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Submitter Title Authors Date
Salvatore MancusoSpatioTemporal Evolution and North-South Asymmetry of Quasi-Biennial Oscillations in the Coronal Fe XIV Emission S. Mancuso, T. S. Lee, C. Taricco, S. Rubinetti 2018-08-31
Donald ReamesCorotating Shock Waves and the Solar-Wind Source of Energetic Ion Abundances: Power Laws in A/Q Donald V. Reames 2018-08-30
Leping LiCoronal condensations caused by magnetic reconnection between solar coronal loops Leping Li, Jun Zhang, Hardi Peter, Lakshmi Pradeep Chitta, Jiangtao Su, Chun Xia, Hongqiang Song, Yijun Hou 2018-08-28
Tetsu AnanMeasurement of Vector Magnetic Field in a Flare kernel with a Spectropolarimetric Observation in He I 10830 A Tetsu Anan, Takurou Yoneya, Kiyoshi Ichimoto, Satoru Ueno, Daikou Shiota, Satoshi Nozawa, Shinsuke Takasao, Tomoko Kawate 2018-08-27
Vahe PatrosianThe Relation Between Escape and Scattering Times of Energetic Particles in a Turbulent Magnetized Plasma: Application to Solar Flares Frederic Effenberger and Vahé Petrosian 2018-08-24
Vahe PatrosianImplications of loop-top origin for microwave, hard X-ray, and low-energy gamma-ray emissions from behind the limb flares Vahé Petrosian 2018-08-23
Karl-Ludwig KleinSolar radio emission as a disturbance of aeronautical radionavigation Christophe Marqué, Karl-Ludwig Klein, Christian Monstein, Hermann Opgenoorth, Antti Pulkkinen, Stephan Buchert, Säm Krucker, Rudiger Van Hoof, Peter Thulesen 2018-08-22
David BrooksA Diagnostic of Coronal Elemental Behavior during the Inverse FIP Effect in Solar Flares David H. Brooks 2018-08-20
Xin Cheng Observations of Turbulent Magnetic Reconnection Within a Solar Current Sheet X. Cheng, Y. Li, L. F. Wan, M. D. Ding, P. F. Chen, J. Zhang, J. J. Liu 2018-08-20
Ilya ChertokDiagnostic Analysis of the Solar Proton Flares of September 2017 by Their Radio Bursts I. M. Chertok 2018-08-16
Patrick McCauleyDensities Probed by Coronal Type III Radio Burst Imaging Patrick I. McCauley, Iver H. Cairns, John Morgan 2018-08-15
Markus AschwandenThe Minimum Energy Principle Applied to Parker's Coronal Braiding and Nanoflaring Scenario Aschwanden, M.J. and van Ballegooijen,A.A. 2018-08-15
Maria MadjarskaEruptions from quiet Sun coronal bright points. I. Observations Chauzhou Mou, Maria S. Madjarska, Klaus Galsgaard, and Lidong Xia 2018-08-15
Christopher GoddardEvolution of the transverse density structure of oscillating coronal loops inferred by forward modelling of EUV intensity C. R. Goddard, P. Antolin, D. J. Pascoe 2018-08-13
Valery NakariakovNon-stationary quasi-periodic pulsations in solar and stellar flares Nakariakov, V.M., Kolotkov, D., Kupriyanova, E.G., Mehta, T., Pugh, C.E., Lee, D.-H., Broomhall, A.M. 2018-08-10
Valentina ZharkovaLost and found sunquake in the 6 September 2011 flare caused by beam electrons Connor Macrae, Sergei Zharkov, Valentina Zharkova, Malcolm Druett, Sarah Matthews, and Tomoko Kawate 2018-08-07
Valery PipinNonkinematic solar dynamo models with double-cell meridional circulation V.V. Pipin 2018-08-06
Axel BrandenburgSolar Kinetic Energy and Cross Helicity Spectra Hongqi Zhang, Axel Brandenburg 2018-08-04
Yan XuCollective Study of Polar Crown Filaments in the Past Four Solar Cycles Yan Xu, Werner Potzi, Hewei Zhang, Nengyi Huang, Ju Jing, and Haimin Wang 2018-07-31
Kenneth PhillipsHighly Ionized Calcium and Argon X-ray Spectra from a Large Solar Flare K. J. H. Phillips, J. Sylwester, B. Sylwester, M. Kowalinski, M. Siarkowski, W. Trzebinski, S. Plocieniak, and Z. Kordylewski 2018-07-28

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Detecting the solar new magnetic flux regions on the base of vector magnetograms
A Truly Global EUV Wave From the SOL2017-09-10 X8.2 Solar Flare-CME Eruption
A Truly Global EUV Wave From the SOL2017-09-10 X8.2 Solar Flare-CME Eruption
Photospheric Shear Flows in Solar Active Regions and Their Relation to Flare Occurrence
Linear Polarization Features in the Quiet-Sun Photosphere: Structure and Dynamics
Solar Microflares Observed by SphinX and RHESSI
Two Kinds of Dynamic Behavior in a Quiescent Prominence Observed by the NVST
Resistively-limited current sheet implosions in planar anti-parallel (1D) and null-point containing (2D) magnetic field geometries
Is It Small-scale Weak Magnetic Activity That Effectively Heats the Upper Solar Atmosphere?
Self-Similar Approach for Rotating Magnetohydrodynamic Solar and Astrophysical Structures
Spectroscopic and imaging observations of small-scale reconnection events
A Study of Magnetic Field Characteristics of Flaring Active Region Based on Nonlinear Force-free Field Extrapolation
A Study of a Compound Solar Eruption with Two Consecutive Erupting Magnetic Structures
Non-potential magnetic helicity ratios at the onset of eruptions
Solar Cycle Observations of the Neon Abundance in the Sun-as-a-star
Subresolution Activity in Solar and Stellar Coronae from Magnetic Field Line Tangling
A Model of Zebra Patterns in Solar Radio Emission
Three-dimensional magnetic reconnection in a collapsing coronal loop system
On the Synthesis of GOES Light Curves from Numerical Models

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