Excel To HTML using codebeautify.org Juan Pablo Vargas - Montana State Solar Physics REU 2016
Results from the BARD code on HMI data

Research Project

I am working with Dr Andrés Muñoz-Jaramillo on tracking magnetic regions from the SDO/HMI magnetograms using the Bipolar Active Region Detection (BARD) code for solar cycle 24. The sun produces a magnetic field much like the Earth's through the solar dynamo which reverses in polarity on average every 11 years. During magnetically active periods, sunspots have been shown to be highly magnetic and usually form in bipolar pairs. With the data from the previous REU students, Mike Deluca and Zach Werginz, 30 years worth of magnetic data from the sun can be assimilated into useful databases that will help to further study the magnetic properties of the sun.
Being part of the REU program was a wonderful experience, have the opportunity to know top researchers , and young people from al around the world with similar interest opens your mind. Was the best summer of my life I want to thank all my REU fellows, the professors and Montana state staff for this amazing opportunity and one special thank to my advisor and friend Andres Munoz-Jaramillo for making this possible.