dynamics Observatory Li, L. P., Zhang, J., Su, J. T., Liu, Y. 2016-09-30

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Explosive events in active region observed by IRIS and SST/CRISP
A model for straight and helical solar jets: II. Parametric study of the plasma beta
Energy spectra of 3He-rich solar energetic particles associated with coronal waves
Multi-fluid Approach to High-frequency Waves in Plasmas: I. Small-amplitude Regime in Fully Ionized Medium
Observations of solar X-ray and EUV jets and their related phenomena
Association of 3He-Rich Solar Energetic Particles with Large-Scale Coronal Waves
Case studies of multi-day 3He-rich solar energetic particle periods
Damping of nonlinear standing kink oscillations: a numerical study
Observation of Magnetic reconnection at a 3D null point associated with a solar eruption
Release History and Transport Parameters of Relativistic Solar Electrons Inferred From Near-the-Sun In-situ Observations
The formation of an inverse S-shaped active-region filament driven by sunspot motion and magnetic reconnection
Comparison of 30 THz impulsive burst time development to microwaves, Hα, EUV, and GOES soft X-rays
Neutral Hydrogen and its Emission Lines in the Solar Corona
Neutral and non-neutral collisionless plasma equilibria for twisted flux tubes: The Gold-Hoyle model in a background field
Randomly driven acoustic-gravity waves in the solar atmosphere: cutoff period and its observational verification
The 26 December 2001 Solar Event Responsible for GLE63. I. Observations of a Major Long-Duration Flare with the Siberian Solar Radio Telescope
Broadband microwave sub-second pulsations in an expanding coronal loop of the 2011 August 10 flare
Improved Determination of the Location of Temperature Maximum in the Corona
Evolution of the Magnetic Field Distribution of Active Regions
Chromospheric Condensation and Quasi-periodic Pulsations in a Circular-ribbon Flare

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