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Significant Results from SUMER/SOHO  

Bhola N. Dwivedi   Submitted: 2006-11-08 00:09

We briefly outline recent observations by solar spacecraft such as Yohkoh, SOHO, TRACE, and RHESSI, which have revolutionized what we know and don't know about the Sun. We then present some significant results, mainly from SUMER/SOHO but also complimentary from the other SOHO's experiments, such as CDS, EIT, UVCS, and LASCO. In particular, we present density-temperature structures, explosive events, velocity anisotropy, wave activity, coronal holes and the solar wind etc. These results have provided valuable clues to a better understanding of the two of the SOHO's principal scientific objectives namely, how the Sun's magnetic energy heats its million-degree corona, and feeds the solar wind.

Authors: B.N. Dwivedi
Projects: None

Publication Status: Invited Talk at the International Academy of Astronautics (IAA) Conference on ?Advances in Planetary Exploration?, Bangalore, June 26-29, 2005.
Last Modified: 2006-11-08 08:24
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Significant Results from SUMER/SOHO

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