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Solar Energetic Particle transport near a Heliospheric Current Sheet  

Markus Battarbee   Submitted: 2017-03-28 09:06

Solar Energetic Particles (SEPs), a major component of space weather, propagate through the interplanetary medium strongly guided by the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF). In this work, we analyse the implications a flat Heliospheric Current Sheet (HCS) has on proton propagation from SEP release sites to the Earth. We simulate proton propagation by integrating fully 3-D trajectories near an analytically defined flat current sheet, collecting comprehensive statistics into histograms, fluence maps and virtual observer time profiles within an energy range of 1-800 MeV. We show that protons experience significant current sheet drift to distant longitudes, causing time profiles to exhibit multiple components, which are a potential source of confusing interpretation of observations. We find that variation of current sheet thickness within a realistic parameter range has little effect on particle propagation. We show that IMF configuration strongly affects deceleration of protons. We show that in our model, the presence of a flat equatorial HCS in the inner heliosphere limits the crossing of protons into the opposite hemisphere.

Authors: Battarbee, M., Dalla, S., and Marsh, M.S.
Projects: None

Publication Status: ApJ, Published 2017 February 14 (Volume 836, Number 1)
Last Modified: 2017-03-29 13:49
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Injection of thermal and suprathermal seed particles into coronal shocks of varying obliquity  

Markus Battarbee   Submitted: 2013-12-18 06:08

Context: Diffusive shock acceleration in the solar corona can accelerate solar energetic particles to very high energies. Acceleration efficiency is increased by entrapment through self-generated waves, which is highly dependent on the amount of accelerated particles. This, in turn, is determined by the efficiency of particle injection into the acceleration process. Aims: We present an analysis of the injection efficiency at coronal shocks of varying obliquity. We assessed injection through reflection and downstream scattering, including the effect of a cross-shock potential. Both quasi-thermal and suprathermal seed populations were analysed. We present results on the effect of cross-field diffusion downstream of the shock on the injection efficiency. Methods: Using analytical methods, we present applicable injection speed thresholds that were compared with both semi-analytical flux integration and Monte Carlo simulations, which do not resort to binary thresholds. Shock-normal angle and shock-normal velocity were varied to assess the injection efficiency with respect to these parameters. Results: We present evidence of a significant bias of thermal seed particle injection at small shock-normal angles. We show that downstream isotropisation methods affect the theta-dependence of this result. We show a non-negligible effect caused by the cross-shock potential, and that the effect of downstream cross-field diffusion is highly dependent on boundary definitions. Conclusions: Our results show that for Monte Carlo simulations of coronal shock acceleration a full distribution function assessment with downstream isotropisation through scatterings is necessary to realistically model particle injection. Based on our results, seed particle injection at quasi-parallel coronal shocks can result in significant acceleration efficiency, especially when combined with varying field-line geometry.

Authors: Battarbee, M.; Vainio, R.; Laitinen, T.; Hietala, H.
Projects: Other

Publication Status: published in Astronomy & Astrophysics, Volume 558, October 2013
Last Modified: 2013-12-18 09:50
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Solar Energetic Particle transport near a Heliospheric Current Sheet
Injection of thermal and suprathermal seed particles into coronal shocks of varying obliquity

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