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C. Guillermo Giménez de CastroHATS: A Ground-Based Telescope to Explore the THz Domain C.G. Giménez de Castro, J.-P. Raulin, A. Valio, G. Alaia, V. Alvarenga, E.C. Bortolucci, S.H. Fernandes, C. Francile, T. Giorgetti, A.S. Kudaka, F.M. Lopez, R. Marcon, A. Marun, M. Zaquela 2020-03-31
Boris FilippovFailed prominence eruptions near 24 cycle maximum B. Filippov 2020-03-31
Bieke DecraemerProperties of Streamer Wave Events Observed During the STEREO Era Bieke Decraemer, Andrei N. Zhukov, Tom Van Doorsselaere 2020-03-30
Jeffrey ReepSimulating Solar Flare Irradiance with Multithreaded Models of Flare Arcades Jeffrey W. Reep, Harry P. Warren, Christopher S. Moore, Crisel Suarez, Laura A. Hayes 2020-03-25
Valentina ZharkovaCounter-streaming strahls and heat flux dropouts as possible signatures of local particle acceleration in the solar wind O. Khabarova, V. Zharkova, Q. Xia, and O. E. Malandraki 2020-03-20
Juliana VieveringNew Star Observations with NuSTAR: Flares from Young Stellar Objects in the ρ Ophiuchi Cloud Complex in Hard X-Rays Juliana T. Vievering, Lindsay Glesener, Brian W. Grefenstette, and David M. Smith 2020-03-18
Lindsay GlesenerAccelerated Electrons Observed Down to <7 keV in a NuSTAR Solar Microflare Lindsay Glesener, Säm Krucker, Jessie Duncan, Iain G. Hannah, Brian W. Grefenstette, Bin Chen, David M. Smith, Stephen M. White, and Hugh Hudson 2020-03-18
Axel BrandenburgMagnetic helicity dissipation and production in an ideal MHD code Axel Brandenburg, Evan Scannapieco 2020-03-17
Pascal DemoulinMagnetic twist profile inside magnetic clouds derived with a superposed epoch analysis Lanabere V., Dasso S., Démoulin P., Janvier M., Rodriguez L. and Masías-Meza J.J. 2020-03-12
Pascal DemoulinProperties of ICME-Induced Forbush decreases at Earth and Mars Freiherr von Forstner, J.L., Guo, J., Wimmer-Schweingruber, R.F., Dumbovic, M., Janvier, M., Demoulin, P., Veronig, A., Temmer, M., Papaioannou, A., Dasso, S., Hassler, D.M., Zeitlin, C.J., 2020-03-11
Kyoko WatanabeWhite-light Emission and Chromospheric Response by an X1.8-class Flare on 2012 October 23 Kyoko Watanabe and Shinsuke Imada 2020-03-11
David MacTaggartHelicity and winding fluxes as indicators of twisted flux emergence MacTaggart, D., Prior, C. 2020-03-10
Ding YuanMagnetic connectivity between the light bridge and penumbra in a sunspot Song Feng, Yuhu Miao, Ding Yuan, Zhongquan Qu, Valery M. Nakariakov 2020-03-10
Deb BakerCan Sub-photospheric Magnetic Reconnection Change the Elemental Composition in the Solar Corona? Deborah Baker, Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi, David H. Brooks, Pascal Demoulin, Gherardo Valori, David M. Long, J. Martin Laming, Andy S. H. To, Alexander W. James 2020-03-09
Viacheslav SadykovResponse of SDO/HMI observables to heating of the solar atmosphere by precipitating high-energy electrons Viacheslav M Sadykov, Alexander G Kosovichev, Irina N Kitiashvili, Graham S Kerr 2020-03-06
Radoslav Bučík3He-Rich Solar Energetic Particles: Solar Sources Bučík, R. 2020-03-02
Sophie Musset Statistical Study of Hard X-Ray Emitting Electrons Associated with Flare-related Coronal Jets Sophie Musset, Mariana Jeunon, Lindsay Glesener 2020-02-26
Vasyl YurchyshynRapid Evolution of Type II Spicules Observed in Goode Solar Telescope On-Disk Hα Images V. Yurchyshyn, W. Cao, V. Abramenko, X. Yang, K.-S. Cho 2020-02-24
Istvan BallaiDiagnostics of plasma ionisation using torsional Alfvén waves Istvan Ballai 2020-02-20
Daniel Nóbrega-Siverio Nonequilibrium ionization and ambipolar diffusion in solar magnetic flux emergence processes D. Nóbrega-Siverio, F. Moreno-Insertis, J. Martínez-Sykora, M. Carlsson, M. Szydlarski 2020-02-20

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Continuous Null-Point Magnetic Reconnection Builds Up a Torus Unstable Magnetic Flux Rope Triggering the X9.3 Flare in Solar Active Region~12673
A Comparison of Flare Forecasting Methods. IV. Evaluating Consecutive-Day Forecasting Patterns
The New 2018 Version of the Meudon Spectroheliograph
Longitudinal filament oscillations enhanced by two C-class flares
Spatio-temporal energy partitioning in a non-thermally dominated two-loop solar flare
Meteospace, a New Instrument for Solar Survey at the Calern Observatory
Correcting the effect of magnetic tongues on the tilt angle of bipolar active regions
Hi-C 2.1 Observations of Jetlet-like Events at Edges of Solar Magnetic Network Lanes
Fine-scale Explosive Energy Release at Sites of Prospective Magnetic Flux Cancellation in the Core of the Solar Active Region Observed by Hi-C 2.1, IRIS, and SDO

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