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List of Abstracts, No: 1 to 20
Submitter Title Authors Date
Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio Ambipolar diffusion in the Bifrost code D. Nóbrega-Siverio, J. Martínez-Sykora, F. Moreno-Insertis, M. Carlsson 2020-06-27
Costas AlissandrakisModeling the quiet Sun cell and network emission with ALMA C. E. Alissandrakis, A. Nindos, T. S. Bastian, S. Patsourakos 2020-06-25
Jenny Marcela Rodríguez Gómez Clustering of fast Coronal Mass Ejections during the solar cycles 23 and 24 and implications for CME-CME interactions Jenny M. Rodríguez Gómez, Tatiana Podladchikova, Astrid Veronig, Alexander Ruzmaikin, Joan Feynman, Anatoly Petrukovich 2020-06-25
Ram MauryaMagnetic and Velocity Field Topology in Active Regions of Descending Phase of the Solar Cycle 23 R. A. Maurya and A. Ambastha 2020-06-24
Yuji KotaniNumerical simulation of solar photospheric jet-like phenomena caused by magnetic reconnection Yuji Kotani, Kazunari Shibata 2020-06-23
Tingyu GouSolar Flare-CME Coupling Throughout Two Acceleration Phases of a Fast CME Tingyu Gou, Astrid M. Veronig, Rui Liu, Bin Zhuang, Mateja Dumbovic, Tatiana Podladchikova, Hamish A. S. Reid, Manuela Temmer, Karin Dissauer, Bojan Vrsnak, Yuming Wang 2020-06-22
Isabell PiantschitschA new method for estimating global coronal wave properties from their interaction with solar coronal holes I. Piantschitsch, J. Terradas, M. Temmer 2020-06-17
Egor IllarionovMachine-learning approach to identification of coronal holes in solar disk images and synoptic maps Egor Illarionov, Alexander Kosovichev, Andrey Tlatov 2020-06-16
Andrei ChelpanovMultilevel Observations of the Oscillations in the First Active Region of the New Cycle Andrei Chelpanov and Nikolai Kobanov 2020-06-13
William OxleyStanding MHD Waves in a Magnetic Slab Embedded in an Asymmetric Magnetic Plasma Environment: Surface Waves William Oxley, Noémi Kinga Zsámberger, Róbert Erdélyi 2020-06-11
Amir CaspiA new facility for airborne solar astronomy: NASA's WB-57 at the 2017 total solar eclipse Amir Caspi, Daniel B. Seaton, Constantine C. C. Tsang, Craig E. DeForest, Paul Bryans, Edward E. DeLuca, Steven Tomczyk, Joan T. Burkepile, Thomas 'Tony' Casey, John Collier, Donald 'DD' Darrow, Dominic Del Rosso, Daniel D. Durda, Peter T. Gallagher, Leon Golub, Matthew Jacyna, David 'DJ' Johnson, Philip G. Judge, Cary 'Diddle' Klemm, Glenn T. Laurent, Johanna Lewis, Charles J. Mallini, Thomas 'Duster' Parent, Timothy Propp, Andrew J. Steffl, Jeff Warner, Matthew J. West, John Wiseman, Mallory Yates, Andrei N. Zhukov, and the NASA WB-57 2017 Eclipse Observing Team 2020-06-09
Amir CaspiMinXSS-2 CubeSat mission overview: Improvements from the successful MinXSS-1 mission James Paul Mason, Thomas N. Woods, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Andrew Jones, Rick Kohnert, Bennet Schwab, Robert Sewell, Amir Caspi, Christopher S. Moore, Scott Palo, Stanley C. Solomon, Harry Warren 2020-06-09
Ryan MilliganLyman α Variability During Solar Flares Over Solar Cycle 24 Using GOES-15/EUVS-E Ryan O. Milligan, Hugh S. Hudson, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Iain G. Hannah, Laura A. Hayes 2020-06-05
Valentina ZharkovaSunquake with a second-bounce, other sunquakes and emission associated with X9.3 flare of 6 September 2017. II. Proposed interpretation Valentina Zharkova, Sergei Zharkov, Malcolm Druett, Sarah Matthews, and Satoshi Inoue 2020-05-27
Axel Brandenburgf-mode strengthening from a localized bipolar subsurface magnetic field Authors:Nishant K. Singh, Harsha Raichur, Maarit J. Käpylä, Matthias Rheinhardt, Axel Brandenburg, Petri J. Käpylä 2020-05-23
Shuhong YangImaging and spectral study on the null point of a fan-spine structure during a solar flare Shuhong Yang, Qingmin Zhang, Zhi Xu, Jun Zhang, Ze Zhong, Yang Guo 2020-05-19
Bernard BensonForecasting Solar Cycle 25 Using Deep Neural Networks B. Benson, W.D. Pan, A. Prasad, G.A. Gary, Q. Hu 2020-05-19
Sung-Hong ParkAn Observational Test of Solar Plasma Heating by Magnetic Flux Cancellation Sung-Hong Park 2020-05-19
David BrooksThe Drivers of Active Region Outflows into the Slow Solar Wind David H. Brooks, Amy R. Winebarger, Sabrina Savage, Harry P. Warren, Bart De Pontieu, Hardi Peter, Jonathan W. Cirtain, Leon Golub, Ken Kobayashi, Scott W. McIntosh, David McKenzie, Richard Morton, Laurel Rachmeler, Paola Testa, Sanjiv Tiwari, and Robert Walsh 2020-05-19
Suraj SahuHXR emission from an activated flux rope and subsequent evolution of an eruptive long duration solar flare Suraj Sahu, Bhuwan Joshi, Prabir K. Mitra, Astrid M. Veronig, V. Yurchyshyn 2020-05-15

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A Survey of Computational Tools in Solar Physics
Sunquake with a second bounce, other sunquakes, and emission associated with the X9.3 flare of 6 September 2017. I. Observations
The PDFI_SS Electric Field Inversion Software
Spatial Distribution of Origin of Umbral Waves in a Sunspot Umbra
A Unique Resource for Solar Flare Diagnostic Studies: the SMM Bent Crystal Spectrometer
Inferring Vector Magnetic Fields from Stokes Profiles of GST/NIRIS Using a Convolutional Neural Network
Global Energetics of Solar Flares, X. Petschek Reconnection Rate and Alfvén Mach Number of Magnetic Reconnection Outflows
Transverse coronal loop oscillations excited by homologous circular-ribbon flares
Temporal evolution of oscillating coronal loops
Intrusion of Magnetic Peninsula toward the Neighboring Opposite-polarity Region That Triggers the Largest Solar Flare in Solar Cycle 24
On the Relationship Between Transit Time of ICMEs and Strength of the Initiated Geomagnetic Storms
Standing kink waves in sigmoid solar coronal loops: implications for coronal seismology
Excitation of negative energy surface magnetohydrodynamic waves in an incompressible cylindrical plasma
Solar Flares Forecasting Using Time Series and Extreme Gradient Boosting Ensembles
Statistical Study of GOES X-ray Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar Flares
Particle acceleration and transport during 3D CME eruptions
First Observation of a Type II Solar Radio Burst Transitioning between a Stationary and Drifting State
Plasma Diagnostics from Active Region and Quiet-Sun Spectra Observed by Hinode/EIS: Quantifying the Departures from a Maxwellian Distribution
Sunquakes of Solar Cycle 24
Flare Energy Release at the Magnetic Field Polarity Inversion Line During M1.2 Solar Flare of 2015 March 15. II. Investigation of Photospheric Electric Current and Magnetic Field Variations Using HMI 135-second Vector Magnetograms

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