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Marek Siarkowski   Submitted: 2008-05-29 06:10

We discuss here various methodologies and an optimal strategy of the temperature and emission measure diagnostics based on Hinode X-Ray Telescope data. As an example of our results we present determination of the temperature distribution of the X-rays emitting plasma using filters ratio method and three various methods of the calculation of the differential emission measure (DEM). We have found that all these methods give results similar to the two filters ratio method. Additionally, all methods of the DEM calculation gave similar solutions. We can state that the majority of the pairs of the Hinode filters allows one to derive the temperature and emission measure in the isothermal plasma approximation using standard diagnostic based on two filters ratio method. In cases of strong flares one can also expect well conformity of the results obtained using a Withbroe - Sylwester, genetic algorithm and least-square methods of the DEM evaluation.

Authors: Siarkowski M., Falewicz R., Kepa A., and Rudawy P.
Projects: Hinode/XRT

Publication Status: Ann. Geophys. (in press)
Last Modified: 2008-09-23 21:01
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Review of RF15-I X-ray photometer observations  

Marek Siarkowski   Submitted: 1999-11-26 15:01

RF15-I is a joint Czech-Polish Solar Soft/Hard X-ray broad-band photometer aboard the INTERBALL-Tail Probe satellite. By observing the Sun (since August 1995) in the energy bands: 2-3-5-8 and 10-15-30-60-120-240 keV, this photometer provides complementary data to GOES, BATSE and YOHKOH/HXT. Here, we present examples of reduced high-time resolution observations for several flares observed. These observations will be used subsequently in order to study flare energetics, statistics and diagnostics of the flare acceleration processes. Determination of important plasma parameters is envisaged. The data may support also the analysis of magnetospheric plasma.

Authors: Siarkowski, M., Sylwester, J., Gburek, S. and Kordylewski, Z.

Publication Status: in Proc. of the Ninth European Meeting on Solar Physics, ``Magnetic Fields and Solar Processes'', Florence, Italy, 12-18 Septemb
Last Modified: 1999-11-26 15:01
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Review of RF15-I X-ray photometer observations

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