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Ivan ZimovetsElectron trapping and acceleration by kinetic Alfvén waves in solar flares Artemyev A.V., Zimovets I.V., Rankin R. 2016-08-25
Ivan ZimovetsSpatio-temporal dynamics of sources of hard X-ray pulsations in solar flares Kuznetsov S.A., Zimovets I.V., Morgachev A.S., Struminsky A.B. 2016-08-25
Nengyi HuangThe Energetics of White-light Flares Observed by SDO/HMI and RHESSI Huang, N., Xu, Y., Wang, H. 2016-08-24
Amir CaspiThe Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSats: spectrometer characterization techniques, spectrometer capabilities, and solar science objectives Christopher S. Moore, Thomas N. Woods, Amir Caspi, James P. Mason 2016-08-22
Ryuichi KanohHinode and IRIS observations of the magnetohydrodynamic waves propagating from the photosphere to the chromosphere in a sunspot Ryuichi Kanoh, Toshifumi Shimizu, Shinsuke Imada 2016-08-18
Zhenyong HouNarrow-line-width UV bursts in the transition region above Sunspots observed by IRIS Zhenyong Hou, Zhenghua Huang, Lidong Xia, Bo Li, Maria S. Madjarska, Hui Fu, Chaozhou Mou, Haixia Xie 2016-08-17
Amir CaspiMiniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) ? A Science-Oriented, University 3U CubeSat James Paul Mason, Thomas N. Woods, Amir Caspi, Phillip Chamberlin, Christopher Moore, Andrew Jones, Rick Kohnert, Xinlin Li, Scott Palo, & Stanley Solomon 2016-08-17
Eric PriestEvolution of Magnetic Helicity During Eruptive Flares and Coronal Mass Ejections Eric Priest, Dana Longcope and Miho Janvier 2016-08-16
Valery NakariakovComparison of damped oscillations in solar and stellar X-ray flares Cho, I.-H., Cho, K.-S., Nakariakov, V.M., Kim, S., Kumar, P. 2016-08-09
Gustavo GuerreroUnderstanding solar torsional oscillations from global dy namo models G. Guerrero, P . K. Smolarkiewicz, E. M. de Gouveia Dal Pino, A. G. Kosovichev, N. N. Mansour 2016-08-09
Ting LiSlipping Magnetic Reconnection of Flux Rope Structures as a Precursor to an Eruptive X-class Solar Flare Ting Li, Kai Yang, Yijun Hou & Jun Zhang 2016-08-08
Jeffrey ReepTransition Region and Chromospheric Signatures of Impulsive Heating Events. II. Modeling Jeffrey W. Reep, Harry P. Warren, Nicholas A. Crump, Paulo J.A. Simões 2016-08-08
David MacTaggartThe emergence of braided magnetic fields Prior, C., MacTaggart, D. 2016-08-08
Valery Nakariakov Effect of a sausage oscillation on radio zebra pattern structures in a solar flare Yu, S., Nakariakov, V.M., Yan, Y. 2016-08-04
Marcelo Lopez-FuentesA nanoflare based cellular automaton model and the observed properties of the coronal plasma M. López Fuentes, J.A. Klimchuk 2016-08-04
Marcelo Lopez-FuentesTwo-dimensional cellular automaton model for the evolution of active region coronal plasmas M. López Fuentes, J.A. Klimchuk 2016-08-04
Elena KupriyanovaRelationship of type III radio bursts with quasi-periodic pulsations in a solar flare E. G. Kupriyanova, L. K. Kashapova, H. A. S. Reid, I. N. Myagkova 2016-08-04
Manuel LunaThe effects of magnetic-field geometry on longitudinal oscillations of solar prominences: Cross-sectional area variation for thin tubes Luna, M.; Diaz, A. J.; Oliver, R.; Terradas, J.; Karpen, J. 2016-08-01
David James PascoeStanding sausage modes in curved coronal slabs D. J. Pascoe and V. M. Nakariakov 2016-08-01
Judit MuraközyAn alternative measure of solar activity from detailed sunspot datasets Muraközy, J., Baranyi, T., Ludmány, A. 2016-07-28

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Phase Relationships of Solar Hemispheric Toroidal and Poloidal Cycles
Quasi-Periodic Pulsations During the Impulsive and Decay Phases of an X-class Flare
Projection effects in coronal dimmings and associated EUV wave event
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Influence of the Magnetic Field on Oscillation Spectra in Solar Faculae
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Reconstruction of Solar Subsurfaces by Local Helioseismology
ROAM: a Radial-basis-function Optimization Approximation Method for diagnosing the three-dimensional coronal magnetic field
Diagnostics of Coronal Magnetic Fields through the Hanle Effect in UV and IR Lines
Solar Coronal Jets: Observations, Theory, and Modeling
Flux rope proxies and fan-spine structures in active region NOAA 11897
Spatially resolved observation of the fundamental and second harmonic standing kink modes using SDO/AIA
Plasma sloshing in pulse-heated solar and stellar coronal loops
Multi-wavelength Study of Transition Region Penumbral Subarcsecond Bright Dots Using IRIS and NST
Fractal Reconnection in Solar and Stellar Environments
Above-the-loop-top Oscillation and Quasi-periodic Coronal Wave Generation in Solar Flares
Magnetohydrodynamics modeling of coronal magnetic field and solar eruptions based on the photospheric magnetic field
Flaring Rates and the Evolution of Sunspot Group McIntosh Classifications
How did a Major Confined Flare Occur in Super Solar Active Region 12192?
Magnetic flux concentrations from turbulent stratified convection

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