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Three species collisionless reconnection: Effect of O+ on magnetotail reconnection  

Michael Shay   Submitted: 2004-07-09 12:00

The nature of collisionless reconnection in a three-species plasma composed of a heavy species, protons, and electrons is examined. Besides the usual two length scales present in two-species reconnection, there are two additional larger length scales in the system: one associated with a ``heavy whistler'' which produces a large scale quadrupolar out-of-plane magnetic field, and one associated with the ``heavy Alfvén'' wave which can slow the outflow speed and thus the reconnection rate. The consequences for reconnection with O+ present in the magnetotail are discussed.

Authors: M. A. Shay and M. Swisdak

Publication Status: Submitted to Physical Review Letters, arXiv:physics/0406063
Last Modified: 2004-07-09 12:02
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Three species collisionless reconnection: Effect of O+ on magnetotail reconnection

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