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Giuseppe NisticoProbing the Density Fine Structuring of the Solar Corona with Comet Lovejoy GiusG. Nisticò, G. Zimbardo, S. Perri, V. M. Nakariakov, T. J. Duckenfield, M. Druckmueller 2022-09-13
Nicolas, Aurélien, Corentin PoirierConfined plasma transition from the solar atmosphere to the interplanetary medium Nicolas Poirier 2022-09-12
Jiong QiuExtracting the Heliographic Coordinates of Coronal Rays using Images from WISPR/Parker Solar Probe P. C. Liewer, J. Qiu, F. Ark, P. Penteado, G. Stenborg, A. Vourlidas, J. R. Hall, P. Riley 2022-09-08
Valery NakariakovTwo-spacecraft detection of short-period decayless kink oscillations of solar coronal loops Zhong, S., Nakariakov, V.M., Kolotkov, D.Y., Verbeeck, C., Berghmans, D. 2022-09-08
Navdeep PanesarGenesis and Coronal-jet-generating Eruption of a Solar Minifilament Captured by IRIS Slit-raster Spectra Navdeep K. Panesar, Sanjiv K. Tiwari, Ronald L. Moore, Alphonse C. Sterling, and Bart De Pontieu 2022-09-07
Qingmin ZhangFirst detection of transverse vertical oscillation during the expansion of coronal loops Qingmin Zhang, Chuan Li, Dong Li, Ye Qiu, Yanjie Zhang, and Yiwei Ni 2022-09-01
Yihua YanA New Position Calibration Method for MUSER Images Zhichao Zhou, Yihua Yan, Linjie Chen, Wei Wang and Suli Ma 2022-08-31
Hanya PanSigmoid Formation Through Slippage of A Single J-shaped Coronal Loop Hanya Pan, Tingyu Gou, Rui Liu 2022-08-30
Chaowei JiangMHD Simulation of Homologous Eruptions from Solar Active Region 10930 Caused by Sunspot Rotation Xinyi Wang, Chaowei Jiang*, Xueshang Feng, Aiying Duan, Xinkai Bian 2022-08-30
John RaymondDropouts of Fully Stripped Ions in the Solar Wind: A Diagnostic for Wave Heating versus Reconnection Raymond, J.C., Asgari-Targhi, M., Wilson, M.L., Rivera, Y.J., Lepri, S.T., Shen, C. 2022-08-29
Tongjiang WangPlasma heating and nanoflare caused by slow-mode wave in a coronal loop Xia, F., Wang, T.J., Su, Y., Zhao, J., Zhang, Q.M., Veronig, A.M., & Gan, W., 2022-08-28
Ying LiThe Lyman-α Emission in a C1.4 Solar Flare Observed by the Extreme Ultraviolet Imager aboard Solar Orbiter Li, Ying; Li, Qiao; Song, De-Chao; Battaglia, Andrea Francesco; Xiao, Hualin; Krucker, Säm; Schühle, Udo; Li, Hui; Gan, Weiqun; Ding, M. D. 2022-08-18
Ying LiImaging and Spectroscopic Observations of the Dynamic Processes in Limb Solar Flares Yu, Ke; Li, Y.; Hong, Jie; Song, De-Chao; Ding, M. D. 2022-08-18
Alexander JamesEvolution of the critical torus instability height and CME likelihood in solar active regions Alexander W. James, David R. Williams, Jennifer O'Kane 2022-08-16
Viacheslav TitovA Magnetogram-matching Method for Energizing Magnetic Flux Ropes Toward Eruption Titov, Viacheslav S.; Downs, Cooper; Török, Tibor; Linker, Jon A. 2022-08-11
D. Nóbrega-SiverioA 2D Model for Coronal Bright Points: Association with Spicules, UV bursts, Surges and EUV Coronal Jets D. Nóbrega-Siverio and F. Moreno-Insertis 2022-08-09
Karl-Ludwig KleinThe relativistic solar particle event on 28 October 2021: Evidence of particle acceleration within and escape from the solar corona Karl-Ludwig Klein, Sophie Musset, Nicole Vilmer, Carine Briand, Säm Krucker, Andrea Francesco Battaglia, Nina Dresing, Christian Palmroos, Dale E. Gary 2022-08-02
Małgorzata PietrasStatistical Analysis of Stellar Flares from the First Three Years of TESS Observations Małgorzata Pietras, Robert Falewicz, Marek Siarkowski, Kamil Bicz, Paweł Preś 2022-07-25
Markus J. AschwandenInterface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) Observations of the Fractal Dimension in the Solar Atmosphere Markus J. Aschwanden and Nived Vilangot Nhalil 2022-07-21
Jing HuangClusters of Solar Radio Spikes Modulated by Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in a Confined Flare Huang, Jing ; Tan, Chengming ; Chen, Xingyao ; Tan, Baolin ; Yan, Yihua ; Zhang, Yin ; Ma, Suli ; Zhou, Zhichao ; Zhang, Minghui ; Wang, Wei ; Chen, Linjie 2022-07-17

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