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The Effects of Initial Pitch-Angle Distributions on Flare Observables  

Henry Winter   Submitted: 2011-02-03 08:53

In this work we model both the thermal and non-thermal components of solar flares. The model we use, HyLoop, combines a hydrodynamic equation solver with a non-thermal particle tracking code to simulate the thermal and non-thermal dynamics and emission of solar flares. In order to test the effects of pitch-angle distribution on flare dynamics and emission, a series of flares are simulated with non-thermal electron beams injected at the loop apex. The pitch-angle distribution of each beam is described by a single parameter and allowed to vary from flare to flare. We use the results of these simulations to generate synthetic hard and soft X-ray emissions (HXR, & SXR). The lightcurves of the flares in Hinode's X-ray Telescope (XRT) passbands show a distinct signal that is a highly dependent on pitch-angle distribution. The simulated HXR emission in the 3-6 keV bandpass shows the formation and evolution of emission sources that corresponded well to the observations of pre-impulsive flares. This ability to test theoretical models of thermal and non-thermal flare dynamics directly with observations allows for the investigation of a wide range of physical processes governing the evolution of solar flares. We find that initial pitch-angle distributions have a profound effect on loop top HXR and SXR emission and that apparent motion of HXR are a natural consequence of non-thermal particle evolution in a magnetic trap.

Authors: Henry D. Winter III, Petrus Martens, and Katharine K. Reeves
Projects: Hinode/XRT,RHESSI

Publication Status: Submitted
Last Modified: 2011-02-06 18:43
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The Effects of Initial Pitch-Angle Distributions on Flare Observables

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