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The interaction of a plasmoid with a loop-top kernel  

Sylwester Kolomanski   Submitted: 2008-10-04 07:58

(Aims) We study the interaction between a downward moving plasmoid and a loop-top kernel recognized in the 30 November 2000 flare. Such an interaction is predicted by some numerical models of solar flares. (Methods) Using X-ray observations from Yohkoh and GOES, EUV observations from SOHO, and radio observations from Ondřejov;, we perform multi-wavelength analysis of this interaction. (Results) The Yohkoh/SXT and SOHO/EIT images indicate that the growing flare loop with the loop-top kernel and the above-lying plasmoid were formed as a result of the interaction of two extended arcade-loops. While the flare loop was growing upwards, the plasmoid moved downwards with the velocity of about 16 km s-1 and interacted with the loop-top kernel. Many details of this interaction are found, e.g., an increase of the X-ray and decimetric radio fluxes and an increase of the plasma temperature at the interaction site. Just after the coalescence of the plasmoid with the loop-top kernel, the 1-2 GHz pulsating radio structure and hard X-ray source above the coalescence site were observed. The analyzed temperature maps indicate flows of heated plasma around the plasmoid to the location of the X-ray and radio source. These observations are in agreement with predictions from numerical modelling.

Authors: S. Kolomanski, M. Karlický
Projects: Yohkoh-HXT,Yohkoh-SXT

Publication Status: published in Astronomy & Astrophysics
Last Modified: 2008-10-05 00:33
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The interaction of a plasmoid with a loop-top kernel

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