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Verification of the travel time measurement technique and the helioseismic inversion procedure for sound speed using artificial data  

Konstantin Parchevsky   Submitted: 2012-09-25 11:43

We performed 3D numerical simulations of the solar surface wave field for the quiet Sun and for three models with different localized sound-speed variations in the interior with: (i) deep, (ii) shallow, and (iii) two-layer structures. We used simulated data generated by two different codes which use the same standard solar model as a background model, but utilize two different integration techniques and use different models of stochastic wave excitation. Acoustic travel times were measured from all data sets using the time-distance helioseismology technique and compared with the ray theory predictions, frequently used for helioseismic travel-time inversions. It is found that the measured travel-time shifts agree well with the ray theory in both cases with and without phase-speed filtering for the shallow and deep perturbations. This testing verifies the whole measuring-filtering-inversion procedure for sound-speed anomalies inside the Sun. It is shown, that the phase-speed filtering, frequently used to improve the signal-to-noise ratio does not introduce significant systematic errors. Results of the sound-speed inversion procedure show good agreement with the background sound-speed profiles in all cases. Due to its smoothing nature, the inversion procedure overestimates sound speed variations in areas with sharp gradients of the sound-speed profile.

Authors: K.V. Parchevsky, J. Zhao, T. Hartlep, and A.G. Kosovichev
Projects: SDO-HMI

Publication Status: submitted to ApJ
Last Modified: 2012-09-26 09:25
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Verification of the travel time measurement technique and the helioseismic inversion procedure for sound speed using artificial data

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