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Douglas Braun   Submitted: 2008-02-14 12:09

We present a comprehensive set of observations of the interaction of p-mode oscillations with sunspots using surface-focused seismic holography. Maps of travel-time shifts, relative to quiet-Sun travel times, are shown for incoming and outgoing p modes as well as their mean and difference. We compare results using phase-speed filters with results obtained with filters that isolate single p-mode ridges, and further divide the data into multiple temporal frequency bandpasses. The f mode is removed from the data. The variations of the resulting travel-time shifts with magnetic-field strength and with the filter parameters are explored. We find that spatial averages of these shifts within sunspot umbrae, penumbrae, and surrounding plage often show strong frequency variations at fixed phase speed. In addition, we find that positive values of the mean and difference travel-time shifts appear exclusively in waves observed with phase-speed filters that are dominated by power in the low-frequency wing of the p1 ridge. We assess the ratio of incoming to outgoing p-mode power using the ridge filters and compare surface-focused holography measurements with the results of earlier published p-mode scattering measurements using Fourier-Hankel decomposition.

Authors: Braun, D.C. and Birch, A.C.,
Projects: SoHO-MDI

Publication Status: Solar Physics, accepted
Last Modified: 2008-02-14 15:32
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Helioseismic Holography of Simulated Solar Convection and Prospects for the Detection of Small-Scale Subsurface Flows  

Douglas Braun   Submitted: 2007-08-01 10:03

We perform helioseismic holography on realistic solar convection simulations and compare the observed travel-time perturbations with the expected travel times from the horizontal flows in the simulations computed from forward models under the assumption of the Born approximation. We demonstrate reasonable agreement between the observed and model travel times which reinforces the validity of helioseismic holography in the detection of subsurface horizontal flows. An assessment is made of the uncertainty of the measured p-mode travel-times, from the root-mean-square of the residuals. From the variation of the signal-to-noise ratio with depth, we conclude that the helioseismic detection of individual flow structures with spatial scales of supergranulation or smaller is not possible for depths below about 5 Mm below the surface over time scales less than a day. The travel-time noise estimated from these simulations appears to be similar to noise in measurements made using solar observations. We therefore suggest that similar limitations exist regarding the detection of analogous subsurface flows in the Sun. A study of the depth dependence of the contribution to the travel-time perturbations for focus depths between 3 and 7 Mm is made, showing that approximately half of the observed signal originates within the first 2 Mm below the surface. A consequence of this is a rapid decrease (and reversal in some cases) of the travel-time perturbations with depth due to the contribution to the measurements of oppositely directed surface flows in neighboring convective cells. This confirms an earlier interpretation of similar effects reported from observations of supergranulation.

Authors: Braun, D.C., Birch, A.C., Benson, D., Stein, R.F., and Nordlund, A.
Projects: SoHO-MDI

Publication Status: ApJ (in press)
Last Modified: 2007-08-01 11:58
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Helioseismic Holography of Simulated Solar Convection and Prospects for the Detection of Small-Scale Subsurface Flows

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