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Study of the solar wind-magnetosphere coupling on different time scales View all abstracts by submitter

Aslam OPM   Submitted: 2013-11-23 06:42

Solar wind-magnetosphere coupling, its causes and consequences have been studied for the last several decades. However, the assessment of continuously changing behaviour of the sun, plasma and field flows in the interplanetary space and their influence on geomagnetic activity is still a subject of intense research. Search for the best possible coupling function is also important for space weather prediction. We utilise four geomagnetic indices (ap, aa, AE and Dst) as parameters of geomagnetic activity level in the earth's magnetosphere. In addition to these indices, we utilise various solar wind plasma and field parameters for the corresponding periods. We analyse the geomagnetic activity and plasma/field parameters at yearly, half-yearly, 27-day, daily, 3-hourly, and hourly time resolutions. Regression analysis using geomagnetic and solar wind data of different time resolutions, over a continuous long period, and at different phases of solar activity (increasing including maximum/decreasing including minimum) led us to suggest that two parameters BV/1000(mV/m) and BV2(mV/s) are highly correlated with the all four geomagnetic activity indices not only at any particular time scale but at different time scales. It probably suggests for some role of the fluctuations/variations in interplanetary electric potential, its spacial variation [i.e., interplanetary electric field BV (mV/m)] and/or time variation [BV2 (mV/s)], in influencing the reconnection rate.

Authors: Badruddin and Aslam, O.P.M.
Projects: None

Publication Status: Published in Planetary and Space Science
Last Modified: 2013-11-25 08:32
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