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Absolute and convective instabilities in an inviscid compressible mixing layer  

Philippe Caillol   Submitted: 2007-05-23 08:06

We consider the stability of a compressible shear flow separating two streams of different speeds and temperatures. The velocity and temperature profiles in this mixing layer are hyperbolic tangents. The normal mode analysis of the flow stability reduces to an eigenvalue problem for the pressure perturbation. We briefly describe the numerical method that we used to solve this problem. Then, we introduce the notions of the absolute and convective instabilities and examine the effects of Mach number, and the velocity and temperature ratios of each stream on the transition between convective and absolute instabilities. Finally, we discuss the implication of the results presented in this paper for the heliopause stability.

Authors: P. Caillol and M. Ruderman
Projects: None

Publication Status: accepted by Astronomical Notes (Astron. Nachrichten)
Last Modified: 2007-05-23 08:34
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Absolute and convective instabilities in an inviscid compressible mixing layer

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