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Stereoscopic Analysis of STEREO/SECCHI Data for CME Trajectory Determination  

Paulett Liewer   Submitted: 2010-10-06 23:31

The Sun Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI)coronagraphs on the twin Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO) spacecraft provide simultaneous views of the corona and coronal mass ejections from two view points. Here, we analyze simultaneous image pairs using the technique of tie-pointing and triangulation (T&T) to determine the three-dimensional trajectory of seven coronal mass ejections (CMEs). The bright leading edge of a CME seen in coronagraph images results from line-of-sight integration through the CME front; the two STEREO coronagraphs see different apparent leading edges, leading to a systematic error in its three-dimensional reconstruction. We analyze this systematic error using a simple geometric model of a CME front. We validate the technique and analysis by comparing T&T trajectory determinations for seven CMEs with trajectories determined by Thernisien, Vourlidas and Howard (2009) using a forward modeling technique not susceptible to this systematic effect. We find that, for the range of spacecraft separation studied (≤50?), T&T gives reliable trajectories (uncertainty < 10? in direction and < 15% velocity) for CME propagating within approximately "40" of perpendicular to Sun-Earth line. For CMEs close to the Sun-Earth or Sun-Spacecraft lines, T&T is subject to larger errors, especially in the velocity.

Authors: P. C. Liewer, J. R. Hall, R. A. Howard, E. M. De Jong, W. T. Thompson, A. Thernisien
Projects: STEREO

Publication Status: accepted
Last Modified: 2010-10-08 06:59
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Stereoscopic Analysis of the 19 May 2007 Erupting Filament  

Paulett Liewer   Submitted: 2009-04-03 14:43

A filament eruption, accompanied by a B9.5 flare, coronal dimming and an EUV wave, was observed by the Solar TERrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO) on 19 May 2007, beginning at about 13:00 UT. Here, we use observations from the SECCHI/EUVI telescopes and other solar observations to analyze the behavior and geometry of the filament before and during the eruption. At this time, STEREO A and B were separated by about 8.5?, sufficient to determine the three-dimensional structure of the filament using stereoscopy. The filament could be followed in SECCHI/EUVI 304 Å stereoscopic data from about 12 hours before to about 2 hours after the eruption, allowing us to determine the 3D trajectory of the erupting filament. From the 3D reconstructions of the filament and the chromospheric ribbons in the early stage of the eruption, simultaneous heating of both the rising filamentary material and the chromosphere directly below is observed, consistent with an eruption resulting from magnetic reconnection below the filament. Comparisons of the filament during eruption in 304 Å and Hα show that when it becomes emissive in He II, it tends to disappear in Hα, indicating that the disappearance probably results from heating or motion, not loss, of filamentary material.

Authors: P. C. Liewer, E. M. De Jong, J. R. Hall, R. A. Howard, W. T. Thompson , J. L. Culhane, L.Bone, L. van Driel-Gesztelyi
Projects: STEREO

Publication Status: Solar Phys (accepted)
Last Modified: 2009-04-08 09:23
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Stereoscopic Analysis of STEREO/SECCHI Data for CME Trajectory Determination
Stereoscopic Analysis of the 19 May 2007 Erupting Filament

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