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Greetings! I am a post-doctoral researcher in the solar group at Montana State University. I am currently working with Dr. Charles Kankelborg on the Interface Region Imagning Spectrograph (IRIS). My primary research interests are sunspot evolution, instrument development, and astronomical polarimetry.

I got my start in astronomy and physics at the University of Arizona where I graduated in 2005. Working with Don McCarthy (UofA, Steward Observatory) and Matt Penn (NSO/Tucson) I became interested in astronomical instrumentation and solar physics, interests which I pursued in graduate school at the University of Hawai'i's Institute for Astronomy, working with Haosheng Lin, Jeff Kuhn, and Shadia Habbal. I recently recieved my Ph.D. in Astronomy in December 2011.

Curriculum Vitae

See this Google Doc for the status of my IRIS calibration responsibilities: link

Sarah A. Jaeggli [jaeggli (at) solar.physics.montana.edu]
EPS 242
Department of Physics
Montana State University
Bozeman, MT 59717-3840
office: (406)994-6319