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3D Coronal Structures and Magnetic Field during a Total Solar Eclipse 29. March 2006.  

Pavel Ambroz   Submitted: 2009-07-07 02:40

The good quality of the observing sequence of about 60 photographs of the white-light corona taken during the total solar eclipse observations on 29 March 2006, in Al Sallum, Egypt, enable us to use a new method of image processing for enhancement of the fine structure of coronal phenomena. We present selected magnetic field lines derived for different parameters of the extrapolation model. The coincidence of the observed coronal white light fine structures and the computed field-line positions provides a 3D causal relationship between coronal structures and the coronal magnetic field.

Authors: P. Ambroz, M. Druckmuller, A.A. Galal, R.H. Hamid
Projects: SoHO-EIT

Publication Status: Solar Physics, (accepted)
Last Modified: 2009-07-08 06:44
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3D Coronal Structures and Magnetic Field during a Total Solar Eclipse 29. March 2006.

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