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Global simulation of an EIT wave  

Joachim Matthias Schmidt   Submitted: 2009-10-06 08:30

We use the observation of an EIT wave in the lower solar corona, seen with the two STEREO spacecraft in extreme ultraviolet light on 19 May 2007, to model the same event with a three-dimensional (3D) time-depending magneto hydrodynamic (MHD) code that includes solar coronal magnetic fields derived with Wilcox Solar Observatory magnetogram data, and a solar wind outflow accelerated with empirical heating functions. The model includes a coronal mass ejection (CME) of Gibson and Low flux rope type above the reconstructed active region with parameters adapted from observations to excite the EIT wave. We trace the EIT wave running as circular velocity enhancement around the launching site of the CME in the direction tangential to the sphere produced by the wavefront, and compute the phase velocities of the wavefront. We find that the phase velocities are in good agreement with theoretical values for a fast magnetosonic wave, derived with the physical parameters of the model, and with observed phase speeds of an incident EIT wave reflected by a coronal hole and running at about the same location. We also produce in our 3D MHD model the observed reflection of the EIT wave at the coronal hole boundary, triggered by the magnetic pressure difference between the wave front hitting the hole and the boundary magnetic fields of the coronal hole, and the response of the coronal hole, which leads to the generation of secondary reflected EIT waves radiating away in different direction than the incident EIT wave. This is the first 3D MHD model of an EIT wave triggered by CME that includes realistic solar magnetic field, with results comparing favorably to STEREO EUVI observations.

Authors: J. M. Schmidt and L. Ofman

Publication Status: submitted to ApJ
Last Modified: 2009-10-13 08:41
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Global simulation of an EIT wave

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