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Submitter Title Authors Date
Juergen HinterreiterStatistical Properties of Ribbon Evolution and Reconnection Electric Fields in Eruptive and Confined Flares J. Hinterreiter, A.M. Veronig, J.K. Thalmann, J. Tschernitz, W. Pötzi 2018-02-16
Xin ChengUnambiguous Evidence of Filament Splitting-Induced Partial Eruptions X. Cheng, B. Kliem, M. D. Ding 2018-02-14
Valery PipinOn the Origin of the Double-cell Meridional Circulation in the Solar Convection Zone V.V. Pipin and A.G. Kosovichev 2018-02-13
James McLaughlinModelling Quasi-Periodic Pulsations in Solar and Stellar Flares McLaughlin, J.A., Nakariakov, V.M., Dominique, M., Jelínek, P., Takasao, S. 2018-02-13
Sophie MussetDiffusive transport of energetic electrons in the solar corona: X-ray and radio diagnotics S. Musset, E. P. Kontar and N. Vilmer 2018-02-08
David LongPlasma evolution within an erupting coronal cavity David M. Long, Louise K. Harra, Sarah A. Matthews, Harry P. Warren, Kyoung-Sun Lee, George Doschek, Hirohisa Hara, Jack M. Jenkins 2018-02-08
Michele PianaIdentification of multiple hard X-ray sources in solar flares: A Bayesian analysis of the February 20 2002 event Federica Sciacchitano, Alberto Sorrentino, A Gordon Emslie, Anna Maria Massone, Michele Piana 2018-02-08
Navin Chandra JoshiFlux Rope Breaking and Formation of a Rotating Blowout Jet Navin Chandra Joshi, Naoto Nishizuka, Boris Filippov, Tetsuya Magara, Andrey G. Tlatov 2018-02-07
J Todd HoeksemaOn-Orbit Performance of the Helioseismic and Magnetic Imager Instrument onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory J.T. Hoeksema, C.S. Baldner, R.I. Bush, J. Schou, P.H. Scherrer 2018-02-06
Chunming ZhuTwo-Phase Heating in Flaring Loops Chunming Zhu, Jiong Qiu, Dana W Longcope 2018-02-05
Pankaj KumarEvidence For The Magnetic Breakout Model in an Equatorial Coronal-Hole Jet Kumar, Pankaj; Karpen, Judith T.; Antiochos, Spiro K.; Wyper, Peter F.; DeVore, C. Richard; DeForest, Craig E. 2018-02-05
Axel BrandenburgSpontaneous flux concentrations from the negative effective magnetic pressure instability beneath a radiative stellar surface Perri, B., & Brandenburg, A. 2018-02-03
Ilya ChertokPowerful Solar Flares of September 2017: Correspondence Between Parameters of Microwave Bursts and Proton Fluxes near Earth I.M. Chertok 2018-02-02
Yumi BambaEvaluation of Applicability of a Flare Trigger Model based on Comparison of Geometric Structures Yumi Bamba and Kanya Kusano 2018-02-01
Manuela TemmerCoronal hole evolution from multi-viewpoint data as input for a STEREO solar wind speed persistence model M. Temmer, J. Hinterreiter, M.A. Reiss 2018-02-01
Satoshi InoueFormation and Dynamics of a Solar Eruptive Flux Tube Satoshi Inoue, Kanya Kusano, Jörg Büchner, Jan Skála 2018-01-25
Amir CaspiThe Instruments and Capabilities of the Miniature X-ray Solar Spectrometer (MinXSS) CubeSats Christopher S. Moore, Amir Caspi, Thomas N. Woods, Phillip C. Chamberlin, Brian R. Dennis, Andrew R. Jones, James P. Mason, Richard A. Schwartz, Anne K. Tolbert 2018-01-24
Xingyao ChenFine Structures of Solar Radio Type III Bursts and their Possible Relationship with Coronal Density Turbulence Xingyao Chen, Eduard P. Kontar, Sijie Yu, Yihua Yan, Jing Huang, Baolin Tan 2018-01-23
Sergei ShestovInfluence of misalignments on the performance of externally occulted solar coronagraphs. Application to PROBA-3/ASPIICS S. V. Shestov, A. N. Zhukov 2018-01-23
Dong LiObservations of Electron-driven Evaporation during a Flare Precursor Dong Li, Ying Li, Wei Su, Yu Huang, Zongjun Ning 2018-01-22

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The "FIP Effect" and the Origins of Solar Energetic Particles and of the Solar Wind
Sun-to-Earth MHD Simulation of the 14 July 2000 "Bastille Day" Eruption
The density compression ratio of shock fronts associated with coronal mass ejections
Evolution of Photospheric Flow and Magnetic Fields Associated with The 2015 June 22 M6.5 Flare
Spatially inhomogeneous acceleration of electrons in solar flares
Probing Twisted Magnetic Field Using Microwave Observations in an M Class Solar Flare on 11 February, 2014
The origin, early evolution and predictability of solar eruptions
Polar Field Correction for HMI Line-of-Sight Synoptic Data
Relationship between Intensity of White-Light Flares and Proton Flux of Solar Energetic Particles
Spectroscopic Observations of a Current Sheet in a Solar Flare
IRIS Observations of Spicules and Structures Near the Solar Limb
Strong Transverse Photosphere Magnetic Fields and Twist in Light Bridge Dividing Delta Sunspot of Active Region 12673
Simultaneous observation of a flux rope eruption and magnetic reconnection during an X-class solar flare
Spectroscopic diagnostics of the non-Maxwellian κ-distributions using SDO/EVE observations of the 2012 March 7 X-class flare
Transient rotation of photospheric vector magnetic fields associated with a solar flare
Three-dimensional Forward-fit Modeling of the Hard X-Ray and Microwave Emissions of the 2015 June 22 M6.5 Flare
Center-to-Limb Variability of Hot Coronal EUV Emissions During Solar Flares
A time dependent relation between EUV solar flare light-curves from lines with differing formation temperatures
Understanding Breaks in Flare X-Ray Spectra: Evaluation of a Cospatial Collisional Return-current Model
Solar energetic particles and radio burst emission

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