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Tangential field changes in the great flare of May 24, 1990  

Robert Cameron   Submitted: 1999-10-27 18:00

We examine the great (solar) flare of May 24, 1990 that occurred in active region NOAA 6063. The Big Bear Solar Observatory videomagnetograph (VMG) Stokes V and I images show a change in the longitudinal field before and after the flare. As the flare occurred near the limb the change reflects a rearrangement of the tangential components of the magnetic field. These observations lack the 180° ambiguity that characterizes vector magnetograms.

Authors: Cameron, R. and Sammis, I.

Publication Status: ApJ 525:L61-64 (in press)
Last Modified: 1999-10-27 18:00
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Tangential field changes in the great flare of May 24, 1990

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