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A new method for estimating global coronal wave properties from their interaction with solar coronal holes  

Isabell Piantschitsch   Submitted: 2020-06-17 03:57

Global coronal waves (CWs) and their interaction with coronal holes (CHs) result, among other effects, in the formation of reflected and transmitted waves. Observations of such events provide us with measurements of different CW parameters, such as phase speed and intensity amplitudes. However, several of these parameters are provided with only intermediate observational quality, other parameters, such as the phase speed of transmitted waves, can hardly be observed in general. We present a new method to estimate crucial CW parameters, such as density and phase speed of reflected as well as transmitted waves, Mach numbers and density values of the CH's interior, by using analytical expressions in combination with basic and most accessible observational measurements. The transmission and reflection coefficients are derived from linear theory and subsequently used to calculate estimations for phase speeds of incoming, reflected and transmitted waves. The obtained analytical expressions are validated by performing numerical simulations of CWs interacting with CHs. This new method enables to determine in a fast and straightforward way reliable CW and CH parameters from basic observational measurements which provides a powerful tool to better understand the observed interaction effects between CWs and CHs.

Authors: I. Piantschitsch, J. Terradas, M. Temmer
Projects: None

Publication Status: A&A (accepted)
Last Modified: 2020-06-17 13:07
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A new method for estimating global coronal wave properties from their interaction with solar coronal holes

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