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Sepideh KianfarLinear Polarization Features in the Quiet-Sun Photosphere: Structure and Dynamics Linear Polarization Features in the Quiet-Sun Photosphere: Structure and Dynamics S. Kianfar, S. Jafarzadeh, M. T. Mirtorabi, T. L. Riethmüller 2018-07-13
Tomasz MrozekSolar Microflares Observed by SphinX and RHESSI Tomasz Mrozek, Szymon Gburek, Marek Siarkowski, Barbara Sylwester, Janusz Sylwester, Anna Kepa, Magdalena Gryciuk 2018-07-12
Dong LiTwo Kinds of Dynamic Behavior in a Quiescent Prominence Observed by the NVST Dong Li, Yuandeng Shen, Zongjun Ning, Qingmin Zhang, Tuanhui Zhou 2018-07-11
Jonathan ThurgoodResistively-limited current sheet implosions in planar anti-parallel (1D) and null-point containing (2D) magnetic field geometries JO Thurgood, DI Pontin, JA McLaughlin 2018-07-10
K.J. LiIs It Small-scale Weak Magnetic Activity That Effectively Heats the Upper Solar Atmosphere? K.J. Li, J.C. Xu, W. Feng 2018-07-09
Manuel LunaSelf-Similar Approach for Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Solar and Astrophysical Structures Manuel Luna, Eric Priest and Fernando Moreno-Insertis 2018-07-09
Dong LiSpectroscopic and imaging observations of small-scale reconnection events Dong Li, Leping Li, Zongjun Ning 2018-07-07
Johan MuhamadA Study of Magnetic Field Characteristics of Flaring Active Region Based on Nonlinear Force-free Field Extrapolation Johan Muhamad, Kanya Kusano, Satoshi Inoue, Yumi Bamba 2018-07-05
Suman DhakalA Study of a Compound Solar Eruption with Two Consecutive Erupting Magnetic Structures Suman K. Dhakal, Georgios Chintzoglou, and Jie Zhang 2018-07-04
Etienne PariatNon-potential magnetic helicity ratios at the onset of eruptions Francesco P. Zuccarello, Etienne Pariat, Gherardo Valori, Luis Linan 2018-07-02
David BrooksSolar Cycle Observations of the Neon Abundance in the Sun-as-a-star David H. Brooks, Deborah Baker, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, and Harry P. Warren 2018-07-01
Franco RappazzoSubresolution Activity in Solar and Stellar Coronae from Magnetic Field Line Tangling A. F. Rappazzo, R. B. Dahlburg, G. Einaudi, M. Velli 2018-06-28
Gennady ChernovA Model of Zebra Patterns in Solar Radio Emission G. P. Chernov, V. V. Fomichev, and R. A. Sych 2018-06-27
Shane MaloneyThree-dimensional magnetic reconnection in a collapsing coronal loop system Aidan M. O'Flannagain, Shane A. Maloney, Peter T. Gallagher, Philippa Browning, Jose Refojo 2018-06-26
Jeffrey ReepOn the Synthesis of GOES Light Curves from Numerical Models Jeffrey W. Reep and Harry P. Warren 2018-06-26
Jeffrey ReepEfficient Calculation of Non-Local Thermodynamic Equilibrium Effects in Multithreaded Hydrodynamic Simulations of Solar Flares Jeffrey W. Reep, Stephen J. Bradshaw, Nicholas A. Crump, Harry P. Warren 2018-06-26
Il-Hyun Cho2D solar wind speeds from 6 to 26 solar radii in solar cycle 24 by using Fourier filtering Il-Hyun Cho, Yong-Jae Moon, Valery M. Nakariakov, Su-Chan Bong, Jin-Yi Lee, Donguk Song, Harim Lee, and Kyung-Suk Cho 2018-06-24
Dong LiNon-damping oscillations at flaring loops Li, D.; Yuan, D.; Su, Y. N.; Zhang, Q. M.; Su, W.; Ning, Z. J. 2018-06-22
Werner PoetziAn Event-Based Verification Scheme for the Real-Time Flare Detection System at Kanzelhöhe Observatory Pötzi W., Veronig A., Temmer M. 2018-06-21
Kostas MoraitisComputation of Relative Magnetic Helicity in Spherical Coordinates Moraitis, K., Pariat, E., Savcheva, A., Valori, G. 2018-06-10

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Homologous large-amplitude Nonlinear fast-mode Magnetosonic Waves Driven by Recurrent Coronal Jets
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Mini-filament Eruptions Triggering Confined Solar Flares Observed by ONSET and SDO
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Does Nearby Open Flux Affect the Eruptivity of Solar Active Regions?
Cyclic Changes of the Sun's Seismic Radius
Onset of Photospheric Impacts and Helioseismic Waves in X9.3 Solar Flare of September 6, 2017
Solar Cycle Variations of Rotation and Asphericity in the Near-Surface Shear Layer
Solar coronal loop dynamics near the null point above active region NOAA 2666
Energetics of small electron acceleration episodes in the solar corona from radio noise storm observations
The origin of the modulation of the radio emission from the solar corona by a fast magnetoacoustic wave
Indirect solar wind measurements using archival cometary tail observations
Helium abundance and speed difference between helium ions and protons in the solar wind from coronal holes, active regions, and quiet Sun
Always a Farm Boy
Effect of transport coefficients on excitation of flare-induced standing slow-mode waves in coronal loops
Study of Three-dimensional Magnetic Structure and the Successive Eruptive Nature of Active Region 12371

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