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Propagating EUV disturbances in the Solar corona: two-wavelength observations  

Damian Bryan King   Submitted: 2003-03-21 08:20

Quasi-periodic EUV disturbances simultaneously observed in 171 angstrom and 195 angstrom TRACE bandpasses propagating outwardly in a fan-like magnetic structure of a coronal active region are analysed. Time series of disturbances observed in the different bandpasses have a relatively high correlation coefficient (up to about 0.7). The correlation has a tendency to decrease with distance along the structure: this is consistent with an interpretation of the disturbances in terms of parallel-propagating slow magnetoacoustic waves. The wavelet analysis does not show a significant difference between waves observed in different bandpasses. Periodic patterns of two distinct periods: 2-3 min and 5-8 min are detected in both bandpasses, existing simultaneously and at the same distance along the loop, suggesting the nonlinear generation of the second harmonics.

Authors: D.B.King, V.M.Nakariakov, E.E.Deluca,L.Golub, K.G.McClements
Projects: Soho-MDI

Publication Status: A&A letters (accepted)
Last Modified: 2003-05-08 10:38
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Propagating EUV disturbances in the Solar corona: two-wavelength observations

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