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Non-thermal processes associated with rising structures and waves during a 'halo' type CME  

Niina Lehtinen   Submitted: 2005-09-27 06:23

We analyse structures and events connected with a flare-associated 'halo' type coronal mass ejection (CME) observed on December 18, 2000. A GOES C7.0 class X-ray flare started at 11:02 UT in NOAA Active Region 9269, located at N14 E03. Yohkoh SXT observed slowly rising soft X-ray loops already some 5 minutes before flare start. Hα images show a two-ribbon flare, remote brightenings, and a partly disappearing filament near the active region. A metric radio precursor was observed to start at 11:06:30 UT, simultaneously with impulsive emission in hard X-rays and microwaves. The frequency-drifting precursor envelope was superposed with J- and reverse drift bursts. The radio bursts traced large-scale soft X-ray loop structures about 160 000 km away from the flare core, and hard X-ray emission was observed at the ends of some of these loops. The precursor emission points to a rising structure where electron acceleration takes place. Later on, a radio type II burst (signature of a propagating shock, driven either by an ejecta or a blast wave) and an EIT wave were observed. We conclude that possible sources for the rising structure and accelerator of electron beams are (1) large-scale loops that connect the flare core region and the precursor site in the close vicinity of two separate rising filaments, and (2) a growing shock that accelerates electrons along closed field lines until the multipolar field is opened and the CME is lifted off. As neither X-ray nor EUV ejecta could be observed whether in the direction of the type II burst or near the radio precursor, we find some support for the shock wave scenario.

Authors: N.J. Lehtinen, S. Pohjolainen, M. Karlický, H. Aurass, and W. Otruba
Projects: None

Publication Status: in press
Last Modified: 2005-09-27 06:23
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Non-thermal processes associated with rising structures and waves during a 'halo' type CME

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