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The First Focused Hard X-ray Images of the Sun with NuSTAR  

Andrew J. Marsh   Submitted: 2016-06-03 10:43

We present results from the the first campaign of dedicated solar observations undertaken by the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope ARray (NuSTAR) hard X-ray telescope. Designed as an astrophysics mission, NuSTAR nonetheless has the capability of directly imaging the Sun at hard X-ray energies (≳3keV) with an increase in sensitivity of at least two orders of magnitude compared to current non-focusing telescopes. In this paper we describe the scientific areas where NuSTAR will make major improvements on existing solar measurements. We report on the techniques used to observe the Sun with NuSTAR, their limitations and complications, and the procedures developed to optimize solar data quality derived from our experience with the initial solar observations. These first observations are briefly described, including the measurement of the Fe K-shell lines in a decaying X-class flare, hard X-ray emission from high in the solar corona, and full-disk hard X-ray images of the Sun.

Authors: Brian W. Grefenstette, Lindsay Glesener, Säm Krucker, Hugh Hudson, Iain G. Hannah, David M. Smith, Julia K. Vogel, Stephen M. White, Kristin K. Madsen, Andrew J. Marsh, Amir Caspi, Bin Chen, Albert Y. Shih, Matej Kuhar, Steven E. Boggs, Finn E. Christensen, William W. Craig, Karl Forster, Charles J. Hailey, Fiona A. Harrison, Hiromasa Miyasaka, Daniel Stern, William W. Zhang
Projects: Other

Publication Status: Published -- Grefenstette, B. W. et al. 2016, ApJ, 826, 20; DOI 10.3847/0004-637X/826/1/20
Last Modified: 2016-08-17 14:50
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The First Focused Hard X-ray Images of the Sun with NuSTAR

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