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Travis Metcalfe Stellar Evidence that the Solar Dynamo may be in Transition Travis S. Metcalfe, Ricky Egeland, Jennifer van Saders 2016-06-29
Hazel BainShock Connectivity in the August 2010 and July 2012 Solar Energetic Particle Events Inferred from Observations and ENLIL Modeling H. M. Bain, M. L. Mays, J. G. Luhmann, Y. Li, L. K. Jian, and D. Odstrcil 2016-06-28
Phillip ChamberlinMeasuring Solar Doppler Velocities in the He II 30.38 nm Emission Using the EUV Variability Experiment (EVE) Phillip C. Chamberlin 2016-06-28
Stephanie YardleyFlux cancellation in the evolution of the eruptive filament of 2011 June 7 S. L. Yardley, L. M. Green, D. R. Williams, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi, G. Valori, S. Dacie 2016-06-28
Andrey AfanasyevSlow-Mode MHD Wave Penetration into a Coronal Null Point due to the Mode Transmission Andrey Afanasyev and Arkadiy Uralov 2016-06-22
Ding YuanSecondary fast magnetoacoustic waves trapped in randomly structured plasmas Ding Yuan, Bo Li, Robert W. Walsh 2016-06-21
Andreas KlassenUnexpected spatial intensity distributions and onset timing of solar electron events observed by closely spaced STEREO spacecraft A. Klassen, N. Dresing, R. Gómez-Herrero, B. Heber, R. Müller-Mellin 2016-06-20
Pankaj KumarFlare Generated Shock Wave Propagation Through Solar Coronal Arcade Loops and Associated Type II Radio Burst Kumar, Pankaj; Innes, D. E.; Cho, K. S. 2016-06-19
Xiaoli YanObserving the release of twist by magnetic reconnection in a solar filament eruption Zhike Xue, Xiaoli Yan, Xin Cheng, Liheng Yang, Yingna Su, Bernhard Kliem, Jun Zhang, Zhong Liu, Yi Bi, Yongyuan Xiang, Kai Yang, Li Zhao 2016-06-16
Dmitrii KolotkovEmpirical mode decomposition analysis of random processes in the solar atmosphere D. Y. Kolotkov, S. A. Anfinogentov, and V. M. Nakariakov 2016-06-10
Illya PlotnikovLong-Term Tracking of Corotating Density Structures using Heliospheric Imaging I. Plotnikov, A.P. Rouilllard, J.A. Davies, V. Bothmer, J.P. Eastwood, P. Gallagher, R.A. Harrison, E. Kilpua, C. Möstl, C.H. Perry, L. Rodriguez, B. Lavraud, V. Génot, R.F. Pinto, E. Sanchez-Diaz 2016-06-10
Khalil Daiffallahf-mode interaction with models of sunspot: near-field scattering and multifrequency effects K.Daiffallah 2016-06-07
Tunde BaranyiOn-line Tools for Solar Data Compiled in the Debrecen Observatory and their Extensions with the Greenwich Sunspot Data T. Baranyi, L. Győri, A. Ludmány 2016-06-06
Karl-Ludwig KleinCoronal mass ejection-related particle acceleration regions during a simple eruptive event Carolina Salas-Matamoros, Karl-Ludwig Klein and Alexis P. Rouillard 2016-06-04
Andrew J. Marsh The First Focused Hard X-ray Images of the Sun with NuSTAR Brian W. Grefenstette, Lindsay Glesener, Säm Krucker, Hugh Hudson, Iain G. Hannah, David M. Smith, Julia K. Vogel, Stephen M. White, Kristin K. Madsen, Andrew J. Marsh, Amir Caspi, Bin Chen, Albert Shih, Matej Kuhar, Steven E. Boggs, Finn E. Christensen, William W. Craig, Karl Forster, Charles J. Hailey, Fiona A. Harrison, Hiromasa Miyasaka, Daniel Stern, William W. Zhang 2016-06-03
Linghua WangThe injection of ten electron/3He-rich SEP events Linghua Wang, Säm Krucker, Glenn M. Mason, Robert P. Lin, Gang Li 2016-05-28
Amir CaspiSoft X-ray irradiance measured by the Solar Aspect Monitor on the Solar Dynamic Observatory Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment C. Y. Lin, S. M. Bailey, A. Jones, D. Woodraska, A. Caspi, T. N. Woods, F. G. Eparvier, S. R. Wieman, L. V. Didkovsky 2016-05-26
C. Guillermo Giménez de CastroAnalysis of intermittency in submillimeter radio and Hard X-Rays during the impulsive phase of a solar flare C.G. Giménez de Castro, P.J.A. Simões, J.-P. Raulin, O.M. Guimarães Jr. 2016-05-25
Roberto SolerThe role of Alfvén wave heating in solar prominences Roberto Soler, Jaume Terradas, Ramon Oliver, Jose Luis Ballester 2016-05-23
Linghua WangSimulation of Quiet-Sun Hard X-rays Related to Solar Wind Superhalo Electrons Wen Wang, Linghua Wang, Säm Krucker, and Iain Hannah 2016-05-20

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The Formation and Early Evolution of a Coronal Mass Ejection and its Associated Shock Wave on 2014 January 8
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Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Solar Magnetic Flux Ropes Using Iron Forbidden Line
Transverse oscillations and stability of prominences in a magnetic field dip

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