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Karin DissauerProjection effects in coronal dimmings and associated EUV wave event K. Dissauer, M. Temmer, A.V. Veronig, K. Vanninathan, J. Magdalenić 2016-07-21
Fabio Reale3D MHD modeling of twisted coronal loops F. Reale, S. Orlando, M. Guarrasi, A. Mignone, G. Peres, A. W. Hood, E. R. Priest 2016-07-20
Andrei ChelpanovInfluence of the Magnetic Field on Oscillation Spectra in Solar Faculae Andrei A. Chelpanov, Nikolai I. Kobanov, Dmitry Y. Kolobov 2016-07-19
Alexander KosovichevLocal Helioseismology of Emerging Active Regions: A Case Study Alexander G. Kosovichev, Junwei Zhao, and Stathis Ilonidis 2016-07-19
Alexander KosovichevReconstruction of Solar Subsurfaces by Local Helioseismology Alexander G. Kosovichev and Junwei Zhao 2016-07-19
Kevin Dalmasse ROAM: a Radial-basis-function Optimization Approximation Method for diagnosing the three-dimensional coronal magnetic field K. Dalmasse, D. W. Nychka, S. E. Gibson, Y. Fan, N. Flyer 2016-07-12
Nour E. RaouafiDiagnostics of Coronal Magnetic Fields through the Hanle Effect in UV and IR Lines Nour E. Raouafi, Pete Riley, Sarah Gibson, Silvano Fineschi and Sami K. Solanki 2016-07-06
Nour E. RaouafiSolar Coronal Jets: Observations, Theory, and Modeling N.E. Raouafi, S. Patsourakos, E. Pariat, P.R. Young, A.C. Sterling, A. Savcheva, M. Shimojo, F. Moreno-Insertis, C.R. DeVore, V. Archontis, T. Török, H. Mason, W. Curdt, K. Meyer, K. Dalmasse, Y. Matsui 2016-07-06
Yijun HouFlux rope proxies and fan-spine structures in active region NOAA 11897 Y. J. Hou, T. Li and J. Zhang 2016-07-06
David James PascoeSpatially resolved observation of the fundamental and second harmonic standing kink modes using SDO/AIA D. J. Pascoe, C. R. Goddard, and V. M. Nakariakov 2016-07-06
Fabio RealePlasma sloshing in pulse-heated solar and stellar coronal loops F. Reale 2016-07-06
Na DengMulti-wavelength Study of Transition Region Penumbral Subarcsecond Bright Dots Using IRIS and NST Na Deng, Vasyl Yurchyshyn, Hui Tian, Lucia Kleint, Chang Liu, Yan Xu, and Haimin Wang 2016-07-05
Shinsuke TakasaoFractal Reconnection in Solar and Stellar Environments Kazunari Shibata and Shinsuke Takasao 2016-07-04
Shinsuke TakasaoAbove-the-loop-top Oscillation and Quasi-periodic Coronal Wave Generation in Solar Flares Shinsuke Takasao and Kazunari Shibata 2016-07-04
Satoshi InoueMagnetohydrodynamics modeling of coronal magnetic field and solar eruptions based on the photospheric magnetic field Satoshi Inoue 2016-07-04
Aoife E. McCloskeyFlaring Rates and the Evolution of Sunspot Group McIntosh Classifications Aoife E. McCloskey, Peter T. Gallagher, D. Shaun Bloomfield 2016-07-04
Chaowei JiangHow did a Major Confined Flare Occur in Super Solar Active Region 12192? Chaowei Jiang, Shi Tsan Wu, Vasyl B Yurchyshyn, Haimin Wang, Xueshang Feng, Qiang Hu 2016-06-30
Axel BrandenburgMagnetic flux concentrations from turbulent stratified convection P. J. Käpylä, A. Brandenburg, N. Kleeorin, M. J. Käpylä, I. Rogachevskii 2016-06-30
Travis Metcalfe Stellar Evidence that the Solar Dynamo may be in Transition Travis S. Metcalfe, Ricky Egeland, Jennifer van Saders 2016-06-29
Hazel BainShock Connectivity in the August 2010 and July 2012 Solar Energetic Particle Events Inferred from Observations and ENLIL Modeling H. M. Bain, M. L. Mays, J. G. Luhmann, Y. Li, L. K. Jian, and D. Odstrcil 2016-06-28

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Measuring Solar Doppler Velocities in the He II 30.38 nm Emission Using the EUV Variability Experiment (EVE)
Flux cancellation in the evolution of the eruptive filament of 2011 June 7
Slow-Mode MHD Wave Penetration into a Coronal Null Point due to the Mode Transmission
Secondary fast magnetoacoustic waves trapped in randomly structured plasmas
Unexpected spatial intensity distributions and onset timing of solar electron events observed by closely spaced STEREO spacecraft
Flare Generated Shock Wave Propagation Through Solar Coronal Arcade Loops and Associated Type II Radio Burst
Observing the release of twist by magnetic reconnection in a solar filament eruption
Empirical mode decomposition analysis of random processes in the solar atmosphere
Long-Term Tracking of Corotating Density Structures using Heliospheric Imaging
f-mode interaction with models of sunspot: near-field scattering and multifrequency effects
On-line Tools for Solar Data Compiled in the Debrecen Observatory and their Extensions with the Greenwich Sunspot Data
Coronal mass ejection-related particle acceleration regions during a simple eruptive event
The First Focused Hard X-ray Images of the Sun with NuSTAR
The injection of ten electron/3He-rich SEP events
Soft X-ray irradiance measured by the Solar Aspect Monitor on the Solar Dynamic Observatory Extreme ultraviolet Variability Experiment
Analysis of intermittency in submillimeter radio and Hard X-Rays during the impulsive phase of a solar flare
The role of Alfvén wave heating in solar prominences
Simulation of Quiet-Sun Hard X-rays Related to Solar Wind Superhalo Electrons
Why are flare ribbons associated with the spines of magnetic null points generically elongated?
Hydraulic effects in a radiative atmosphere with ionization

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