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Fan-shaped jets in three dimensional reconnection simulation as a model of ubiquitous solar jets  

Ronglin Jiang   Submitted: 2010-12-12 20:52

Magnetic reconnection is a fundamental process in space and astrophysical plasmas in which oppositely directed magnetic fields changes its connectivity and eventually converts its energy into kinetic and thermal energy of the plasma. Recently, ubiquitous jets (for example, chromospheric anemone jets, penumbral microjets, umbral light bridge jets) have been observed by Solar Optical Telescope on board the satellite Hinode. These tiny and frequently occurring jets are considered to be a possible evidence of small-scale ubiquitous reconnection in the solar atmosphere. However, the details of three dimensional magnetic configuration are still not very clear. Here we propose a new model based on three dimensional simulations of magnetic reconnection using a typical current sheet magnetic configuration with a strong guide field. The most interesting feature is that the jets produced by the reconnection eventually move along the guide field lines. This model provides a fresh understanding of newly discovered ubiquitous jets and moreover a new observational basis for the theory of astrophysical magnetic reconnection.

Authors: Rong Lin Jiang, Kazunari Shibata, Hiroaki Isobe and Cheng Fang
Projects: None

Publication Status: Accepted for publication in The Astrophysical Journal Letters
Last Modified: 2010-12-14 10:11
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Fan-shaped jets in three dimensional reconnection simulation as a model of ubiquitous solar jets

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