Jonathan Cirtain

B.S. in Physics 2001, University of Memphis, Memphis,TN.
B.S in Mathematics 2001, University of Memphis, Memphis,TN.


Ask yourself,'Am I lost?'. If you are not lost, you either know me personally or you are entirely too bored. I do not live in Montana anymore. Melissa, Cooper, Glue and I have moved to Cambridge, MA. She (Melissa) and I are now employed by the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory Center for Astrophysics (CFA). I successfully defended my PhD dissertation March 24, 2005. I have been offered a position at CFA, so I will only return to Montana for pleasure. So long grad school....
A copy of my thesis can be found here: Dissertation I would recommend SHIFT LEFT MOUSE CLICK and use you own odf veiwer. It is rather large (~6 Mb compressed).

I have served as the program leader for JOP 146 several times. This is a study designed to investigate the temporal and spatially-varying aspects of coronal loops. Participants include TRACE, CDS, EIT, and SXT. The data collected during the JOP will be used in part as the data for my dissertation. I am currently working on this project.

I now work on the Advanced Imaging Array (AIA). This is an instrument to be flown on the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).My responsibilities include: 'writing test plans and proceedures, working with SAO engineers during tests, supervision of the mirror fabrication, test coatings and coating processes, filter survivablity tests, preparation of reports and papers discribing the AIA filter and mirror calibration plan.' I am greatly looking forward to this wonderful opportunity.
My new web page at CFA is under construction. I wil have to clone myself to actually finish it I think.


JOP 146

The image is an out-of-date example of the data collected by my JOP (146).