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Submitter Title Authors Date
Peter ZelinaTime Evolution of Elemental Ratios in Solar Energetic Particle events P. Zelina, S. Dalla, C. M. S. Cohen, R. A. Mewaldt 2017-01-18
Yang LiuVector Magnetic Field Synoptic Charts from the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager (HMI) Yang Liu, J. T. Hoeksema, Xudong Sun, Keiji Hayashi 2017-01-17
Karl-Ludwig KleinMicrowave radio emissions as a proxy for coronal mass ejection speed in arrival predictions of interplanetary coronal mass ejections at 1 AU Carolina Salas Matamoros, Karl-Ludwig Klein, Gerard Trottet 2017-01-17
Thomas WiegelmannMagneto-static modelling from SUNRISE/IMaX: Application to an active region observed with SUNRISE II T. Wiegelmann, T. Neukirch, D.H. Nickeler, S.K. Solanki, P. Barthol, A. Gandorfer, L. Gizon, J. Hirzberger, T.L. Riethmüller, M. van Noort, J. Blanco Rodríguez, J. C. Del Toro Iniesta, D. Orozco Suárez, W. Schmidt, V. Martínez Pillet, M. Knölker 2017-01-13
Joseph LemaireImproved Determination of the Location of the Temperature Maximum in the Corona Joseph Lemaire, Koen Stegen 2017-01-13
Meng JinData Constrained Coronal Mass Ejections in A Global Magnetohydrodynamics Model M. Jin, W. B. Manchester, B. van der Holst, I. Sokolov, G. Toth, R. E. Mullinix, A. Taktakishvili, A. Chulaki, and T. I. Gombosi 2017-01-12
Meng JinChromosphere to 1 AU Simulation of the 2011 March 7th Event: A Comprehensive Study of Coronal Mass Ejection Propagation M. Jin, W. B. Manchester, B. van der Holst, I. Sokolov, G. Toth, A. Vourlidas, C. A. de Koning, and T. I. Gombosi 2017-01-12
Katharine ReevesAn exploration of heating mechanisms in a supra-arcade plasma sheet formed after a coronal mass ejection Katharine K. Reeves, Michael S. Freed, David E. McKenzie, Sabrina L. Savage 2017-01-12
Pankaj KumarObservation of a Short Period Quasi-Periodic Pulsation in Solar X-ray, Microwave and EUV Emissions Pankaj Kumar, Valery M. Nakariakov, Kyung-Suk Cho 2017-01-10
Markus J. AschwandenThe Width Distribution of Loops and Strands in the Solar Corona - Are we Hitting Rock Bottom ? Markus J. Aschwanden and Hardi Peter 2017-01-04
Markus J. AschwandenGlobal Energetics of Solar Flares and CMEs: V. Energy Closure Markus J. Aschwanden, Amir Caspi, Christina M.S. Cohen, Gordon Holman, Ju Jing, Matthieu, Kretzschmar, Eduard P. Kontar, James M. McTiernan, Richard A. Mewaldt, Aidan O'Flannagain, Ian G. Richardson, Daniel Ryan, Harry P. Warren, Yan Xu 2017-01-04
Eduard Kontar The role of diffusion in the transport of energetic electrons during solar flares Bian, Nicolas H., Emslie, A. Gordon, and Kontar, Eduard P. 2017-01-04
Ying LiImaging Observations of Magnetic Reconnection in a Solar Eruptive Flare Y. Li, X. Sun, M. D. Ding, J. Qiu, E. R. Priest 2017-01-04
Eric PriestFlux-Rope Twist in Eruptive Flares and CMEs: due to Zipper and Main-Phase Reconnection Eric Priest and Dana Longcope 2017-01-03
Denis P. Cabezas"Dandelion" Filament Eruption and Coronal Waves Associated with a Solar Flare on 2011 February 16 D.P. Cabezas, L.M. Martinez, Y.J. Buleje, M. Ishitsuka, J.K. Ishitsuka, S. Morita, A. Asai, S. UeNo, T.T. Ishii, R. Kitai, S. Takasao, Y. Yoshinaga, K. Otsuji, and K. Shibata 2017-01-02
Jean Pierre ROZELOTFlare-production potential associated with different sunspot groups Eren, S.; Kilcik, A.; Atay, T.; Miteva, R.; Yurchyshyn, V.; Rozelot, J. P.; Özgüç, A 2016-12-29
Axel BrandenburgStellar mixing length theory with entropy rain Axel Brandenburg 2016-12-24
Gordon HolmanScientific considerations for future spectroscopic measurements from space of activity on the Sun Gordon D. Holman 2016-12-23
Dmitrii KolotkovLong-period quasi-periodic oscillations of a small-scale magnetic structure on the Sun D. Y. Kolotkov, V. V. Smirnova, P. V. Strekalova, A. Riehokainen, and V. M. Nakariakov 2016-12-22
David TsiklauriCollisionless, phase-mixed, dispersive, Gaussian Alfvén pulse in transversely inhomogeneous plasma D. Tsiklauri 2016-12-22

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Solar Energetic Particle drifts and the energy dependence of 1 AU charge states
Time dependence of Fe/O ratio within a 3D Solar Energetic Particle propagation model including drift
Preconditioning of interplanetary space due to transient CME disturbances
Hard X-Ray Emission from Partially Occulted Solar Flares: RHESSI Observations in Two Solar Cycles
The 26 December 2001 Solar Eruptive Event Responsible for GLE63. III. CME, Shock Waves, and Energetic Particles
Simulation Study of Hemispheric Phase-Asymmetry in the Solar Cycle
Multi-instrument observations of a failed flare eruption associated with MHD waves in a loop bundle
Enhancement of a sunspot light wall with external disturbances
The 26 December 2001 Solar Eruptive Event Responsible for GLE63. II. Multi-Loop Structure of Microwave Sources in a Major Long-Duration flare
Pre-flare coronal dimmings
Oscillations in the Flaring Active Region NOAA 11272
Magnetic Flux Cancelation as the Trigger of Solar Quiet-region Coronal Jets
Understanding the Physical Nature of Coronal "EIT Waves"
Scaling Relations in Coronal Mass Ejections and Energetic Proton Events associated with Solar Superflares
The effect of longitudinal density gradient on electron plasma wake field acceleration
Particle-in-cell simulations of the relaxation of electron beams in inhomogeneous solar wind plasmas
Role of electron inertia and reconnection dynamics in a stressed X-point collapse with a guide-field
Quasi-periodic processes in the flare loop generated by sudden temperature enhancements at loop footpoints
On the non-Kolmogorov nature of flare-productive solar active regions
Amplitude of solar wind density turbulence from 10-45 R⊙

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