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Are ``EIT Waves'' Fast-Mode MHD Waves?  

Meredith Wills-Davey   Submitted: 2007-04-23 11:49

We examine the nature of large-scale, coronal, propagating wave fronts (``EIT waves'') and find they are incongruous with solutions using fast-mode MHD plane-wave theory. Specifically, we consider the following properties: non-dispersive single pulse manifestions, observed velocities below the local Alfvén speed, and different pulses which travel at any number of constant velocities, rather than at the ``predicted'' fast-mode speed. We discuss the possibility of a soliton-like explanation for these phenomena, and show how it is consistent with the above-mentioned aspects.

Authors: M. J. Wills-Davey, C. E. DeForest, J. O. Stenflo
Projects: None

Publication Status: to be published in the Astrphysical Journal
Last Modified: 2007-04-24 08:49
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Are ``EIT Waves'' Fast-Mode MHD Waves?

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