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Kinematics of ICMEs/Shocks: Blast Wave Reconstruction Using Type-II Emissions  

Pedro Corona-Romero   Submitted: 2015-04-07 12:39

We present a physical methodology to reconstruct the trajectory of interplanetary shocks using Type-II radio emission data. This technique calculates the shock trajectory assuming that the disturbance propagates as a blast-wave in the interplanetary medium. We applied this blast-wave reconstruction (BWR) technique to analyze eight fast Earth-directed ICMEs/shocks associated with Type-II emissions. The technique deduces a shock trajectory that reproduces the Type-II frequency drifts, and calculates shock onset speed, shock transit time and shock speed at 1 AU. There were good agreements comparing the BWR results with the Type-II spectra, with data from coronagraph images, in-situ measurements, and interplanetary scintillation observations. Perturbations on the Type-II data affect the accuracy of the BWR technique. This methodology could be applied to track interplanetary shocks causing Type-II emissions in real-time, to predict the shock arrival time and shock speed at 1 AU.

Authors: P. Corona-Romero, J.A. Gonzalez-Esparza, E. Aguilar-Rodriguez, V. De-la-Luz, J.C. Mejia-Ambriz
Projects: ACE,GOES X-rays ,SoHO-LASCO,Wind

Publication Status: Solar Phys. (minor corrections)
Last Modified: 2015-04-08 10:21
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Kinematics of ICMEs/Shocks: Blast Wave Reconstruction Using Type-II Emissions

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