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AXIOM: Advanced X-ray Imaging Of the Magnetosphere  

Graziella Branduardi-Raymont   Submitted: 2011-07-05 04:57

This abstract was corrupted following database problems and is being recovered. It will be restored as quickly as possible. Any questions, please send them to Alisdair. Sorry for any incovenience.

Authors: G. Branduardi-Raymont, S. F. Sembay, J. P. Eastwood, D. G. Sibeck, A. Abbey, P. Brown, J. A. Carter, C. M. Carr, C. Forsyth, D. Kataria, S. Kemble, S. E. Milan, C. J. Owen, L. Peacocke, A. M. Read, A. J. Coates, M. R. Collier, S. W. H. Cowley, A. N. Fazakerley, G. W. Fraser, G. H. Jones, R. Lallement, M. Lester, F. S. Porter, T. K. Yeoman
Projects: None

Publication Status: Accepted for publication in Experimental Astronomy, June 2011
Last Modified: 2011-07-06 09:17
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AXIOM: Advanced X-ray Imaging Of the Magnetosphere

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