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Near-Sun Flux Rope Structure of CMEs  

Hong Xie   Submitted: 2013-01-07 13:08

We have used the Krall's flux-rope model (Krall and St. Cyr, Astrophys. J. 2006, 657, 1740) (KFR) to fit 23 magnetic cloud (MC)-CMEs and 30 non-cloud ejecta (EJ)-CMEs in the Living With a Star (LWS) Coordinated Data Analysis Workshop (CDAW) 2011 list. The KFR-fit results shows that the CMEs associated with MCs (EJs) have been deflected closer to (away from) the solar disk center (DC), likely by both the intrinsic magnetic structures inside an active region (AR) and ambient magnetic structures (e.g. nearby ARs, coronal holes, and streamers, etc.). The mean propagation latitudes and longitudes of the EJ-CMEs (18◦, 11◦) were larger than those of the MC-CMEs (11◦, 6◦) by 7◦ and 5◦, respectively. Furthermore, the KFR-fit widths showed that the MC- CMEs are wider than the EJ-CMEs. The mean fitting face-on width and edge-on width of the MC-CMEs (EJ-CMEs) were 87 (85)◦ and 70 (63)◦, respectively. The deflection away from DC and narrower angular widths of the EJ-CMEs have caused the observing spacecraft to pass over only their flanks and miss the central flux-rope structures. The results of this work support the idea that all CMEs have a flux-rope structure.

Authors: H. Xie, N. Gopalswamy, and O. C. St.Cyr

Publication Status: published in Solar Physics 2013
Last Modified: 2013-01-10 09:37
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Near-Sun Flux Rope Structure of CMEs

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