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Sub-THz radiation mechanisms in solar flares  

E.P. Kontar   Submitted: 2009-12-02 09:22

Observations in sub-THz range of large solar flares revealed a mysterious spectral component raising with frequency and hence distinct from the microwave component commonly accepted to be produced by gyrosynchrotron (GS) emission of flare-accelerated electrons. Evidently, having a distinct sub-THz component requires either a distinct emission mechanism (compared to the GS one) or different properties of emitting electrons and location or both. We find, however, that the list of possible emission mechanisms is incomplete. This Letter proposes a more complete list of emission mechanisms, capable of producing a sub-THz component, both well-known and new in this context and calculates a representative set of their spectra produced by a) free-free emission, b) gyrosynchrotron emission, c) synchrotron emission from relativistic positrons/electrons, d) diffusive radiation, and e) Cherenkov emission. We discuss possible role of the mechanisms in forming the sub-THz emission and emphasize diagnostics potential for flare diagnostics.

Authors: Fleishman, G.D. and Kontar, E. P.
Projects: None,RHESSI

Publication Status: Submitted to ApJL
Last Modified: 2009-12-02 17:20
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Sub-THz radiation mechanisms in solar flares

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