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Submitter Title Authors Date
Leping LiConversion from mutual helicity to self-helicity observed with IRIS L. Li, H. Peter, F. Chen, J. Zhang 2014-09-17
Pietro ZuccaUnderstanding CME and associated shock in the solar corona by merging multi wavelengths observation Pietro Zucca, Monique Pick, Pascal Demoulin, Alain Kerdraon, Alain Lecacheux, Peter T. Gallagher 2014-09-17
Henry AurassThe Late Gradual Phase of Large Flares: The Case of November 3, 2003 H. Aurass 2014-09-10
Navin Chandra JoshiFormation of Compound Flux Rope by The Merging of Two Filament Channels, Associated Dynamics and its Stability Navin Chandra Joshi, Tetsuya Magara and Satoshi Inoue 2014-09-05
Elke D'HuysObservational Characteristics of CMEs without Low Coronal Signatures E. D'Huys, D.B. Seaton, S. Poedts, D. Berghmans 2014-09-05
Yuandeng ShenSimultaneous Transverse Oscillations of a Prominence and a Filament and Longitudinal Oscillation of another Filament Induced by a Single Shock Wave Yuandeng Shen, Ying D. Liu, P. F. Chen, and Kiyoshi Ichimoto 2014-09-05
Gennady ChernovDynamics of flare processes and variety of the fine structure of solar radio emission over a wide frequency range of 30 - 7000 MHz Gennady Chernov , Valery Fomichev, Baolin Tan, Yihua Yan, Chengming Tan, Qijun Fu 2014-09-03
Bin ChenDirect Evidence of an Eruptive, Filament-Hosting Magnetic Flux Rope Leading to a Fast Solar Coronal Mass Ejection Bin Chen, Tim Bastian, Dale Gary 2014-09-02
Victor GrechnevA Challenging Solar Eruptive Event of 18 November 2003 and the Causes of the 20 November Geomagnetic Superstorm. IV. Unusual Magnetic Cloud and Overall Scenario V. V. Grechnev, A. M. Uralov, I. M. Chertok, A. V. Belov, B. P. Filippov, V. A. Slemzin, B. V. Jackson 2014-09-02
Shuhong YangFine Structures and Overlying Loops of Confined Solar Flares Shuhong Yang, Jun Zhang, and Yongyuan Xiang 2014-09-01
Louise HarraTHE IMPACT OF A FILAMENT ERUPTION ON NEARBY HIGH-LYING COOL LOOPS Harra, Matthews, Long, Doschek and De Pontieu 2014-09-01
Valery NakariakovWave dynamics in a sunspot umbra Sych, R., Nakariakov, V.M. 2014-09-01
Steven CranmerSuprathermal Electrons in the Solar Corona: Can Nonlocal Transport Explain Heliospheric Charge States? Steven R. Cranmer 2014-08-27
Adam KobelskiForward Modeling Transient Brightenings and Microflares around an Active Region Observed with Hi-C Adam R. Kobelski, David E. McKenzie 2014-08-25
Adam KobelskiModeling Active Region Transient Brightenings Observed with X-Ray Telescope as Multi-stranded Loops Adam R. Kobelski, David E. McKenzie, Martin Donachie 2014-08-22
Yuan-Kuen KoSource Regions of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field and Variability in Heavy-ion Elemental Composition in Gradual Solar Energetic Particle Events Ko, Yuan-Kuen; Tylka, Allan J.; Ng, Chee K.; Wang, Yi-Ming; Dietrich, William F. 2014-08-22
Chun XiaSimulating the in situ condensation process of solar prominences Chun Xia, Rony Keppens, Patrick Antolin, Oliver Porth 2014-08-21
Susanta Kumar BisoiA study of density modulation index in the inner heliospheric solar wind during solar cycle 23 Susanta Kumar Bisoi, P. Janardhan, M. Ingale, P. Subramanian, S. Ananthakrishnan, M. Tokumaru, and K. Fujiki 2014-08-19
Valentina ZharkovaERRATUM: "Exact Analytical Solutions of Continuity Equation for Electron Beams Precipitating in Coulomb Collisions" Dobranskis R.R. and Zharkova V.V. 2014-08-19
Chuan LiWaiting time distribution of solar energetic particle events modeled with a non-stationary Poisson process Chuan Li, Sijia Zhong, Linghua Wang, Wei Su, and Cheng Fang 2014-08-15

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Numerical simulations of impulsively generated Alfv?n waves in solar magnetic arcades
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Quasi-periodic pulsations with varying period in multi-wavelength observations of an x-class flare
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LOFAR tied-array imaging of Type III solar radio bursts
Slipping Magnetic Reconnection Triggering a Solar Eruption of a Triangle-flag Flux Rope
Spectral observations of Ellerman bombs and fitting with a two-cloud model
Slow Rise and Partial Eruption of a Double-Decker Filament. II. A Double Flux Rope Model
Catastrophe versus instability for the eruption of a toroidal solar magnetic flux rope
Magnetohydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Eruption on 2010 April 8
Observations of flux rope formation prior to coronal mass ejections
CME development in the corona and interplanetary medium: A multi-wavelength approach
A Very Small and Super Strong Zebra Pattern Burst at the Beginning of a Solar Flare
Statistics and Classification of the Microwave Zebra Patterns Associated with Solar Flares

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