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Ting LiHigh-resolution Observations of a Flux Rope with the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph Ting Li, Jun Zhang 2015-08-31
Sarah MatthewsSpectroscopic Signatures Related to a Sunquake Sarah A. Matthews, Louise K. harra, Sergei Zharkov & Lucie M. Green 2015-08-31
Pascal DemoulinMagnetic Flux and Helicity of Magnetic Clouds Demoulin P., Janvier M., Dasso S. 2015-08-31
Sanjiv Tiwari Depth-dependent global properties of a sunspot observed by Hinode (SOT/SP) Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; van Noort, Michiel; Solanki, Sami K.; Lagg, Andreas 2015-08-26
Xiaoli YanThe Formation and Magnetic Structures of Active-region Filaments Observed by NVST, SDO, and Hinode X.L. Yan, Z.K. Xue, G.M. Pan, J.C. Wang, Y.Y. Xiang, D.F. Kong, and L.H. Yang 2015-08-25
Marc DeRosaThe Influence of Spatial Resolution on Nonlinear Force-Free Modeling M. L. DeRosa, M. S. Wheatland, K. D. Leka, G. Barnes, T. Amari, A. Canou, S. A. Gilchrist, J. K. Thalmann, G. Valori, T. Wiegelmann, C. J. Schrijver, A. Malanushenko, X. Sun, S. Régnier 2015-08-25
Feng ChenMagnetic jam in the corona of the Sun Feng Chen, Hardi Peter, Sven Bingert, and Mark Cheung 2015-08-25
Stephane RegnierA new approach to the maser emission in the solar corona S. Regnier 2015-08-25
Toshifumi Shimizu3D magnetic field configuration of small-scale reconnection events in the solar plasma atmosphere T. Shimizu 2015-08-24
Yang GuoSlow Patchy Extreme-ultraviolet Propagating Fronts Associated With Fast Coronal Magneto-acoustic Waves In Solar Eruptions Y. Guo, M. D. Ding, P. F. Chen 2015-08-24
Graham Stewart KerrIRIS Observations of the Mg II h & k Lines During a Solar Flare G.S. Kerr, P.J.A. Simões, J. Qiu and L. Fletcher 2015-08-18
Ying LiChromospheric Evaporation in an X1.0 Flare on 2014 March 29 Observed with IRIS and EIS Y. Li, M. D. Ding, J. Qiu, J. X. Cheng 2015-08-17
Maria KazachenkoPhotospheric Electric Fields and Energy Fluxes in the Eruptive Active Region NOAA 11158 Kazachenko, Maria D.; Fisher, George H.; Welsch, Brian T.; Liu, Yang; Sun, Xudong 2015-08-17
Ju JingComparison between the eruptive X2.2 flare on 2011 February 15 and confined X3.1 flare on 2014 October 24 Ju Jing, Yan Xu, Jeongwoo Lee, Nariaki V. Nitta, Chang Liu, Sung-Hong Park, Thomas Wiegelmann, Haimin Wang 2015-08-17
Valentina ZharkovaUpdated analytical solutions of continuity equation for electron beams precipitation. I. Pure collisional and pure ohmic energy losses R. R. Dobranskis and V. V. Zharkova 2015-08-14
Yang LiuSunspot Rotation and the M-class Flare in Solar Active Region NOAA 11158 Alexander Li, Yang Liu 2015-08-08
Peter James LevensA solar tornado observed by EIS: Plasma diagnostics Peter Levens, Nicolas Labrosse, Lyndsay Fletcher, Brigitte Schmieder 2015-08-07
Roberto SolerOn the spatial scales of wave heating in the solar chromosphere Roberto Soler, Marc Carbonell, Jose Luis Ballester 2015-08-07
Eoin CarleyLow frequency radio observations of bi-directional electron beams in the solar corona Eoin P. Carley, Hamish Reid, Nicole Vilmer, Peter T. Gallagher 2015-08-06
Sanjiv TiwariNear-Sun Speed of CMEs and the Magnetic Non-potentiality of their Source Active Regions Sanjiv K. Tiwari, David A. Falconer, Ronald L. Moore, P. Venkatakrishnan, Amy R. Winebarger, Igor G. Khazanov 2015-08-05

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