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Jeffrey ReepThe Distribution of Time Delays Between Nanoflares in Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations Kalman J. Knizhnik & Jeffrey W. Reep 2020-02-13
Chaowei JiangData-driven MHD Simulation of the Formation and Initiation of a Large-scale Pre-flare Magnetic Flux Rope in Solar Active Region 12371 Wen He, Chaowei Jiang*, Peng Zou, Aiying Duan, Xueshang Feng, Pingbing Zuo, Yi Wang 2020-02-13
Ting LiNVST observations of collision-induced apparent fan-shaped jets Ting Li,Yijun Hou,Jun Zhang and Yongyuan Xiang 2020-02-09
Hugh HudsonCosmic ray interactions in the solar atmosphere Hugh Hudson, Alec MacKinnon, Mikolaj Szydlarski, Mats Carlsson 2020-02-08
Hugh HudsonA correlation in the waiting-time distributions of solar flares Hugh Hudson 2020-02-08
Gennady ChernovAlternative Models of Zebra Patterns in the Event on June 21, 2011 L.V. Yasnov, G.P. Chernov 2020-01-28
Markus AschwandenTorsional slow-mode oscillations discovered in the magnetic free energy during solar flares Aschwanden,M.J. and Wang,T.J. 2020-01-27
Valentina ZharkovaParticle acceleration in coalescent and squashed magnetic islands II. Particle-In-cell approach Xia, Q. and Zharkova V.V. 2020-01-27
Axel BrandenburgThe time step constraint in radiation hydrodynamics Axel Brandenburg, Upasana Das 2020-01-18
Chaowei JiangContinuous Null-Point Magnetic Reconnection Builds Up a Torus Unstable Magnetic Flux Rope Triggering the X9.3 Flare in Solar Active Region~12673 Peng Zou, Chaowei Jiang*, Fengsi Wei, Xueshang Feng, Pingbing Zuo, Yi Wang 2020-01-14
Sung-Hong ParkA Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. IV. Evaluating Consecutive-Day Forecasting Patterns S.-H. Park, K. D. Leka, K. Kusano, J. Andries, G. Barnes, S. Bingham, D. S. Bloomfield, A. E. McCloskey, V. Delouille, D. Falconer, P. T. Gallagher, M. K. Georgoulis, Y. Kubo, K. Lee, S. Lee, V. Lobzin, J.-C. Mun, S. A. Murray, T. A. M. H. Nageem, R. Qahwaji, M. Sharpe, R. A. Steenburgh, G. Steward, M. Terkildsen 2020-01-09
Kevin DalmasseThe New 2018 Version of the Meudon Spectroheliograph J.-M. Malherbe, K. Dalmasse 2020-01-09
Qingmin ZhangLongitudinal filament oscillations enhanced by two C-class flares Q. M. Zhang, J. H. Guo, K. V. Tam, and A. A. Xu 2020-01-09
Galina MotorinaSpatio-temporal energy partitioning in a non-thermally dominated two-loop solar flare Galina G. Motorina, Gregory D. Fleishman, Eduard P. Kontar 2020-01-08
Kevin DalmasseMeteospace, a New Instrument for Solar Survey at the Calern Observatory J.-M. Malherbe, Th Corbard, K. Dalmasse, The Meteospace team 2020-01-08
Mariano PoissonCorrecting the effect of magnetic tongues on the tilt angle of bipolar active regions M. Poisson, M.C. López Fuentes, C.H. Mandrini, P. Démoulin, C. MacCormack 2020-01-02
Navdeep PanesarHi-C 2.1 Observations of Jetlet-like Events at Edges of Solar Magnetic Network Lanes Panesar, Navdeep K.; Sterling, Alphonse C.; Moore, Ronald L.; Winebarger, Amy R.; Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; Savage, Sabrina L.; Golub, Leon E.; Rachmeler, Laurel A.; Kobayashi, Ken; Brooks, David H.; Cirtain, Jonathan W.; De Pontieu, Bart; McKenzie, David E.; Morton, Richard J.; Peter, Hardi; Testa, Paola; Walsh, Robert W.; Warren, Harry P. 2019-12-25
Sanjiv TiwariFine-scale Explosive Energy Release at Sites of Prospective Magnetic Flux Cancellation in the Core of the Solar Active Region Observed by Hi-C 2.1, IRIS, and SDO Tiwari, Sanjiv K.; Panesar, Navdeep K.; Moore, Ronald L.; De Pontieu, Bart; Winebarger, Amy R.; Golub, Leon; Savage, Sabrina L.; Rachmeler, Laurel A.; Kobayashi, Ken; Testa, Paola; Warren, Harry P.; Brooks, David H.; Cirtain, Jonathan W.; McKenzie, David E.; Morton, Richard J.; Peter, Hardi; Walsh, Robert W. 2019-12-25
Qingmin ZhangRemote coronal dimmings related to a circular-ribbon flare Q. M. Zhang and R. S. Zheng 2019-12-25
Xin ChengFormation and Eruption of a Mini-sigmoid Originating in Coronal Hole Z. W. Huang, X. Cheng, Y. N. Su, T. Liu, M. D. Ding 2019-12-24

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On the Origin of Solar Torsional Oscillations and Extended Solar Cycle
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