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MM#003 Major Flare Watch

From: Max Millennium Chief Observer <>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2010 22:07:59 +0000

Dear RHESSI Collaborators,

At this time we are implemening Max Millennium Coordinated Observing
Plan #003 (Region Likely To Produce Major Flares). NOAA region 11121
has continued to produce moderate-to-high magnitude events, including
an M1.6 (4-Nov-2010 at 23:30 UT), a C9.7 (5-Nov-2010 at 00:48 UT),
and an M1.0 event (5-Nov-2010 at 12:43 UT) all within a 14 hour period.

This region has grown in density of loops and size since its previous disk
passage as NOAA 11112 and NSO/Sacramento Peak have reported that
it is bright in Ca XV emission (at ~3 MK), the first region to produce such
emission since June 2007. Further C- and M-class events are probable,
with an increasing possibility of an isolated major flare if the current high
rate of flaring continues.

The position of NOAA 11121 on 5-Nov-2010 at 22:00 UT is:

S20E58, ( -773", -364" )

See for images and
for a description of the current Max Millennium Observing Plan.


Shaun Bloomfield (Trinity College Dublin)
Received on Fri Nov 05 2010 - 16:08:05 MDT

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