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Solar parity issue with flux-transport dynamo  

Hideyuki Hotta   Submitted: 2010-04-13 22:42

We investigated the dependence of the solar magnetic parity between the hemispheres on two important parameters, the turbulent diffusivity and the meridional flow, by means of axisymmetric kinematic dynamo simulations based on the flux-transport dynamo model. It is known that the coupling of the magnetic field between hemispheres due to turbulent diffusivity is an important factor for the solar parity issue, but the detailed criterion for the generation of the dipole field has not been investigated. Our conclusions are as follows. (1) The stronger diffusivity near the surface is more likely to cause the magnetic field to be a dipole. (2) The thinner layer of the strong diffusivity near the surface is also more apt to generate a dipolar magnetic field. (3) The faster meridional flow is more prone to cause the magnetic field to be a quadrupole, i.e., symmetric about the equator. These results show that turbulent diffusivity and meridional flow are crucial for the configuration of the solar global magnetic field.

Authors: H. Hotta and T. Yokoyama
Projects: None

Publication Status: ApJL (accepted)
Last Modified: 2010-04-14 07:29
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Solar parity issue with flux-transport dynamo

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