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RHESSI observations of size scales of solar hard X-ray sources  

Ed Schmahl   Submitted: 2002-10-04 12:42

The Reuven Ramaty High Energy Solar Spectroscopic Imager {RHESSI} telescope produces hard X-ray images by Fourier imaging techniques that are capable of determining the sizes and shapes of sources with spatial scales in the range ~2''-180''. Applying the method of Unpixelized Forward Fitting to {RHESSI} modulation profiles from simple flares, we have identified the presence of `halo' sources whose size scale (~40'' greatly exceeds the `core'' sizes (<= 6''-14''). Although such `core-halo' structures have been observed at radio wavelengths using a similar technique, the radio and hard X-ray phenomena may be different. These observations raise questions about the nature of these `halos'. Among the possibilities are that they are albedo sources, thin-target loops, or unidentified diffuse structures.

Authors: Schmahl, E.J., and Hurford, G. J.

Publication Status: Solar Physics (2002, Special Issue on RHESSI)
Last Modified: 2002-10-04 12:42
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RHESSI observations of size scales of solar hard X-ray sources

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