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Influence of the Magnetic Field on Oscillation Spectra in Solar Faculae  

Andrei Chelpanov   Submitted: 2016-07-19 21:54

In this work, we studied oscillation parameters in faculae above magnetic knots and in the adjacent to them areas. Using SDO data we analysed oscillations in magnetic strength, Doppler velocity, and intensity signals for the lower photosphere, and in intensity for the higher levels. We found that in the magnetic field strength oscillation spectra in magnetic knots, peaks at a frequency of about 4.8 mHz appear, while there are no such frequencies in the adjacent facular patches of a moderate field strength. On the contrary, Doppler velocity photospheric oscillation spectra are similar for these types of regions: in both cases, the significant peaks are in the 2.5-4.5 mHz range, though the oscillations in magnetic knots are 2-3 times weaker than those at the facular periphery. At the upper photosphere, the dominant frequencies in magnetic knots are 0.5-1 mHz higher than in the medium-field regions. The transition region oscillations above magnetic knots mainly concentrate in the 3-6 mHz range, and those above moderate-field patches concentrate below 3 mHz.

Authors: Andrei A. Chelpanov, Nikolai I. Kobanov, Dmitry Y. Kolobov
Projects: None

Publication Status: Accepted in Solar Physics
Last Modified: 2016-07-20 12:23
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Influence of the Magnetic Field on Oscillation Spectra in Solar Faculae

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