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Eruptions of Magnetic Ropes in Two Homologous Solar Events of 2002  

Nataliya Meshalkina   Submitted: 2009-06-30 20:55

The goal of this paper is to understand the drivers, configurations, and scenarios of two similar eruptive events, which occurred in the same solar active region 9973 on 2002 June 1 and 2. The June 2 event was previously studied by Sui, Holman, and Dennis (2006, 2008), who concluded that it was challenging for popular flare models. Using multi-spectral data, we analyze a combination of the two events. Each of the events exhibited an evolving cusp-like feature. We have revealed that these apparent "cusps" were most likely mimicked by twisted magnetic flux ropes, but unlikely to be related to the inverted Y-like magnetic configuration in the standard flare model. The ropes originated inside a funnel-like magnetic domain whose base was bounded by an EUV ring structure, and the top was associated with a coronal null point. The ropes appear to be the major drivers for the events, but their rise was not triggered by reconnection in the coronal null point. We propose a scenario and a three-dimensional scheme for these events in which the filament eruptions and flares were caused by interaction of the ropes. Online material: mpeg animations.

Authors: Nataliya S. Meshalkina, Arkadiy M. Uralov, Victor V. Grechnev, Alexander T. Altyntsev, and
Projects: None

Publication Status: PASJ, in press
Last Modified: 2009-07-01 09:27
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Eruptions of Magnetic Ropes in Two Homologous Solar Events of 2002

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