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Submitter Title Authors Date
Donald ReamesThe "FIP Effect" and the Origins of Solar Energetic Particles and of the Solar Wind Donald V. Reames 2018-01-19
Tibor TorokSun-to-Earth MHD Simulation of the 14 July 2000 "Bastille Day" Eruption Tibor Török, Cooper Downs, Jon A. Linker, Roberto Lionello, Viacheslav S. Titov, Zoran Mikić, Pete Riley, Ron M. Caplan, Janvier Wijaya 2018-01-19
Ryun Young KwonThe density compression ratio of shock fronts associated with coronal mass ejections Ryun-Young Kwon, Angelos Vourlidas 2018-01-16
Jiasheng Wang Evolution of Photospheric Flow and Magnetic Fields Associated with The 2015 June 22 M6.5 Flare Jiasheng Wang, Chang Liu, Na deng, Haimin Wang 2018-01-16
Eduard KontarSpatially inhomogeneous acceleration of electrons in solar flares Duncan J. Stackhouse and Eduard P. Kontar 2018-01-16
Ivan SharykinProbing Twisted Magnetic Field Using Microwave Observations in an M Class Solar Flare on 11 February, 2014 I.N. Sharykin, A.A. Kuznetsov, I.I. Myshyakov 2018-01-16
Tibor TorokThe origin, early evolution and predictability of solar eruptions L.M. Green, T. Torok, B. Vrsnak, W. Manchester IV, A. Veronig 2018-01-15
Xudong SunPolar Field Correction for HMI Line-of-Sight Synoptic Data Xudong Sun, for the HMI Team 2018-01-14
Nengyi HuangRelationship between Intensity of White-Light Flares and Proton Flux of Solar Energetic Particles Nengyi Huang, Yan Xu, Haimin Wang 2018-01-12
Ying LiSpectroscopic Observations of a Current Sheet in a Solar Flare Y. Li, J. C. Xue, M. D. Ding, X. Cheng, Y. Su, L. Feng, J. Hong, H. Li, W. Q. Gan 2018-01-12
Costas AlissandrakisIRIS Observations of Spicules and Structures Near the Solar Limb C. E. Alissandrakis,  J.-C. Vial, A. Koukras,  E. Buchlin,  M. Chane-Yook 2018-01-12
Haimin WangStrong Transverse Photosphere Magnetic Fields and Twist in Light Bridge Dividing Delta Sunspot of Active Region 12673 Wang, Haimin; Yurchyshyn, Vasyl; Liu, Chang; Ahn, Kwangsu; Toriumi, Shin and Cao, Wenda 2018-01-11
Xiaoli YanSimultaneous observation of a flux rope eruption and magnetic reconnection during an X-class solar flare X. L. Yan, L. H. Yang, Z. K. Xue, Z. X. Mei, D. F. Kong, J. C. Wang, Q. L. Li 2018-01-10
Jaroslav DudSpectroscopic diagnostics of the non-Maxwellian κ-distributions using SDO/EVE observations of the 2012 March 7 X-class flare Elena Dzifcakova, Alena Zemanova, Jaroslav Dudik, and Simon Mackovjak 2018-01-10
Yan XuTransient rotation of photospheric vector magnetic fields associated with a solar flare Yan Xu, Wenda Cao, Kwangsu Ahn, Ju Jing, Chang Liu, Jongchul Chae, Nengyi Huang, Na Deng, Dale E. Gary and Haimin Wang 2018-01-09
Natsuha KurodaThree-dimensional Forward-fit Modeling of the Hard X-Ray and Microwave Emissions of the 2015 June 22 M6.5 Flare Natsuha Kuroda, Dale E. Gary, Haimin Wang, Gregory D. Fleishman, Gelu M. Nita, Ju Jing 2018-01-08
Edward ThiemannCenter-to-Limb Variability of Hot Coronal EUV Emissions During Solar Flares Edward Thiemann, Phillip Chamberlin, Francis Eparvier, Luke Epp 2018-01-08
Edward ThiemannA time dependent relation between EUV solar flare light-curves from lines with differing formation temperatures Edward M.B. Thiemann, Francis G. Eparvier, Thomas N. Woods 2018-01-08
Meriem AlaouiUnderstanding Breaks in Flare X-Ray Spectra: Evaluation of a Cospatial Collisional Return-current Model Alaoui, Meriem; Holman, Gordon 2018-01-07
Rositsa MitevaSolar energetic particles and radio burst emission R. Miteva, S. W. Samwel and V. Krupar 2017-12-30

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A quasi-periodic fast-propagating magnetosonic wave associated with the eruption of a magnetic flux rope
Two-step solar filament eruptions
Regularized Biot-Savart Laws for Modeling Magnetic Flux Ropes
Optimization of photospheric electric field estimates for accurate retrieval of total magnetic energy injection
Observations of an Eruptive Solar Flare in the Extended EUV Solar Corona
Active Region Photospheric Magnetic Properties Derived from Line-of-sight and Radial Fields
Extending Counter-Streaming Motion from an Active Region Filament to Sunspot Light Bridge
A Hydrodynamic Model of Alfvénic Wave Heating in a Coronal Loop and its Chromospheric Footpoints
On the factors determining the eruptive character of solar flares
Reconnection fluxes in eruptive and confined flares and implications for superflares on the Sun
Studying the transfer of magnetic helicity in solar active regions with the connectivity-based helicity flux density method
Two-scale analysis of solar magnetic helicity
Determination of Linear Force-Free Magnetic Field Constant Alpha Using Deep Learning
Heating and cooling of coronal loops with turbulent suppression of parallel heat conduction
Solar Energetic Particle Forecasting Algorithms and Associated False Alarms
Fluting Modes in Transversely Nonuniform Solar Flux Tubes
Super-Flaring Active Region 12673 Has One of the Fastest Magnetic Flux Emergence Ever Observed
First NuSTAR Limits on Quiet Sun Hard X-Ray Transient Events
Solar-wind predictions for the Parker Solar Probe orbit
Simulating coronal loop implosion and compressible wave modes in a flare hit active region

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