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Manuel LunaFundamental Transverse Vibrations of the Active Region Solar Corona Manuel Luna, Ramon Oliver, Patrick Antolin & I?igo Arregui 2019-07-16
Dmitrii Y. Kolotkov Damping of slow magnetoacoustic oscillations by the misbalance between heating and cooling processes in the solar corona D. Y. Kolotkov, V. M. Nakariakov, D. I. Zavershinskii 2019-07-16
Kostas Moraitis Magnetic helicity and eruptivity in active region 12673 K. Moraitis, X. Sun, E. Pariat, L. Linan 2019-07-15
Fabio RealeImpulsive coronal heating from large-scale magnetic rearrangements: from IRIS to SDO/AIA Fabio Reale, Paola Testa, Antonino Petralia, David R. Graham 2019-07-05
Erkka LummeProbing the effect of cadence on the estimates of photospheric energy and helicity injections in eruptive active region NOAA AR 11158 E. Lumme, M.D. Kazachenko, G.H. Fisher, B.T. Welsch, J. Pomoell, E.K.J. Kilpua 2019-07-02
Tingyu GouThe birth of a coronal mass ejection Tingyu Gou, Rui Liu, Bernhard Kliem, Yuming Wang, Astrid M. Veronig 2019-06-30
Valentina ZharkovaOscillations of the baseline of solar magnetic field and solar irradiance on a millennial timescale V. Zharkova, S.Shepherd, S. Zharkov and E. Popova 2019-06-30
Shuhong YangChromospheric cannonballs on the Sun Shuhong Yang, Jun Zhang, Xiaohong Li, Zhong Liu, Yongyuan Xiang 2019-06-26
Axel BrandenburgMagnetic Helicity from Multipolar Regions on the Solar Surface Philippe-A. Bourdin, Axel Brandenburg 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenExoplanet predictions based on harmonic orbit resonances Aschwanden,M.J. and Scholkmann,F. 2017, 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenThe width distribution of solar coronal loops and strands - Are we hitting rock bottom ? Aschwanden, M.J., Peter, H. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenOrder out of randomness: Self-organization processes in astrophysics Aschwanden,M.J., Scholkmann,F., Bethune,W., Schmutz,W., Abramenko,W., Cheung,M.C.M., Mueller,D., Benz,A.O., Chernov,G., Kritsuk,A.G., Scargle,J.D., Melatos,A., Wagoner,R.V., Trimble,V., Green,W. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenConvection-driven generation of ubiquitous coronal waves Aschwanden,M.J., Gosic,M., Hurlburt,N.E., and Scullion,E. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenThe minimum energy principle applied to Parker's coronal braiding and nanoflaring scenario Aschwanden,M.J. and vanBallegooijen,A.A. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenSelf-organizing systems in planetary physics: Harmonic resonances of planet and moon orbits Aschwanden M.J. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenGlobal energetics of solar flares: VIII. The Low-Energy Cutoff Aschwanden,M.J., Kontar, E.P., and Jeffrey, N.L.S. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenGlobal energetics of solar flares: VIII. The Low-Energy Cutoff Aschwanden,M.J., Kontar, E.P., and Jeffrey, N.L.S. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares: VII. Aerodynamic Drag in Coronal Mass Ejections Aschwanden, M.J. and Gopalswamy, N. 2019-06-13
Markus AschwandenSelf-organized criticality in solar and stellar flares: Are extreme events scale-free ? Markus, J. Aschwanden 2019-06-13
Alexander HillarisA Wavelet Based Approach to Solar-Terrestrial Coupling Ch. Katsavrias, A. Hillaris, P. Preka--Papadema 2019-06-10

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