A pictoral tour of my research

X-ray bright points: "reconnection observed"

  • Magnetic concentrations inthe quiet Sun move around (a movie)

  •     and interact to create an X-ray bright point.

    TRACE 171 A image of an X-ray bright point & a loop of
    post-reconnected flux.
  • A movie of the TRACE obervations (171 & 195)
  • A movie  of post-reconnection plasma (theoretical model)
  • A movie  of multiple post-reconnection loops (theoretical model)

  • In collaboration with Charles Kankelborg and Rebecca McMullen
    [ Research funded by NASA ]

    Characterizing the connectivity of  magnetic fields:

    The separatrix of an active region.  The line-of-sight magnetogram (above left) is modeled
    as a set of discrete sources (labeled).  The separatrix (below) encompases all field lines
    connecting to a particular source: P10.  This may be the structure visible in 195A emission observed
    by TRACE (above right).  A more detailed description.
    [ Research funded by the NSF ]

    Determining photospheric flows from B-field measurements
    MEF image
    The velocity field within active region 8210 (more info on this region)
    inferred by application of the induction equation to vector
    magentic field measurements.  The induction equation is summarized
    by this plot of the changing vertical field (grey-scale) and the electric field
    it demands (contours)


    In collaboration with Stephane Regnier and K.D. Leka
    [ Research funded by the DoD under MURI  ]

    Twist and writhe in magnetic flux tubes

    A flux tube with twist and writhe. ( movie of writhing tube. )
    [ Research funded by NASA ]