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The Diagnostics of the Kappa-Distributions from EUV Spectra  

Elena Dzifcakova   Submitted: 2010-03-03 03:19

The EUV lines suitable to diagnose possible kappa-distributions in the solar corona are examined. A set of synthetic spectra for various values of the kappa-parameter, characterising the non-thermal kappa-distributions, electron densities, and the mean energy of the distributions are calculated in the spectral range corresponding to the Hinode EIS and Coronas-F/SPIRIT detectors. The strong EUV lines of Fe in various degrees of ionization are used to analyse the sensitivity of the line ratios to the shape of the distribution function, electron density, and temperature or the parameter T of the kappa-distribution. The EUV lines suitable for the diagnostics of the distribution function are proposed and the conditions for their usage are discussed.

Authors: Dzifcakova, E. and Kulinova, A.
Projects: Hinode/EIS

Publication Status: Solar. Phys. (accepted}
Last Modified: 2010-03-03 07:49
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The Diagnostics of the Kappa-Distributions from EUV Spectra

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